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I’m calling about the photograph in the paper showing the pit of oil and stuff of that sort made by the drilling of a natural gas well near Whitesburg: Damon White of the Division of Water states everything is fine as long as nothing leaves the pit. My question is how does he know everything is fine? Aren’t most of these pits just bulldozed over and smoothed over with grass planted on top? Don’t the chemicals from the fracking of these wells get into our water streams? Where does the oil go that is pumped out of these 4,000-feet deep wells? Where do the toxic chemicals go?

I want to wish my brother in law, Brandon Blair, a happy birthday. It was on March 10.

Letcher County people, don’t be fooled by ICG’s radio ads. Just ask some of the men from Letcher County who work for ICG and let them tell about how horrible the company has treated them. ICG will use you and then discard you. Go somewhere else to work. They’re in danger of going under, anyway.

To a certain person: If you have another daughter, my grandfather is looking for one.

If in your church you do not have the Holy Spirit, you have the unholy spirit. Therefore you are not the children of the light, but the children of the night. Easter or Passover, that is the question. To be or not to be.

Coach Billy Gillispie is given two All-American players and can’t even get Kentucky into the NCAA tournament? For the good of University of Kentucky basketball, this joker needs to be sent back to Texas much faster than George W. Bush was. Think of how much better off our country would be today if we had been able to cut our losses and send Bush packing after two years. Well, the Constitution wouldn’t let us do that, but nothing is keeping Gillispie at UK. UK can’t afford another season of Gillispie. He’s by far the worst coach in the school’s history.

I am calling about the 78- year-old lady who commented in Speak Your Piece that it made her sick when she saw another woman breast feeding her baby in a restaurant: Breast feeding is a beautiful and natural thing. Thank you.

Hello, jealous people. Don Childers used to be one of the little people, too. He scratched and worked hard to get to where he is today.

Hello, Dream Lover. It seems like forever since I’ve gotten to see you and hold you. I miss getting to talk to you so much. My days can be depressing and dull, and then you call and I hear that sweet sexy voice of yours and my day is so much brighter. I like to take a break and just sit and close my eyes and visualize your handsome, rugged features and those marvelous sexy blue eyes you have, and think of how great I felt when I last saw you. You are so embedded in the depths of my mind, darling, but you already knew that. Your Sunshine hopes you are dreaming of us being together. We are a perfect fit.

To a certain woman: You are playing with fire. Your husband hasn’t even been dead for a year and you have had four different boyfriends. Your day is coming.

To whom it may concern: I’m wondering why the Fleming-Neon alumni have decided to have a web site and the Whitesburg alumni can’t even get one started. If you have any comments, please leave them in Speak Your Piece.

I’ve been reading in the paper about dogs pooping in their yards. I’m getting sick of it. If people don’t want dog poop in their yard why don’t they just fence their yard off. I’m also tired of people threatening to kill dogs. The dog warden does his job.

All they want to talk about is the Appalachian people and how they are living in Kentucky. They’ve not seen anything yet. Our officials and everyone else, including the electric companies, are scalping the people. By next winter there will be a lot of people who can’t afford to pay for electricity or even to drive a car, because there is no place for anyone to work if they don’t have a coal miner in their family. People who are older and live alone aren’t able to work at two or three jobs to make ends meet.

I hope that Judge Ward has enough in-laws in the year 2010 so he can get reelected. If not, he’s got problems.

To the blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman that I love with all of my heart: I am sorry for the things that happened between us. It’s been really rough losing you and the kids. I just want you to accept my apology and understand that I will love you forever and always.

What happened to the days when people went to basketball games dressed normally and sat and watched the action and stood and cheered when the moment called for it?

To a certain woman: I guess you grow some pretty good peaches for all the men you have around, but you finally got one that rotted and that one went crazy. You’ve been telling two men you loved them. You live with one and fool around with another when he and your kids aren’t around. Well, this time it caught up with you and now everyone sees you for who you are. You think everyone is there for you to help you, but they are there for your pills. That is what they want. I don’t think court will go your way.

I cannot believe that certain people had the nerve to make a quilt to bring to their mother’s funeral and their grandmother’s funeral and put the names of all the grandchildren on it except two. These people are the lowest individuals I have ever come in contact with for doing these two kids that way.

