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Our last county administration wouldn’t allow the kind of talk that’s going on the CB radio that’s going on today. I think that’s a waste of taxpayers’ money for county workers to sit and talk on the radios like that. That has to be the most unprofessional group I’ve ever seen in my life.

We were eating dinner, Dad and Mom and Grandma and my brothers and sisters, and talking about life and the things we did that day. My mother and grandmother had gone all out. It was delicious. As I looked up at Grandmother, I sure wished I hadn’t put that black pepper in her snuff. Times were hard and she made it last as long as she could. I could hear the laughter of mom and dad talking about church. My wife’s voice sounded far off as she woke me. I looked into a gentle, kind and smiling face of a grandmother who has set a good example for her children and grandchildren. She knew I had been dreaming again and she said, ‘come on, the babies are here. Dinner’s ready and they’re waiting for you to say grace.’

Why don’t you be more specific about who is sending messages and who is trash? If it’s who I think it is, you’ve got the trash beside you. Be more specific so someone can know whether to beat the hell out of you or not.

I thought magistrate in District Three was going to be a good one, but he hasn’t done anything for certain people on Cram Creek. We’ve had to pay to get our own work done even though we’ve called him over and over again.

To the chairman of the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council: Some of your members sure are making a name for themselves at other meetings.

To the person I ran into on top of Pound Mountain: You went by mumbling like you wanted to get bad with me. Why didn’t you come back? You’re yellow.

Dear Speak Your Piece: This leaking of diesel fuel into our waters must stop. Our rivers have had enough. This is not only dangerous to the 4,000 people with city water, but to also to people with water wells. What’s it going to take to see this never happens again?

I would like to know if someone could tell me who to call about these natural gas wells. Where I live there are three wells around me. They come up here once a week and turn the valves open and let gas out. The smell covers this whole hollow we live in for hours and sometimes days. We are afraid to even light a cigarette. We’re getting sick of it. Four people in my community have died of cancer since Thanksgiving. Can anybody help us? If so, please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece.

We have a huge dog problem in McRoberts. I just wish our county officials would help us take care of this. They roam in packs and you can’t even put your garbage out. The county dog warden knows the name of the dog owners, but nothing is ever done. Our entire fiscal court is letting us down.

Bill O’Reilly is an obnoxious nerd for his criticism of the people of eastern Kentucky. People like him come in here from out of state and treat us like we’re trash — like we’re nobody — and it makes me sick. O’Reilly is forgetting that if wasn’t for our coal miners crawling back in these holes and digging coal out his fat hindend would be freezing. He makes me sick. I would slap him in the face if he was standing in front of me. I hate people like him. I can’t stand for people like O’Reilly to criticize us. We are not stupid. We’re decent people. There are some bad people here, but most are good. It makes me sick for people to come in from out of state and criticize us. We are human beings just like they are. It’s not our fault we don’t have jobs. We can blame our political leaders for that.

This is concerning a comment in Speak Your Piece: Is your husband a Christian? If so, you are to ignore no one. If so, you are not to gossip. You are not a true Christian or you wouldn’t listen to him. Why don’t you inquire about his past while he is out walking?

My son fell and broke his leg on the court at Arlie Boggs Elementary School. This is going to court. I can tell them that.

To the person who told a lie about some people at Quillen Fork: Even if you are in church, you will stand in front of God someday for lying. God in Heaven knows I did not say anything about those people. You are a cold-blooded liar.

Can someone out there speak with authority about the water problem in Letcher County? Poisoning the water should be a crime. This has happened twice in the last three or four months. There should be prosecutions for this. Thank you.

I would just like to wish my brother Wolfie a happy birthday. It was on February 20. Love, your crazy sister Shannon.

To a certain girl: Wake up and smell the roses before it’s too late. Back up, swallow your pride and go back to the people who have been so good to you. You are so fortunate. There are many girls and boys who would love to have the opportunities you have been given. And you have thrown them away for what? What are you expecting to accomplish in the position you are in right now and where you are? I say these things to you only because I love you and you are a very beautiful girl. You have so much to give and learn in this world. Please take heed girl before it’s too late. I love you.

Why don’t you put some of the Speak Your Piece comments in ‘The Way We Were?’ The cute comments, not the ones that criticize.

The people in Whitesburg need some oil in their drinking water. It might just flush the corruption out of some of them.

