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While watching the live coverage of the ‘Fiscal Responsibility Summit’ on TV, I noticed several things: The Republicans kept laughing at all of President Obama’s remarks, and most of the Republicans looked like they came from the set of ‘The Sopranos.’ The president was fair in the way he offered the Democrats and Republicans the floor to speak. As a last observation, when I put the Republicans’ comments in context, I realize they want to fight this president all the way. They want him to fail. That is the only hope they have of regaining power. Then they can restart their redistribution of wealth from the poor to the very rich.

Mr. President, I had an egg-sucking dog once; I sure didn’t put him in charge of the hen house. It’s money, money everywhere if you are in charge of banks or big corporations. The first thing I want to know is why they went broke in the first place. Could it be there is no work in the U.S. because all of our jobs have been moved to China and Mexico? The only good thing is that the illegal Mexicans and so on are going back. They’re just like the rest of the working class — broke. If you want to stimulate the economy, put the money in the hands of the workingman. We’ll spend it here in America. In God we trust; in anyone else we don’t.

To a certain family: Mother Hen thought she was hatching out beautiful chickens for Easter. When the crate was open there was nothing but rotten eggs. God bless you all.

To the woman at the food stamp office who made the

front page of The Mountain

Eagle back in September: We just wanted to let you know we are so glad that you got out of the situation you were in. We knew that you were innocent of the charges in those indictments. We hope you find an even better job.

Whatever happened to old Brushy Bill? I miss his comments.

I don’t think the implications of what happened last Tuesday will shock any of you. The state police wanted proof and I now have it. It’s your choice. Keep it up and I’ll go to the state police.

To a certain deacon in Pike County: You’re not going to be a deacon very long if you don’t call off your dogs. And you know what I mean, because I’ve caught you three times. I’ve got you on film.

I believe that all customers affected by that oil spill should get together and seek legal action against those responsible. It sure has affected this county in a big manner.

To the folks on Spring Branch: We hope that you have better results than with the people who work at CSX. Some folks in Lexington were notified about your problem and I think something will be done for your benefit. As always, the folks who work for CSX aren’t the ones who always get to push the pencil on who gets final resolve of all issues. From someone who has concern for the people of southeastern Kentucky.

I don’t understand why they don’t catch all this oil in the river and reuse it in this bad economy.

What Jim Ward did by appointing a relative by marriage to the office of county coroner was suicidal politics. It is nepotism at its finest here in Letcher County. We’re sick of it and we’re ready for a change. Jim Ward committed political suicide with his handling of that office.

I’m tired of hearing people gripe about the company being held responsible for the diesel oil spill. This company does many good things for Letcher County. It employs many people, provides tax dollars for the county, and offers clean places of business with clean bathrooms. I can’t begin to tell you all this company does for us.

How does a certain health care provider get by with letting some of its employees be on Suboxone?

To the man who lives at Turkey Creek: You are the sexiest man I have ever met and I would love to see you again.

I am calling about two boys in Cumberland who stole a Colt .45, a new generator and a saw out of our home. A big reward is being offered to anyone who knows anything about all of this. Please call 606-633- 7947. Thank you.

Congratulations, Josh Profitt, on being among the top three-point shooters in the state and for giving all your fans such a fantastic year. We love you.

The other day I was at a store in Virginia and saw two women from Letcher County get out of their vehicle and do something with a guy in an 18-wheeler. Apparently they had a business deal going on. It looked to me like some money changed hands for a substance, and the substance wasn’t Flintstone vitamins. I got the license plate numbers and have referred the matter to the sheriff ‘s office.

If you’re running low on fuel, just go to the river and fill up.

Concerning the comment in Speak Your Piece about the former coroner and his wife only getting a pat on the back: If getting three years of probation and felony convictions is a pat on the back, then that’s exactly what they got.