Congratulations, Bill O’Reilly. Right on the money. Polluted water twice in the last few months, garbage lying around everywhere. I don’t know what you people are complaining about. Look around you — houses left collapsed and dilapidated for years, cars in the creeks and rivers. It seems to me you had rather complain about it than improve it. If you don’t see the mess you are not looking. All you have to do is drive through the county. Once again, right on, Bill O’Reilly. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations, Cougars basketball. Keep up the good work.

Everyone sure jumped on the anti-Bill O’Reilly bandwagon. Those of you who can’t see what he’s talking about are either blind or ignorant. It’s all around us. Everyone calls and says, ‘let’s clean the county up’ but no one does. It’s status quo and it will always be this way. Quit whining and go out and clean. People don’t need to clean the whole county; just clean your little area of it. Help make it a better place. Don’t let your neighbors keep 15 wrecked cars in their yards. Don’t let garbage pile up in the parks. All it takes is everybody doing his or her little part. I think Bill O’Reilly was right on the money. I have met him several times. He is a straight shooter who tells it like it is. All you have to do is turn your head and look. It’s everywhere.

Listen up, people. The March meeting of the Letcher Fiscal Court is coming up. Everyone upset about the damages caused by these outside natural gas companies needs to show up and clearly express themselves to our local politicians. Our politicians need to get the message loud and clear, because only local and state government can hold these companies accountable. Arm yourselves with relevant facts on damages caused. We live here. It’s our land, our water, and our quality of life.

Congratulations to the Little Shepherd Amphitheater group. Now that you have received your grant money, you won’t have to worry about losing your severance tax money and losing your venue. Now you can now afford some real actors.

Are you any better than the Bible? The Bible talks about the good women and the whores. Read it.

Our new coroner is sexy as socks on a rooster.

If you are pregnant or already have a baby, visit the web site by Jenny McCarthy, generationrescue.org, to learn about vaccines and tips on how to avoid autism for your child. A lot of people, including myself, think there is a connection between autism and vaccines. We have one of the highest rates in the country, and the best way to fight this epidemic is with knowledge. Autism does not have to be hopeless; it can be treated. ‘Deadly Immunity’ by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., which originally appeared in Rolling Stone magazine, is a good article to read if you Google it on the Internet.

I went up to West Virginia where they sell all that dope. I saw more old people there than I did young people.

To a certain person: You should have done that at 10 a.m. instead of waiting until 1 in the afternoon. And you need to be more direct in what you mean and what you say. Get down to business. Quit beating around the bush. I know what you have on your mind. You were on key, but you waited too late in the day and we had too much company. And you shouldn’t be nervous. You don’t need six or eight to get the job done. Be more direct and pick up the pace. The sandwich bag had no significant meaning. If there is something to be done, we should go ahead and get it done before something else happens.

We need the federal EPA to step into this county.

What’s happening with Letcher County with all the garbage on the sides of the roads and stuff? It just breaks my heart to see it all. People should love their community, and they should think before they throw the stuff out. Thank you.

I am sick of Letcher County. This place is so screwed up, and everyone public official, lawyer, and everyone who works in City Hall or the Letcher County Courthouse can kiss my behind. Someday every one of you will fall to your knees begging for help, and I can’t wait to see that happen. God knows what every one of you does around here and you cannot hide it from Him. You all can sit back and laugh and make fun of people and treat people dirty and think you are big in this sick little town, but really you are fools. It is a shame there is nothing in this town for our kids to do. All we have here is drugs, because there is nothing else for our kids to do. Why can’t you people take one of the old buildings in town and turn it into a place for our kids to go? Take the new health department for instance. We don’t need that. It was a waste of money. It is not going to bring jobs in for the people. I guess they just want to look big in a small town. I think it is time for you all to open your eyes and put something in here for the kids. I hope this hits each one of you in the face, because this is a fact.

There was an awesome band at the Whitesburg American Legion this past Saturday night. The band’s name was The Aftershock Band. I hear they will be at the American Legion in Jenkins this coming Saturday. Everyone should go check them out.

To the sexy looking guy on a blue rocket at the Exxon on Friday: You make the bike look good. From the lady in green.

So now we see the real reason why so many people were acting so distraught over their water being down; they see it as an opportunity to cash in on one of Letcher County’s few success stories. Shame on every one of these people who are suing a fellow Letcher County citizen and his business and putting hundreds of jobs in jeopardy. Wonder how many of the people named as plaintiffs in these lawsuits bothered to ask Childers Oil to reimburse them for any money they claim to have lost? And how could attorney Peyton Reynolds know that he was sickened by any diesel oilcontaminated water so quickly? I couldn’t help but notice some of the business owners who are taking part in that claim appear to be living in glass houses. If I were them I would be very careful.

