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Somewhere in Texas a village is looking for its idiot. Maybe Kentucky’s head basketball coach will get the bulletin.

I have the only I.D. Stamper throwaway dulcimer. It was put in the garbage and taken out and fixed by another fellow. Anyone out there interested?

Why is it wrong for a woman to cut her long hair, but it’s okay if she puts it on top of her head?

This in not meant to be a bad comment, only a reminder to those in charge at Fishpond Lake: The bathrooms at Fishpond need a good going over after the winter weather, and there needs to be road signs designating which direction traffic should travel — in one direction only. The new signs around the lake are very nice, as are things overall. Just a very friendly reminder and a suggestion.

To a man from Jenkins: I am so glad your little wife is getting away from you. She is too good for you.

If ICG is such a wonderful and safe place to work then why do they already have 103 safety violations this year?

What could you dream the night before you were to be executed that you would not fear death?

I wish the LCC basketball announcers would leave the referees alone.

Concerning the oil spill and its aftermath, if your brother had to drive to Paintsville or Pikeville for kidney dialysis when he’s hardly able to sit up you may think differently about the spill occurring in the first place. There are things more important than a clean bathroom.

You don’t shoot anybody over dog poop. You always try to work something like that. Just remember, when they made one gun they made two. Everybody in America has a gun. Everybody in America needs to start protecting themselves.

The young lady who sat across the table from the old man said, ‘You’re not that old.’ As he smiled at her he said, ‘Keep the faith.’

I just wanted to let a certain man who first name begins with the letter D that I love him very much. Always.

Jenkins School Board Members Durward Narramore, Tracy Goff, Paul Stambaugh and Eileen Sanders should hand in their resignations after the farce of hearing and vote to uphold the demotion of Teresa Bentley as principal of Jenkins Middle High School. Upon hearing the testimony of Mrs. Watts, Mrs. Bentley and others, there is no way they voted with an open mind. When this goes to the judicial system with a jury of Mrs. Bentley’s peers, they will all look like fools. Most of their minds were already made up before they every heard the first word from Mrs. Bentley or any of her witnesses, which was evident by the naps Mr. Narramore took during the hearing. He also did not look at a single document presented during the hearing.

Superintendent Watts of Jenkins obviously has a personality conflict with Teresa Bentley. A true professional would have prevented every bit of this. Mrs. Bentley was doing a great job and now it is a three ring circus up there. Mrs. Watts, you cannot single-handedly change anything at Jenkins High School, because you don’t have the teachers behind you to help you. What are you going to do, demote everyone? Don’t financial reports cross the desks of the board members, too.

After the next cycle of school board elections ends in Jenkins, only one current member will be standing, Paulette Sexton. Mrs. Bentley was demoted for no reason whatsoever.

To the fat pig who turned us in for burning our garden off: We will be glad when you move out of this hollow.

May God show you people the same mercy you showed me — absolutely none.

To a certain guy: If you know what’s good for you, you will quit fooling around with married women. Thank you.

This is for a second shift nurse: Your husband knows you are fooling around and know who you’re fooling around with. He’s going to be catching you real soon and you are going to be sorry when everyone finds out just what kind of trash you are.

No, I have never thought I was better than the Bible. But at least I don’t profess my undying love to a married man who doesn’t love me. You’re the one who needs to read about the whores.

Hello, Greg and friends. I’m sending you Speak Your Piece to read in Wabash Valley, Indiana. Enjoy.

What happened to old Brushy Bill? That’s why I buy the paper.

(We can’t print what we

don’t receive.)

I was trying to get to the hospital on Wednesday and two men in a brown car tried to race me on the bypass. They got in front of me, and I was barely able to make it to the hospital in time to see my loved one. I just want these guys to know that someday this will come back on them. You have to respect other people if you want people to respect you. Are you that ignorant or were you born under a rock?

I think it’s a shame they let a child molester out of jail early. He is not supposed to be around children, but his daughter who has a couple of children is letting him move in with them. Wonder what could be done about this, considering he is on life parole. I think this is low of him considering what he has done already to his family.

I’m responding to the 45- year-old woman looking to meet a coal miner. I’m 27, six feet tall, and weigh 170 pounds. I’m looking to meet an older lady, so if you’re interested please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

To a lady at Goose Creek: I’m tired of you gossiping about what goes on. You should be ashamed. You ought to be embarrassed. You shouldn’t come to church and talk about your family.

I think it’s a shame our county asks for stimulus money when we’ve got people at the road department who do nothing but talk on the radio.

You can’t even set your garbage out for the garbage men to pick up in McRoberts because of the dogs. Someone please try to do something about this.

I’m calling in regard to County Judge/Executive Jim Ward and his new garbage system. The old garbage routes were fine. The garbage got picked up and everything was taken care of. Now Jim has changed everything, and it’s all screwed up. He needs to quit letting a certain magistrate run everything. He needs to straighten up or lose a lot of workers.

I just came from Hardee’s and wanted to comment on how nice all the girls who work there are. There’s a dark-haired one at the register who goes out of her way to be really nice, but they all are nice.

To Judge Jim Ward: I know of one worker who got written up for getting stuck. I know of others who have wrecked, hit buildings, run in the creek, and everything else, and they didn’t get written up. If the county doesn’t start writing everybody up there will be a lawsuit filed.

To the man in the Burdine area who is impersonating an alien investigator for NASA: This has been reported to NASA and you will be visited by one of their agents in the next month. The fine is $500,000 or 20 years in jail.

