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To the person who defended me: Yes, she knows who she is. I want to thank you. My husband says she’s a lowlife, and I should not waste my time on her, to just ignore her. He says she’s not worth it. His family says the same thing. She’s going to pay for what she’s done one day. She’ll also pay for hiding behind God’s word, using it as a weapon in a spiteful way. She won’t confront me, she’s all mouth. My husband thinks she’s a big joke. But thank you, God bless you.

While George Bush, with some others in Washington, was telling us that it would be disastrous to fail to bail out Wall Street, they didn’t bother to tell you that they were going to allow big bonuses for the failure of the executives, and that they deserved your money. Anyone with an I.Q. over 50 (and that is what we need in Washington) knows that no one in any other occupation gets, or deserves, a bonus for failure. But once again, we are being told that another outrageous amount of money is necessary to avert a catastrophe. If Wall Street was in such dire straits, how can they pay themselves billions of dollars in bonuses along with their already extravagant salaries? As I have stated before, this is not a democracy, but even a representative republic, which it was set up to be, with a free market system, was not intended for the working class of taxpayers to bail out businesses which were failing because of bad management. On another note, I am not against world trade. Good financial analysts say that world trade is necessary and I will agree. However, I will not agree that it is right for US. corporations who made great fortunes from the work of the American labor force, then, in their greed move to foreign countries to get cheap labor for an even greater profit. Then people say that it would be wrong for them to have to pay taxes on those same goods they sell in this country, since they paid taxes on them in the foreign country. Sure they should pay some taxes on the huge profits they make by selling them at a high price in this country. George W. Bush inherited a $5.6 trillion debt, handed down the line from the Reagan administration. He left us with a $10.5 trillion debt. Most people can’t comprehend the enormity. If you started at the birth of Christ and spent $1 million every day until the present time, you still would not have spent even $1 trillion. In fact, it would not equal the stimulus package.

Hi special lady. I have been trying to contact you for some time. Are you still painting? You certainly were a good painter. I was going to call you, but every time I tried your phone was in use or out of order. I miss you terribly. Call me.

What is up with our fiscal court? Our ditches are filled up with debris. Anything you can imagine is there to see. Where is our clean county image? Ha. Put the jailbirds out there. Why don’t the deputies patrol out in the county? They are seldom seen. No wonder drugs are so rampant.

Please, county judge, get our county cleaned up and don’t just cater to the wealthy. Listen to the citizens out there. We would like for you and the magistrates to get out in the county.

To a special lady: I miss you and care for you.

Your Steps — With each step we take a print on life’s pathway we make/We all need to be careful in the steps that we take/Try not to step on others as you go on your way/God is always watching, for the wrong steps we’ll have to pay/Let your path be straight as through life you walk/Let not evil enter into your talk/ The path that we leave behind, others may choose to walk/If we lead them down the wrong path, that will be our fault/ Let God guide your steps so a clear print you’ll leave behind/If others follow your path, a trail to Heaven they will find. C.A.C.

Evidently there are different standards on who goes to jail for drug use and who doesn’t. The coroner, Mr. Cornett, and his wife, who is a nurse, will not spend time in jail for drug use. So why don’t they let the ordinary Joe or Susan stay out of incarceration? I have heard that money talks. Well, this time it sure spoke loud and clear.

I’d like to wish Kilo a happy fifth birthday on February 8.

Thanks for printing information on the attorney general and the bar association. People are much more likely to do something if they don’t have to look up and find addresses.

A local community center is about to go under. It has had the opportunity to do great things. Instead, a tiny clique of its ‘elected’ officers seem to have complete control. If others don’t agree with them, they bully their desires through anyway. Funny how some bands booked to play get bumped to later dates so that bands with family members playing in them can get thrust into public. I’d bet if they ran out of coal to heat the building on a night when their band was scheduled to play that they would take their own pickups to get enough coal to burn for one night. As for those songs on the bluegrass charts, is yours even on those tracks? I thought he only made it there for two or three songs. Karma will getcha.