Now that the regular season of University of Kentucky basketball is over, I would like to make a statement. I officiated basketball for better than 10 years in the 14th and 15th Regions of high school basketball. Even before that time and up until now I followed Kentucky basketball closely. I can’t remember a more ‘less interested’ team and coach as there is at UK now. I would like to know what in the world the problem is. Someone with basketball savvy and knowledge about our beloved Cats, please help me out here.

I am an employee at a local coal company. I think it is a shame that if you are in some kind of treatment program for drugs they won’t hire you, but they let some men continue to work because they have prescriptions for pain pills and nerve pills. These men get so high they don’t know their own name. There was an incident in one mine recently where a man showed up for work and couldn’t even stand up. By law, the boss is required to contact the safety director and drug test that employee. The safety department was contacted, but they said it would be a while before they could get there so the employee was sent home. They then fired him instead of doing the right thing and turning him into the state. What if that man goes to work somewhere else and kills somebody? This company does stuff like this all the time. They do things illegally without contacting the state or federal inspectors. Someone needs to check into some of the things they do. Sincerely, Concerned Coal Miner.

The few normal and decent people who still live in Letcher County owe a big thank you to whoever cleaned up the litter from the roadside between Mayking Fire Department and Thornton bridge. My God, I couldn’t believe that stack of garbage bags full of bottles and cans and fastfood containers that was picked up. When you look at what we do to ourselves, it’s no wonder that people like Bill O’Reilly say we are white trash. We really are. Even dogs don’t poop in their own yard. Litter is becoming our number one problem in a county that will pick up trash whether you pay your bill or not. What does that tell you about how worthless many of our people are?

I would like to wish my mom a belated happy birthday. Edna Faye Hubbard from Michigan turned 70 on February 28. Love you, Mom, and I thank God for a mother like you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know anything about Jesus. In the Bible, Old Testament, Proverbs, Ch. 22 V. 6 says: ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.’ So thanks, Mom, for raising me the right way. Love you lots, your daughter, Tina H.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, or even if it comes. But as for now I know where I want to be. If there’s only a chance that I could come home it would be in eastern Kentucky. And if for no other reason, just so I could go to church. Praising and worshipping the Lord there is real to me. I know — I know God is everywhere, but being with and around people who really worship God in a manner as it should be, what can I say? There’s no place else like it. There’s no place like it here where I live. I live eight hours away from eastern Kentucky, but it’s not close enough. I want to come home. Here is not home to me. My real home is heaven, just in waiting to get there. It’s been 20-plus years since I’ve left Kentucky. Maybe some day I’ll get to come back. I pray. But in the meantime, I’m holding on and keeping the faith. May God bless you all in eastern Kentucky. I keep you in prayers and keep me in prayer. From one who has a love for you all. Bev. P.S. The outsiders just don’t know, nor do they care to. Referring to the O’Reilly thing.

To a woman I work with: Well, we might hang around being nosy, but not close enough for you to know. We probably are not who you think we are. The only serious situation you have is that your son is a drunk and a pillhead. It’s no secret, and it’s not a secret he’s seeing the same girl.

This is my second request: Please, CSX, repair the crossing at the mouth of Spring Branch. The county is not responsible for the mess made by CSX and left that way with little regard for all of us who must cross it several times a day. We will see you in court if this request is also ignored. We’ll let the court system deal with our problem with CSX. Thank you. Concerned Citizens.

Spring Branch: Please clean up your yards. The litter problem is awful. Old trailers in disrepair and abandoned, trash thrown out the doors and windows, old abandoned vehicles junking up the roadway. Please take pride in ownership. I know many of you are capable of cleaning up old rotten buildings falling, etc. Didn’t this county once have a litter warden? You are welcome on Spring Branch. Concerned Citizen.