I wonder how many people who were complaining about not being able to use their water because of the diesel fuel spill have their sewer pipes running straight into the river or creek near their home? It has been fascinating to hear Letcher County residents complain about fuel accidentally getting into Whitesburg’s water after they have spent years doing nothing while their public water systems and private water wells continue to be contaminated by raw sewage and God knows what else making its way into the river through an unending network of straight pipes. Let’s have a little perspective, please.

The worst that can happen to Whitesburg makes me happier yet. I live on Johnson’s Fork. That explains everything.

I know that Letcher County has a dog law, but every day I have to go out by my front door and several other places around my home and clean up where the neighbor’s dogs have used it for a bathroom. I am tired of this. I have called the dog warden and have done all I can to avoid confronting these people. I am sick of it. I’m not going to put up with this anymore. I may have to go out and get a gun and go to jail for shooting these people. That would be better than shoveling poop every day.

To the lady who really does love Steven: Why don’t you give him a call? Maybe he really loves you, too.

Why is it the kids at the high school who have third lunch have time to pay for their lunch but don’t have time to eat it? Is it because the food is not ready or the line is too long? Make time for all the kids to eat.

Does anyone else out there think Craft’s Colly needs guardrails in certain places? If you do, speak your piece.

I can honestly say that I have never had a butt-whipping in my life outside of being dog drunk or somebody catching me off guard and waylaying me. Outside of that I have never been whipped in my life, and that’s a good feeling. I don’t think there are many people out there who could do it.

To the genius who called in saying he or she was going to get in touch with the Attorney General’s Office concerning the sentence given to former coroner Cornett.: Idiot person, it was the Attorney General’s Office who negotiated the plea agreement. It wasn’t any official in Whitesburg. Read your facts. Get them straight.

I was just wondering when the track and field meets start at Letcher County Central and Jenkins high schools. I hope someone will post the schedules in the paper.

My darling blue-eyed Gibbs: I had hoped to get to be with you today, but work got in the way. Hope you were in your usual spot last Tuesday night. How did you like Tony’s boots? They would have looked snazzy on you. Smile or I’ll Gibb you, darling. Hopefully by the time you read this we will have gotten to have a day all to ourselves.

My ice maker is producing diesel-flavored cubes. Are any others out there experiencing the same troubles?

To the high society trash: You say you are my worst nightmare? Ha ha ha. You are nothing.

Beware of going to work for ICG in Breathitt County. Get on the Internet and look. They are about to go into bankruptcy and they are for sale. They are very mean and dirty to their people. They don’t care about them.

Be humble and kind as you go through each day/Be not hardhearted and have hateful things to say/Be always forgiving no matter what people may do/Judge others not, for God will judge you/Follow not the way of others but let the Lord guide you/Put God in your life, He’ll show you what to do/Flee from evil, from Satan’s way dust your feet/Keep God’s love in your heart and share it with those you meet/Like Christ, walk holy through your life each day/Try and help others and have only good things to say. C.A.C.

I live in Jenkins, but work in Whitesburg. I truly believe that our Jenkins City Council would stand up for the little people if we had the same water problems Whitesburg has been experiencing. If your Whitesburg City Council that you voted in does not stand up for you, I would remember that on Election Day. Maybe the city is trying to do something, but we have not heard anything. I am thankful for our Magistrate Wayne Fleming and our city council, because I think they would put all of the taxpayers first.

Everyone go to this web site: www.epa.gov/ epahome/violations.html. Scroll to the very bottom for information on previous spills. Click on ‘on-line query system’ with oil and chemical spill data. Click on ‘query standard reports’ fill in boxes for state and county and click ‘submit query.’ Get educated, people.

I resent the comments made by the Leprechaun (Bill O’Reilly) about eastern Kentucky. As for the Leprechaun, I am sure he is much more highly educated than I am. But I also know that he tried being a radio talk show host, at which he failed miserably. I would gladly take an IQ test against George Bush or O’Reilly, so long as it is done honestly. So to the Leprechaun, I say, bring it on.