To the lowdown person who put the lies in Speak Your Piece about the community center: First, the community center isn’t going down the drain. The doors aren’t closing. I will personally get and take up donations, sell chances on my car, sell my dog, or do whatever it takes to keep said community center open. No band is pumped. You have to have a band before you are pumped. You need to quit playing off as a Christian, because we all know better. If you have a problem with the community center, call Miss Lady Bug.

Good luck to one local band on the completion of your new CD. Good luck with your recording contract. Keep the bluegrass music rolling.

I’m sick of people from the cities talking about people from eastern Kentucky like we’re nothing but dogs. We might have dope heads here, but they get the dope from the lazy dope dealers in the cities who sell it to them. So don’t be criticizing us. We’re good people here, and if you don’t like it just stay out. We love it here. We don’t want to hear your mouth, Bill O’Reilly.

Congratulations, Coaltown, on your new record deal. We are proud of you guys.

I was visiting in a nursing home in a neighboring county last Sunday evening. I was sitting in my friend’s room having a nice conversation when I saw a nurse go down the hall and into a patient’s room with a cup of pills in her hand. When she got in the room she took the cup of pills up to her mouth and took them. I think they better be doing some random drug testing there. This is one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life. What about the patient who didn’t get the medicine that was intended for him or her?

I want to say ‘good job’ to the fire departments at Sandlick, Whitesburg and Kingscreek for saving the family’s pets and part of their house. Now I want to say something about The Mountain Eagle. I was at that fire and personally saw who brought the dogs out and who risked their lives by spraying water inside the burning windows. Those names weren’t listed in the paper.

Hello, Dream Lover. Sure am missing my sweet darling. I have so loved being able to talk to you three days in a row. I long to see you and be in your arms. I can hardly wait until you are back here again. Be safe and be careful at work. I just hope and pray God will keep your safe for me. Did you listen to Mariah’s ‘Dream Lover’ song to see how I feel about you? Until you’re back here in your Sunshine’s arms, love, kisses and hugs.

This scam probably has always gone on in the tire business. I got hooked on it a few days ago. The first thing they did was check the tread wear on all my tires when I went in to have a slow leak fixed on a tire. I was dumb enough to let them sell me a new set of tires that I didn’t need for almost five hundred dollars.

Which lab or labs are doing the water testing for the state? If they are local, their results need to be verified and cross-referenced by distant out-of-region labs. Who really trusts these local labs? Let’s be honest: Their patrons are coal and gas companies, and their lab test results could result in all kinds of inconvenient company fines, job interruptions, and water advisories. These labs serve their patrons, not the public welfare. I suspect the entire system for monitoring our waters is likely eaten up with the cancer of corruption. Our water could be toxic beyond federal guidelines and not a word would be said if it negatively impacted the bottom line of a coal or gas company. These labs can easily fudge and tamper with water quality results that are inconvenient to the patrons that use their services. ABC’s ’20/20′ says our life expectancy is shorter than the workers in Mexico and China. Go figure. We badly need some keen-eyed oversight here.

To a man at Millstone: You better keep your wife at home, because I’m fixing to hurt her. Keep her away from my man.

I’m calling to make a complaint about all the alcohol being sold at a certain veterans’ club. You can get whatever you want there on certain nights.

A certain woman and her daughter on Thornton think they are big, but they’re not. When it’s time, you’ll find out for sure what you’ve done wrong.

To a certain nurse: You should be ashamed of yourself for treating your mother the way you have. She has devoted her life to her kids and you know every word she said was the truth. She only did what you wanted her to do. She stood by you financially, morally and every other way humanly possible, and you can’t take that what she said and did was the truth. You should grow up and you should treat her better because she has a heart problem and could be dying. I would have given my life to have a mother like you have. I envied you when we went to school. Everyone knew how spoiled you were. Grow up and call your mother on her birthday. For once in your life be a woman.

I’m going to turn you in for stealing that gas. I’m going to turn you in for stealing that copper. I’m going to turn you in for selling that cocaine. When the cops come to me you have had it. I am going to sing like a bird.

Thank you, Diane Sawyer and G ov. Beshear. What a big deal for one week. We got a pair of teeth, a couple of pairs of boots, the boy got back in college, and the boy working in the coal mine got a few clothes for the baby on the way. That will really help, I am sure, and we now look so much better in the eyes of the world. You make me sick.

Tell the cheese beavers to help fix the roads on Cowan so Judge Ward can get industry in for the corn cobbers, and so sunshine can help get that truck out of the road because he can’t hear his scanner. And The Mountain Eagle may want to invest in a new answering machine, maybe something digital, and stop shopping at the flea market. Peace out.