I know and admire several adults who have moved in with their elderly family members in order to help care for them. I think what they are doing is very kind, noble and wonderful. To be so loving and selfless is rare these days. I am saddened to say, but I also know a few adults who have moved in with their elderly family members and it is not to care for them. The motives of these adults are very clear to all who know them. They are there to see what they can reap from their elderly family members. They make sure they drain the elderly of every penny of their monthly checks. Come check day, they stand once again with their hand out. These people are beyond selfish. They are cold, greedy, self indulgent, uncaring, deplorable and disgraceful.

I would like to get in contact with an old friend by the name of Barney Sizemore. He used to visit the Riverside Restaurant where I worked. Jessie Williams 317-890-0835.

Hatefulness and meanness isn’t necessary. Cursing will not change anything. We are not impressed. Please go back to the county from which you came. We don’t want you here.

I’d like to address a comment about an issue that was brought up by a council member at the January council meeting. This member was trying to address the rest of the council about three houses being torn down and hauled into the head of Wright’s Hollow. I’d like for the rest of the council and the mayor to go and look at this mess that was made. All this debris was covered by as little dirt as possible and has now been uncovered by the weather and can be seen in plain view. This is a health hazard and is far more dangerous than the rest of the blighted houses. This was a fast way to dispose of this hazardous material without paying a landfill bill. One councilman speaks out for the public and another tries to justify this. Come on, council, do your job.

Oh — to be in Kentucky in the springtime.

K.J., are you still reading The Eagle? M.A.

D.L., when are you going to L.C.? M.A.

For the miners and anyone else who had their income taxes prepared by a certain man: You better beware of the big refund he gets for you. What he does is illegal. My $5,300 refund cost me almost $9,000 by the time I paid the penalties and interest charges. Take my advice and go somewhere else.

I am trying to find if anyone remembers or has pictures of the two-room elementary school that was in Knott County below the current Beaver Creek Elementary School near Turtle Creek and one creek up from Dry Creek in Topmost. Leslie Smith was the teacher and her daughter Karen attended the school. Leslie Smith had sons who were quite a few years older than their daughter at that time. I need some information for a writing project. Please reply in Speak Your Piece.

I’m trying to contact a man I met about 20 years ago. I’ve thought about this man so often although we only knew each other a short time. How do I find you? We spent time at the GP, and had a mutual friend, J.N. Let me know if you want to meet once again. Give me a hint so I’ll know it’s you by telling me something only you and I would know.

I just read in The Mountain

Eagle where Jim Ward said if that was a county road on Cowan, Kinzer Drilling wouldn’t be able to get by with that mess they’ve made. What’s he talking about? Roads with four numbers are county roads. And anyway, can’t county officials enforce state laws? If they can’t, then how are any crimes prosecuted? If somebody dumped a load of manure in your yard, they’d be charged with criminal mischief. So why isn’t Kinzer being charged with criminal mischief for dumping a load of mud on the road?

The gas companies are running all over us again, and the county judge is excusing his inaction by saying that’s not a county road. All of you who believe that raise your hand. The county judge took plenty of money from gas companies during the last election. He wants that money again in the next election and he’s not going to take any action against gas companies that might jeopardize that. The last judge had his faults, but at least he kept the gas companies from running all over people. I hear that gas companies quit following a county ordinance requiring them to get permission from the fiscal court before they crossed a county road the minute Judge Ward came into office, and he let them. What does that tell you?

Stay safe in the windy weather.

I doubt that anyone was surprised when the gas company official threatened to pull out of Letcher County if the people of Little Cowan didn’t stop complaining about their destructive behavior. I, for one, would like to bid them a fond farewell as they fade into the sunset. They aren’t going anywhere, though, and I doubt that the local officials are going to do much to control them. I’m puzzled that the Commonwealth’s Attorney can’t come up with any charges against them. They could probably easily be charged with a dozen violations, environmental, public safety, littering, damaging property, and so on. If the county judge would prohibit them from crossing county roads unless they conduct themselves properly, then they wouldn’t have this license to do anything they want. He won’t do that, though, because he’s on their side. He probably wouldn’t be county judge if it wasn’t for them, and he certainly isn’t going to jeopardize their funding for the next election.