Math teachers at MJP 6- 8, the math that you’re sending home just about every night is a lot, especially if you don’t know how to do it. Parents can’t help unless they have a college degree. If they suggest tutoring, it’s other kids trying to do the teacher’s job, the one they’re supposed to be getting paid for. Not every child is an A-plus student. They should have to do the work in class and the teacher should be trying to help the kids if he’s any kind of teacher. I think teachers should be rewarded on how much devotion he has getting the kids’ grades up and the one on one they have with them, not one student helping the other one.

To all the lovely ladies of Neon: This is the All Night Long Kid saying you are the loveliest ladies in the Bluegrass State. A.N.L.K. P.S. And the sexiest.

Well, I heard Mr. O’Reilly talk about her. Well, I heard ole Bill put her down. I hope Bill O’Reilly will remember a Southern man don’t need him around anyhow. Mr. O’Reilly bashed our area pretty heavy. And I quote, ‘that the culture in Appalachia harms the children almost beyond repair and that the people who live there should look to move out of region as soon as possible.’ He thinks the situation is hopeless. I guess he’s never worked a farm there or gone to church or is unaware of the high percentage of people from that area who served in the military or the fact that the folks who built the industrial might of Chicago, Detroit, and Cincinnati were in large part working men and women from the Appalachian hills who moved north during the ’50s. Or he may have forgotten about the ones busting their hump there now in the coal mines. I used to listen to some of O’Reilly’s gab but now I think of him as a trash-talking, uninformed, overpaid, talking-head ignoramus. But that’s just the opinion of a descendent of them hopeless hillbillies.

I was appalled to read that the federal appeals court overturned the ruling to help eliminate the destruction of our most striking and Godly resource — those mountains that are truly unique to your area. This ruling is only a win for the mine operators, but a major loss for the rest of the natives or visitors to the area. I grew up in these mountains and although I relocated for various reasons, my heart and soul remain in the grand mountainous region in which I was raised. I visit eastern Kentucky several times a year, and on each visit I now grieve for the young and the old. For the older generation, I know you feel my pain in view of the fact that you, too, remember the untouched and unparalleled splendor of the mountains before destruction marred the land. For the young and upcoming generations, my heart truly aches for you given that you will never see our majestic mountains as they were and should have remained. Now when I visit eastern Kentucky I leave feeling the utmost disappointment in our decision makers rather than leaving refreshed and enlightened by my stay in my native mountains as I once had. I implore those who make these decisions to take a long, hard look at the magnificence before you before ruling that more mountaintops can be flattened and obliterated in the name of progress.

Specifically, a high-dollar hypocrite equals the same amount as do-do on the bottom of her shoe.

People might put us folks down in Letcher County for a lot of reasons. You might think we’re not that smart or that we do drugs. There are plenty of good folks around here who are God-fearing citizens. This is something you don’t know about most of us. We love our families more than anything in the world and would do anything for them. We could make more money if we moved away like most people in this country do. Our families mean more to us than money though, so we take the jobs we can get and stay close to our loved ones. I do wish all the people who don’t love their families would quit writing to this newspaper. You keep writing about cheating on your husband or wife and make the rest of us look bad.

Well, O’Reilly, Appalachia is poor and a hopeless region says you. Let me tell you a thing or maybe three. We don’t have any need for maids to move a desk, tie our shoes, and clothe us, we got some backbone to do that ourselves, thank you for nothing. Do print this please. The Bill O’Reilly comment has got me boiling mad, OK? Thank you, Stanley D. Pack

I just wanted to say that I rejoice in reading your newspaper. Freedom of speech is fundamental to liberty-loving Americans everywhere, but especially in eastern Kentucky. Other editors actually edit the newspapers leaving out basic facts because they are afraid of the repercussions. However, you have the courage to print what the voice of the people says. Your intestinal fortitude is a high water mark in newspaper excellence. You have given voice to the hopes and dreams and ambitions of the common man and woman. You have given them a voice so that they can he heard regardless of what they have to say. Your public ranges from prostitutes to preachers, tramps to tradesmen. All are given a fair hearing, a chance to air

their case. O’ Mountain

Eagle, we salute thee. Where else in America can you find this dedication to the American public in the cause of liberty? I’ve lived in various locations in the United States and nowhere else did they print the range of views and beliefs that are printed by the liberal and

just editors at The Mountain

Eagle. I know that many people think you should be restrained. They know nothing about freedom of speech, but you certainly do. I’ve heard complaints about the innuendoes and accusations that have been hurled back and forth between the contributors. But you have given vent to the voice of the people and that is the way founders believed it should be. James Otis.