(We did invest in a digital

answering machine —

after failing two times to get

a reconditioned tape machine

that actually worked

for more than five minutes.

Got to tell you, though, the

digital machine is not a step

foward when it comes to

transcribing messages. In

fact, it’s a real pain in the


To anybody in Whitesburg who wants to know: I love a certain man whose name is Steven.

To the attentive Cincinnati sister: Your concern for my situation is very much appreciated. Having had your kind attention and good humor passed on to me over the last years has been a source of great pleasure for which I am very grateful. It is true that there can be only one perfect love for each of us and it seems I have found mine in your little sister. I am afraid there is nothing more to be done. I have lost my heart to her beauty and eccentric personality no matter the cost. Undoubtedly, her charm and intelligence have been inherited from one of the finest families I have ever known, and one to which I would love nothing more than to one day belong. You are a delightful and witty person; never change.

To whom it may concern: The vehicle driving condition of railroad crossings is the responsibility of our county. Some years back, CSX reworked the tracks at the mouth of Spring Branch and they were in great condition. Then the county came in and resurfaced the road because complaints about the potholes and the crossing once again was rough. Guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you are going to voice your concerns on the condition of roads, make sure you are complaining to the right people. I live in Spring Branch and my car doesn’t drag on the tracks and it is very low. I know how to drive and know to cross on the low side. People have to stop for the tracks now and don’t try and run you over to cross before you do. Also, it’s safer to stop and look both ways at all crossings and before the county messed up the crossing I witnessed several people crossing the tracks with a train right there. If it helps save lives, leave it the way it is. As for the school bus, I have never noticed it having any problems crossing the tracks. If you don’t have enough time to cross the tracks slowly before you get hit by a train, then maybe you should consider waiting for the train to pass. I mean it’s a train. Not like it’s going to sneak up on you.

Refrigerator for sale; $50 asking price, does run, come see me. Does run. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

Little Cowan landowners, I know just what you are going through with Kinzer Drilling gas company. They will promise you people a snowball in July, but when they get on your land and get you to sign their right-ofway agreements they figure they own your land and they can do whatever the hell they want. You lose all rights to your property. They will run over you like a sick dog in the road. I know a certain man who works for Kinzer Drilling and I know what he will do. He has no respect for landowners nor their property in Letcher County. Please do not believe these people in what they promise. Kinzer Drilling makes millions of dollars a day, so why should Mr. Kinzer care what happens in Letcher County? He just wants the gas off your property. I got sick when I read Jim Ward’s comments of this mess in Little Cowan. Jim Ward is the one who let the foxes into the hen house. And concerning the gas company that tore up Thornton Community Park: What did you expect they would do since Equitable Production money was accepted by the fiscal court to help build some of these parks? Kinzer Drilling and Equitable Production and other gas companies own Letcher County officials. When the foxes (gas companies) began to take some of the eggs they bought, then why is Jim Ward acting like he will do something to this gas company or any other gas company that is operating in Letcher County? This is stupid and everyone who believes that anything will be done to these companies needs to wear the stupid sign on their backs. Mr. Ward was elected because of charges of fraud aimed toward Carroll Smith, which turned out to be wrong. Some of us in Letcher County sure miss Carroll Smith because he would go to bat for the good, hardworking people of our county. If Carroll Smith was still judge, what would he do to these gas companies? The answer is nothing, because he would not let these gas companies own Letcher County and cross county roads and tear up property and turn this county into a junction station for all the gas lines and gas wells.

We would like to wish Dakota Johnson a happy birthday. We love you. Love, Mom, Dad, Bub, and Sug.

As Horace once said, ‘Why should overwhelming masses of suffering and joy affect the imagination so little while it responds sympathetically to aesthetic and intellectual irritants of very slight intensity, effects that, it must be confessed, are almost of no importance to the welfare of mankind?’ In other words, we look upon the most important things in life with the apathy and unconcern, yet we become extremely upset with incidents which should be ignored. This could relate to the way some talk show hosts are coming down hard on Obama for lecturing the Wall Street CEO’s for using taxpayer dollars to buy another corporate jet, or pay for a trip to Vegas or their extravagant bonuses. If they can afford to do this, then maybe they didn’t really ‘need’ the bailout after all. It would appear that the appointment of Henry Paulsen as Treasury secretary may have been more that just a ‘coincidence.’ And now it seems that the Wall Street and Washington scare tactics may be contagious, with the bill in Kentucky to bring in gambling machines, and certain individuals proclaiming doom and gloom for the horse racing industry if they don’t get it. It appears that this is probably another scheme for more riches for certain individuals. It is reasonable to presume that the greater part of the lottery proceeds goes to a few people, and the smaller portion goes to the state. Just like many other states, Georgia is facing a deficit, yet they gave a bonus of $150,000 to the head of the lottery commission. This is just an example of the kind of knowledge of economics that most elected officials have. They know only politics, and don’t have a clue as to how to run a business. Large corporations get the massive handouts, mainly because of campaign contributions, and the small businesses are left to sink or swim. Thomas Jefferson said, ‘We have given you a republic, it is your job to keep it.’ We have failed in our charge, for we have let the lying devious politicians and the greedy heads of the big corporations steal it right under our noses.