To Heather: As I write this down letter by letter/ Thinking of you, my darling Heather/Lying here upon this bed/I can’t get you out of my head/It’s so hard for me to rest/With this load upon my chest/I have so many thoughts of you in my brain/I have to sit here and strain/How to word this just right/So I won’t make you feel uptight/This before you have probably been told/ My darling, I forever want you to hold/In my arms and forever more/It’s only you, honey, I adore/Now I pray how soon the day will come/Out of these doors we will run/And let me make you my wife/To love and hold the rest of my life/By the way, you sure got some pretty lips/Not to mention those swinging hips/And it really breaks my heart/We are only about 30 feet apart! Love, Lee

We wanted to thank the filmmakers for being so nice to the kids. That’s the most fun they ever had in a par king lot. They’re still talking about it. They loved the animal balloons the camera guy made for them. The cocoa was a nice touch, too, since it was so cold that day.

We know you all read The

Eagle, so thanks again, guys. Good luck with your doctor movie. Hope it helps.

The college desperately needs to increase its parking places for students and visitors. They might be able to use what they have if they would schedule classes more efficiently. You cannot find a parking place on Tuesday or Thursday mornings, but at most other times you can. So just spread the class schedule out to cover the times when the spaces are available. If administration had to fight for an open space, they’d work harder at correcting this problem.

Happy birthday to our baby brother who turned 50 on March 5. We love you. From your five older sisters.

In regards to Bill O’ Reilly’s comments on the effects of being raised in Appalachia, I would like to voice my opinion. I lived in Kentucky from fifth grade until 10th grade. Because of circumstances beyond my control, I was sent away from Appalachia to live in the West. My parents still live in Eolia. In the decades since, I have made a conscious effort to guarantee my children have spent many a day visiting family in eastern Kentucky. The values and positive role models that my children see in Appalachia are precious and they are not found everywhere. My son has just enlisted in the Navy to help support and defend our country. Interestingly enough, his grandfather also defended this great country when he was needed, quietly and without fanfare. Then he returned to eastern Kentucky — our family’s ‘Sergeant York’. He defended your right to say whatever you would like to say, Mr. O’Reilly. My daughter has learned to be respectful and loving from a grandmother who is the very example of a gentile Southern lady (and the crowning jewel of our family). Mr. O’Reilly, values, faith, and honor cannot be bought; they must be taught by example by a loving family, community and church. The most important things in life do not have a price tag. There are problems everywhere, but you did not mention any of the positive things. Family, traditions, values, country and manners are still taught in the Appalachia hills. I will not lower myself to your level, Mr. O’Reilly, I was raised better, and I have to be an example for my children. Julie M., Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am a 45-year-old white female. I’m 5’7′, 165 pounds. I am a attractive and I am a widow. I have brown eyes and tan skin. Letcher County is small, so single people seem scarce or at least good hardworking single men do. I draw $2,000 a month and I would like to find a man who works in the coal mines. If he has kids, it’s OK with me. Let’s give love a chance.

To the best looking blueeyed man in Letcher County: Thank you for making Thursday night special. Feel free to rock my world any day, any time. I hope there are many more ‘Special Thursday Nights’ in the future.

Happy second birthday, Donovan! Love always, Nana.

Why don’t the Christian ladies set a good example and wear modest clothes so the younger generation can learn how to dress properly? Some of these ladies wear dresses with splits showing their behinds. They might as well wear a mini skirt. They will then sit and pull at their skirt trying to make it cover their knees, but it’s not long enough. Oh yeah, and those low-cut tops, no one wants to see that kind of stuff, not in church, and not if you are a Christian. What has happened to people? Don’t we have any modesty? Please read Titus Chapter 2:3-5. and II Timothy 2:9-10. You may call me old fashioned, but the Bible means the same today as it did yesterday. I think pastors’ and preachers’ wives should set good examples for ladies to follow. You can dress modest and still look nice, plus get respect. Don’t let the lust of the flesh overcome you. Get the power of the Holy Spirit and you will overcome these things.

Now I want you all to do something with me here. Let’s kneel down on the floor if you can. Now bow your head. Put those ham hocks together, children. Now say, ‘Thank you, Lord Jesus, for not letting the Republicans privatize Social Security. Praise the Lord for you are just and wise. Amen.’

‘Zeitgeist — The Movie.’ watch it and then watch it again. There are a lot of truths that most people don’t know about. Look through the lies that you’ve been fed, my friends.

This is in response to the comment about a local store and the vulgarity. I know the store you speak of and, yes, it has dropped in standards. Does the owner really need the business that bad? It’s awful there especially FNM. I will take my business to Virginia. At least the owner there has morals.

To the boy with the white streak in his hair: Here’s to you and your favorite piece of bathroom equipment. Love, D.A.

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