To my sweetheart, Heather. Will you marry me? If so, respond in next week’s paper. I love you with all my heart. From Lee.

I need to let you know that I am a 78-year-old lady who was in a pubic restaurant the other day. What I saw there made me sick. There was a person at the table next to mine breastfeeding a baby. What’s wrong with bottles where other people can see you? And when I say they can see you, I mean they can see your whole big chest. I couldn’t even eat after I saw what was happening. Lots of people were gawking at your big (really, really big) chest and it was gross. You should be humiliated. I hope I never have to see you in public again. There was a guy with you. If he was your husband he should have told you what a fool you were making of yourself. You are disgraceful. If you have to breastfeed, then you shouldn’t do in front of everyone. Your baby was pretty big too, so there was no reason for your behavior. From a modest woman who raised five children without ever doing that.

To my Hot Potato Honey: Sweetheart, you are the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. What you wear and what you do makes me feel like I’m just a teen-age boy again even though I’m almost 40. I never knew I could feel like this again. Now I know why I left my old fogy woman for you. I’ve never been sorry for that ’cause you are the reason I was born. Now I know that. Thank you for being my Hot Potato Honey. I hope you are always this hot. You’re the best. Your Tomcat.

I just want to say something to the person who wrote about enjoying everyone else’s men. You said that you didn’t care that you were taking away someone else’s men. Well, you tramp, you messed with my man and that was your big mistake. It was his big mistake, too. You didn’t know that you were going to catch something from him, and it served you right. You still might not know what you’re going to get or already have. It’s the price you have to pay for messing with other men who already been messing around with other women. You said you didn’t feel guilty because we couldn’t make our own men happy. Lady, I don’t make my man happy that way because he has a venereal disease and I don’t. There’s a reason he has that — because he messes around with women like you. So the laugh is on you. The only reason I keep him around at all is because I need his money to pay the rent. Other than that, he is a total loser and you can keep him ‘happy’ as much as you want. By the way, you might want to get checked by your doctor real soon.

Are you like me, not doing everything you can for the Lord? I make myself a checklist asking if I am doing all I can for my Lord Jesus Christ. Here’s my list of questions. 1. Are you reading the word of God? 2. Are you standing in obedience of His promises? 3. Are you proclaiming God’s promises by faith? 4. Have you repented of all known sin in your life? 5. Have you forgiven everyone who has offended you? 6. Are you tithing on your first fruits? 7. Have you asked God for what you need? 8. Do you trust God to take your through the problem and unto the provision He has for you? 9. Are you praising Him while you are in the problems? 10. Are you ready to let God choose what is best for you?

In the Kentucky prison system you have a yourself a nice warm cell, TV, three meals a day, weights to lift, and plenty of friends to lie to about why you are there. You were found guilty here in Letcher County for taking the life of a kid and his father. That’s why you are there, and I hope you don’t ever see the light of day. I bet little T.J is up in heaven cutting grass with a big beautiful Weed Eater now. Don’t tread on my path in life, buddy. Some things in life I have the tendency to take too personal, and I am tired of you being on my mind and just really eating at my very soul. I am reminding you and the parole board of Kentucky that you should never be let go. Matter of fact, you are safer in there more than you ever would be out in the free world, now ain’t that just pitiful? What’s that, don’t like me? Me and my crew don’t tolerate your kind, So you have a real nice life in prison. It’s too good for you, boy. The Kentucky Ridgerunner.

Granny’s Girls need to plan a trip.