Hey girl, a certain man at McRoberts is available for your friendship. When he takes his hat off, he is a good looking man. Even when his hat on. Eyes of the beholder. He eats dinner at Boone Fork Kitchen. Look and see.

Reading ‘The Way We Were’ on Feb. 22, 1989, the fiscal court called a special meeting to discuss why litter enforcements were not up to par. Wel today we are having the same problems. Please get tough and do your job. Start with Letcher County.

People of Letcher County, do you realize what the natural gas companies are doing to us? Get on the Internet and read what happens to our ground and water when they frack the ground. We are headed for big problems on down the road. They pollute our ground and when you plant a garden your food is full of these chemicals they use. When you drink your water you are drinking their chemicals. It’s no wonder people here are dying with cancer in great numbers. If you read about this gas, you will find this gas is heavier than the air so when they release this gas, and they do, it falls down, down around our homes. We breathe it for God knows how long, our children breathe this. I love my kids and grandchildren, but the gas company isn’t worried. They drill, frack and leave, and collect millions of dollars while the landowner suffers. Not only is our land destroyed but our health is too..

Faith, tried by fire and tested in the lions den/With true faith in God, on Him you can depend/Samson’s strength Delilah took away in the night/With his faith in God, Samson still won the fight/Goliath was a giant over nine feet tall/Little David through faith brought him to his fall/With faith Noah built the ark in those days/I’m sure the people had spiteful things to say/If in God a little faith we will place/This world of ours would be a simple thing to face. C.A.C.

A certain woman is a big liar and mistreats the handicapped. She let her cousin rent a house from her and after two months she asked him to move out because she was afraid it would affect her checks. She gets SSI for her back, draws a welfare check, and a Social Security check. She owns a house trailer, three vehicles and lets a man live with her that works every day and gets a check every week. She also works every other week cleaning house. She lies to people about why she put her cousin out of the house. She gets free gas from LKLP and sells it to the renters, and steals cable from the cable company. It is time for people like this to pay for what they do. Beware, renters, of this lady. When anyone rents from her she invades your privacy and then tells people how messy the house is or how lazy that person that lived there was about cutting grass.

I just wanted to say what a great job the Jenkins School Board did in hiring Mrs. Kristy Collett as the principal at McRoberts Elementary School. She has done more for this school in two weeks that has been done in years combined. She is so positive, outgoing, smart and very determined. Our school will soon be the best elementary school in the area. Please join her in helping to improve our school. Our kids deserve it. Mrs. Collett, the kids and staff love you and thank you for everything you have and will continue to do for our school. God bless you.

Today I picked up a

Mountain Eagle to find an obvious attack on Fox News disguised as journalism. Needless to say I put the newspaper right back and immediately called my family and told them not to buy one either. I’m so sick of everyone telling me to watch channels with liberal bias. Jesus! Did you ever stop to think that you liberals are supposed to defend our freedom of speech yet you repress it every chance you get. Fox News may be the only channel that gives the news from both points of view and you want to do away with that too. It may not make much of a dent in your paper, but my family and I are now boycotting your paper. Furthermore, I am close friends with a couple of your sponsors and will do my best to have their ads pulled from your paper. I am extremely good at organization. By the end of the year your paper will be bankrupt. Have a nice day, hypocrites.

(You read a headline

without reading the article

under it and then assume the

report is an ‘obvious attack?’

What a concept. By the way,

do you agree with Bill

O’Reilly when he says we all

should just move from Appalachia?)

Would love to have information on the idiot who received a lesson in manners from Toby Keith.

Charlie, your brother Granville would love to hear from you. His home number is 317-359-1779.

A thank you for Bethany, sister of Natalie and Jenny, and all of her roommates who were so incredibly welcoming in Chattanooga this last week in providing a place to stay and much more on the road trip from Montana to the South 2009. This thank you is also for Kat, who is a worthy table tennis competitor. Thanks, y’all! Jason.