To a certain person asking me about a certain man: He’s a security guard and I was married to him for seven years. The whole time I was with him he was with anybody and everybody he could be with. I’ve had knives jerked on me and guns jerked on me. He’s threatened to throw me down mine shafts and everything else. He’s trash and I don’t want anything to do with him.

Me and several people I know have called Speak Your Piece for several weeks straight. None of the comments we have made have been in the paper. I just want to know why. How come none of the comments we made have been in the paper while a bunch of other crazy ones have?

(Because our ‘Speak Your

Piece machine’ kept tearing

up. We’ve gotten a new one,

so try again.)

Concerning the reply about the cheese beavers on Roberts Branch: We are not cheese beavers, we are corn cob drawers. Are you so stupid you don’t know the difference? Truth is, you may be a corn cob drawer yourself since you got fired.

I think I got into Sunshine’s house and his little honey: I’m just waiting until the right time to tell her husband.

Is our current water treatment plant capable of removing heavy metals and brine salt from our drinking water? I want to know, since I daily drink and bathe in it. If not, it makes no sense to continue extending water lines throughout the county or even operating a county water system. What good is water that is unsafe to use? Are these natural gas companies going to truck water in for us to use after they destroy our God-given supply? We need a city council meeting that is open to the public to discuss these issues. And it better be held at the high school auditorium, because I have a feeling a big crowd will be there. During the last local election cycle, this paper published a list of candidates and who contributed to their campaigns. I seem to remember big gas companies donating money to certain local officials. Please republish that list so we can refresh our memories. Thank you.

Everybody out there better be kind to their kids and mommies and daddies. You never know when you won’t see them again.

George Bush is out of office and I voted for him. Every time I think about it I puke my guts out. He has the bloodiest hands since Adolf Hitler.

All I hear are these other towns getting industry. Never do I hear about anything coming to the Whitesburg and Jeremiah areas. When is Judge Jim Ward going to step up and bring industry to our county like he promised he would while he was running for office?

My friend, I hope you change your mind. Some have waited too long. We went to some of the graves, but not to judge them. You can see what put most of them there. Look at yourself, you’re traveling on the same path. Our friend Jimmy didn’t believe in God. Look at him now. All of those close calls you said was luck, I know it was our God having mercy on you, giving you a chance to serve Him. God have mercy on all of our souls.

I wish you were on the loose again. We’re going to have to shake the sugar tree, you know. I think we should go down by the railroad tracks and pick some wildflowers again. You want to go that way?

I agree with the caller who has been calling about the scanners for the county road department. If they don’t have anything to do except sit and talk and make jokes and fix menus, they should be made to join other work crews. I know one guy who hasn’t done anything since he’s been there except sit and talk. It looks like the county judge could make them stop what they’re doing and start working.

We have a dog problem here in McRoberts. They’re running in packs. The county needs to have a dog ordinance requiring these people to put their dogs up before a child gets bitten. It’s become a real nuisance.

Happy birthday to Matthew Maggard, who is 17 years old. We love you. Mommy, Shireena, and J.R.

She doesn’t turn ’em in. She just burns ’em. They melt like wax.

I’m looking for a place to buy on home and land contract with small down payment of $250 to $300. If anybody has anything available, please reply. I’m trying to get my children back from foster care.

You’re almost in love with me, aren’t you? You’re smitten. Cool your jets down. You’ll be all right.

Stop trying to send messages to me, trash. I don’t care what you’ve got to say. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I want you to stay out of my life for good.