There is a certain store that used to be a good place to take your kids. Now the guys that hang out and even the owner use so much vulgarity and bad language that I am afraid to take my kids there anymore because I don’t want to have them listen to that. It’s a public place. Isn’t there a law against that kind of vulgarity in a public place? It’s a shame that people have no respect for children.

So many are promoting adventure tourism for eastern Kentucky. What could be more adventurous than spending the night in Whitesburg and waking up not knowing if one can drink the water or take a shower?

M.A., yes, I read The

Eagle every week. I always check Speak Your Piece for a message from you. K.J.

Neither of the two incidents of water pollution were noticed until private citizens complained about the smell of their water. Being able to smell it must show pretty extreme pollution. Many of us are becoming very cynical and suspicious that this is a lot worse than we’re being told.

To Blue-eyed Bombshell: I am tired of all your lies. You are nothing but a manipulative witch. You think you can destroy your husband’s family, but I’ve got news for you, you will not. I’m sorry you come from a dysfunctional family and all you know to do is cause trouble. You treated your mother-in-law horribly and one day someone will pay the price for that. Keep running your mouth and one day someone will shut it up for you. Who knows who? It might just be me. I don’t care that you and your husband has been together for 19 years. The only reason why he is still with you is because he feels sorry for you. Everyone knows that.

I’m not a chemist, but I know that benzene is a deadly toxic product, and there are other components which are extremely harmful if absorbed in any way. I’m concerned that this may have been going on for a long time before people complained about the smell. The judge and other officials should have been out in front and gotten this information out. Uncertainty and indecision are hard to deal with. The official reaction to this reminds me of the government’s performance after Hurricane Katrina.

I watched Fox News Network and they featured John McCain and his views. Our Fox News Network and John McCain, are they unaware that people are tired of being bushwhacked by the conservatives’ politics? I didn’t vote but I think that since President Obama won the election, he should have more say than John McCain.

To the guy driving the black car: You need to park your car somewhere else in Isom when you meet up with your little sweetie.

College is not for everyone, but it’s necessary to get a good job.

Anybody know how to get a hold of those people making the movie about doctors, the ones that were in Whitesburg last week? My one grandpa told his story so now my other grandpa wants to be in the movie. He says if you tell the right people about the problem then they might fix it. Please say in next week’s paper if you know how to reach them. Thank you.

If that has been an apology of any sorts concerning the recent water problem, I have missed it. When our bills come due and our checks are cut in half from not working, who will care? So what if people are inconvenienced? So what if the county doesn’t have the money to deal with the spill? So what if hundreds of people have had their hours at work cut? So what if small business owners didn’t have the resources to wait it out? Well, at least one person has said enough is enough. Win or lose, Peyton Reynolds has taken a stand.

Please print this. There are many parents and students who feel that most teachers need to be reminded of why they became one. ‘Best teacher’ description by Dr. Glen W. Probst: There are many characteristics, techniques, etc., that make for a successful teacher. These many be as varied as the teachers themselves. However, there are certain time-tested attributes, characteristics, and practices which contribute immensely to teacher success. The following list contains items that students have used to describe their best teachers. 1. Enthusiasm. Students can feel the excitement. Students easily detect the teacher’s love for job and subject. 2. Preparation. Teacher knows the subject. Teacher plans and prepares lessons daily. 3. Punctuality. Always arrives on time. Begins and ends class on time. Expects and encourages students to arrive on time. 4. Support and concern for students. Lets students know that he/she cares about their success. Takes time with students. Allows for creativity. Is friendly and courteous. Is supportive and encouraging. Is smiling, caring and loving. 5. Consistency. does not miss class. Is consistent in attitude and dealings with students. Is always well prepared to teach class. 6. Politeness. Treats students with respect. Does not condescend. Avoids embarrassing students in class. 7. Firmness and control. Is firm in a kind manner. Avoids tangents in teaching. 8. Does not play favorites. 9. Provides personal help. Takes time to explain concept. Gives individual attention.

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