When it comes to covering things up, local officials don’t have to let themselves be used. Selling your honor for money and favors marks you as the lowest form of public official. Sadly, that’s mostly the kind we elect around here.

I wonder if everybody else cringed as much as I did when our government official, talking about the water crisis, said, ‘We have took water to . . .’ It’s hideously embarrassing to have public officials who can’t speak or read proper English, and it just confirms the stereotype that others hold of us. It would be better if we elected someone who does have a command of English, but in the absence of that, couldn’t he get one of those bright women in his office to read the announcements for him?

The polluted water crisis is a health emergency by any standards. It should not have been allowed to happen, and certainly must not be allowed to happen again. As bad as it is, it is still not our greatest health hazard by any means. That hazard is the air we all breathe. Anyone who has driven through Hazard at any time except after a hard rain has seen the dirty, gray sludge that films the road from Jeff to beyond Hazard. It is a mixture of coal dust, sandstone, silica, many other minerals, and generic mud, and it is a menace that will very likely cause an epidemic of black lung, mesothelioma, and other respiratory diseases we don’t even know about, for generations to come. Roxana, Deane, Gordon, and numerous other communities have equally toxic air. Silica is one of the really dangerous minerals, ranking right up there with asbestos, and it is released into the air when it is uncovered by mining, and spread by the tremendous explosions now used. Gas companies fracture subterranean structures, releasing toxic materials into water reservoirs. This ‘fracking’ also drains the reservoirs to the point the earth can no longer hold the water needed for survival. So, everyone should be excited, and furious, about the condition of the water, and the problems it has caused, but they might also look at the bigger picture.

To the thief that is stealing wreaths from our memorial signs: Have some respect. Those wreaths are put up to honor our loved one lost, one that gave his life serving your country and fighting for your freedom. It’s just as bad as stealing flowers off of a grave. They might not mean anything to you, but they mean a lot to us. Remember that God is watching you, and what goes around comes around.

To the most beautiful lady in Jenkins: You know who you are. I came from two states away and I want to be with you every day for the rest of my life. For coming here I have no regrets, because I know that together we can accomplish anything. I love you with all my heart, and I will till death do us part. Forever my love to you. Me.

Cousins, when do you want to have a cousin gettogether? Granny’s Girls are getting ready. We’re willing to go anywhere.

K.J. and D.L., when are you going to LC again? I’ll be there in a few weeks. M.A.

Hey son, hope you enjoy reading Speak Your Piece. Some weeks are better than others.

Please keep Little Cowan picturesque. We love it the way it is.

Just wanted to say hi to my precious Granny Grunt. You are my best friend and I do so enjoy our time spent together. I would be lost without you. You are a true blessing not only to me, but to all who know you. May God bless you today and always.

When are the Letcher Fiscal Court and Whitesburg and Jenkins city councils going to do something about the two-way radio fiasco? Is it going to take someone getting killed or dying before you realize 911 radio system isn’t working properly? There have been many times lately when I have heard police, fire and EMS not able to transfer information and had to go to cell phones to get information through because of screeching noises and poor coverage. Everyone knows how spotty cell service is in Letcher County, and if something happens to a citizen due to information that is unable to be relayed because of bottom-of-thebarrel radio service, our officials need to be held responsible.

Letting that coroner and his wife off without jail time while others spend longtime sentences in jail for marijuana possession is disgraceful. A lot of the people of Letcher County should be taking advantage of the numbers and addresses published last week, and flooding the Attorney General and Bar Association with complaints. These injustices and distortions in our so-called justice system must not be tolerated. I appreciate your publishing that information.

How long will the people in this county put up with having their houses blown off their foundations, their roads torn up, their mountains destroyed, nature’s natural water reservoirs fractured, their parks torn up, and their water poisoned?

I’ve always heard that the camera adds 10 pounds, but I had no idea it affected age. A certain official seems to have lost 25 years.

The people of Whitesburg deserve better than having to do without water for the second time in just a few months. They pay taxes like everyone else. With the economy the way it is and businesses already struggling, this has hurt them. Mayor Craft, you need to do whatever it takes to fix this. After all, you are supposed to protect the citizens of Whitesburg.

I agree that the county and the courts are apparently run by a consortium of lawyers, court officials, and businessmen, and that they are run for the benefit of the consortium. Witness the treatment given the coroner and his wife. If that had been someone outside the group I would have bet on a long jail sentence.

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