Come on. It’s so obvious that every time we buy or do something, you do it too. Don’t you know what fools you look like? What you really need to do is quit trying to be us. It’s never going to happen. It’s funny to me that just because you get your pockets full, and not because you worked for it, you try to keep up with the people who have nice stuff. What are you going to do when it’s all gone? All I have to say is you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

I’m calling about an accident I had. It’s involving two preachers and their wives from a certain church in Virginia. All they’ve done is lie all the way around. We’re stuck without a car and paying everything out while their insurance company is sitting around laughing at us. They were at fault.

It looks like the drug dealers have bought the Letcher County Courthouse. You get caught with $11,000 and 500 OxyContins they take your pills and your money and you sign a paper and they send you home. You get caught with a joint of marijuana they put you in jail for six months and give you probation for a year. That’s a shame.

A certain man acts like he’s got a bad back, but he sure can lift big pieces of steel and dig holes to plant his pot.

Hey, Sunshine’s wife. You’ve got it backwards. Sunshine is the name of the woman who is having a love-around with Dream Lover. You’re crazy, woman. Besides, Dream Lover is my man. He doesn’t have a wife. Sunshine is a 58-yearold woman with the hots for a sixty-something man who is all mine. By the way, it wouldn’t be nice to beat my head in.

To the trash: If you don’t back off your son will never come to Letcher County to stay with you because Social Services will know all about your drug habits.

I think it’s a shame that a certain supervisor and worker will go to a funeral and sit in the back looking at a cellphone and laughing at pictures instead of paying their respects. They should be ashamed of themselves.

(Just a thought, but how

do you know the pictures

they were viewing weren’t

ones of the deceased or a

member of the deceased’s

family that were entirely appropriate

and brought a smile to their faces during a

tough time?)

I called this in three weeks ago, but I was out of town. I was broke down and had two roads blocked. A county and a state truck came through and I asked them to pull me 30 feet out of the road so I wouldn’t be blocking the road. Both of them said they would be fired if they helped me. I drive a welding truck and I pay my taxes. I think I help pay their salaries. Whoever made this policy needs to change it. When someone is blocking the road, county and state workers should be allowed to help clear the road. I do drive a pink welding truck and my name happens to be Leon. Thank you.

To the ladies from church who asked why I didn’t go to the church party last weekend: I didn’t go because I didn’t have the money. I’m not like a certain four or five who get everything paid.

I read the article where Toby Keith performed at the Expo Center in Pikeville. The man should not have thrown the beer at the stage, but the first song Toby Keith sang was ‘Get Drunk and Be Somebody.’ What a song. Get the point?

To the person who made the comment about the Gordon Fire Department: You wanted the vehicles moved. You must have been going to make a drug deal and afraid someone would see you.

It’s pretty lowdown when Arlie Boggs Elementary School has no milk for the children and won’t let the students go outside.

Has anyone ever tried to talk to someone about a serious situation, and every time they do someone interrupts? This is not only very rude, but very nosy. Everyone knows who these people are, and the best thing they can do is keep their nose out of everyone’s business. Thank you.

If people out there know of any Freewill Baptist churches in the Jenkins vicinity that teaches and preaches strictly the King James Version, please respond in Speak Your Piece. Every one I go to uses all the NIV stuff, and I want something that states the church covenant from the King James Version.

Why does everybody want me to go home? Why does everyone follow me around?

I would like to wish my sweetheart a happy birthday on February 21st. Love, Teresa.

We have called the county so many times about our road on Cram Creek and can’t get anything done. They know what road we’re talking about. It’s ridiculous. We’re going to have to pay out of our own pockets for gravel for a county road even though we pay taxes and everyone else gets blacktop. Other roads have been paved three times and we can’t even get gravel. Next time no one will be voting for the magistrate we have now.

To the bigmouth liar at Walmart : You know who you are. You need to have the guts to say it to me instead of talking about me to other people. He thinks you are so stupid for the things you say to him. You need to let the past go. You can see that he has.

I know two people who go doctor shopping every day of the week. Their names are Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks. Why doesn’t someone put a stop to these people?

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