I sat in a parking lot and watched a guy sell drugs to a girl who works in a certain fast-food restaurant. This transaction was reported to the police, by the way. This girl needs to quit doing drugs or quit working. How many people get to do drugs, work, and keep their kids at the same time?

Last week’s Mountain Eagle brought out a lot of interesting subjects, especially in ‘The Way We Were.’ A&P coffee was 39 cents a pound on February 27, 1969. On March 4, 2009, the same Eight O’Clock coffee is $4.99 a pound and A&P is nowhere in our region.

No matter what happens at Spring Branch, be sure to look, listen and live. These are safety quotes Norfolk Southern Railroad used in ‘safety chats’ years ago. The same advice can be used today for people using the CSX railroad crossing at Spring Branch. Hopefully something will get done.

I have heard enough about Bill O’Reilly to just absolutely go off completely. Let’s have the Black Gold Festival Committee invite Mr. O’Reilly to be the grand marshal of the Black Gold Festival in Hazard. Then everyone could tell Mr. O’Reilly what they really think and Fox News could put its spin on it.

ICG is in bankruptcy almost? Who would have thought that? I predicted it two years ago.

Hello, Dream Lover. You made my day when you called. I told you, darling, I get some wild ideas. I’m glad you settled them down when you called. I miss you so much. Will I ever be glad when spring gets here and weather won’t be such a major factor for us. Take care and have some great dreams of us, okay? Your Sunshine will be dreaming each night of us. Love, kisses and hugs.

Thank you, anyway, but I wasn’t asleep. I never sleep. Don’t you know that?

To a certain man: I understand you just got your daughter back, but everybody knows who really brought her home.

There she goes again, acting like the whore of Babylon looking for some men.

Everybody talks about the garbage around here. I think if everybody would clean up around their houses it would look a lot nicer and would help keep people from putting slurs on Kentucky. No matter what you live in you should clean up around it.

(Good advice)

Well, it looks like Billy Clyde has done something in Kentucky that hasn’t been done in 17 years — sending UK to the NIT. I think we need to get on our knees and beg Tubby to come back.

Anybody needing to buy drugs can visit Improvement Branch in Dunham.

I’m a hardworking man, soon to be free. I’m looking for a lady who likes to ride motorcycles, take long walks, and share romantic dinners. Please reply.

Can anybody out there tell me who we can get in contact with to talk to somebody about the garbage in our area? It’s absolutely ridiculous. It used to be a beautiful place to live, but I’m telling you, PRIDE really needs to reach out over here. It seems that the elderly people keep their places up better than the younger folks do. Flat Gap, Eolia, and Cumberland River used to be beautiful places, but anymore it’s devastating. If anyone knows a number I can call to get some help in getting this garbage up, please give it to me. Who is in charge of the company land?

To a certain red-haired woman: You’re not fooling anybody, acting like you are so desperate for money. Maybe somebody ought to ask your son, the no-good sot, how he gets his money. Sooner or later the act is going to come undone and you are going to jail. Your son will get what’s coming to him, too.

The SOB’s who killed Tammy Acker in 1985 should be put to death immediately. These men are filth. The people who are upholding them and feeding them with taxpayers’ money should be ashamed.

You son lies there and breathes the same air that you breathe, but he’s selling you out.

I am a little bit autistic, eccentric, dyslexic man. My math skills are on a college level. My total IQ test was 139, that is why I have a driver’s license and a GED diploma.

I found a new sweetheart because of my shoe size. She is 23 and assistant manager at a department store. I am a bag boy and work part time at another company. I want to be rich.

It must be nice being a teacher at MJP. They punish the kids with a lot of homework. It’s not like they didn’t have enough to do while they were at school. They have to send home more for another three or four hours. That math is very hard. My kids can’t get help at home because no one else knows how to do it. If I was a kid nowadays I would quit school because of the math. Fifth to eighth grades have to take two classes of math a day, one at their level and then a more advanced class of another. To me, one class is hard enough. I don’t believe in another child tutoring the other. Teachers need to help more, but the teachers here don’t. If your child has a hard time learning math don’t send them to MJP because teachers send all the work home, hoping the parents can do their job. I’m sick of it. I should be getting paid for at least trying to help, because they’re not at MJP.

I have a response to the woman who has a problem with the lady breastfeeding in public. There is nothing wrong with a child eating. It is God’s way for a mother to feed her child, and the most beautiful way. Thank you.

Street and Pathway — There was this street very long and wide/ All things you could imagine could be found on either side/ All the shops were crowded with good things and bad/ Anything you wanted there could be had/ There people were rushing here and there/ With no notice of each other or even a care/ Then there was this pathway, narrow and steep/ It was only wide enough to travel on your feet/ No shops lined it, the people were few/ All things were dusty, not a thing was new/ The people weren’t rushing, their hearts full of joy/ Old folks and young, a little girl and boy/ The wide street lead to nowhere that was new/ But the narrow path lead to a heavenly view. CAC.

Sorry to hear about Billy Joe Pack passing away on February 17. He is our second cousin. His mother, Rachel Day Pack, was a very special person and close friend. I read about this in the March 4 edition. Our sympathy goes out to all the family. Thank you. Stanley Pack.

Kiser, P. lived in Seco early 1960 had a good friend named D. Hall, also a beautiful female friend named L. Spangler. I lived at Haymond, had a good friend who lived in the back alley; his name was H. Goodman, W. Hall, D. Webb. Before my tour in the military I lived at Pottersfork, and been gone for too long. Would love to hear from friends and family that I have lost contact with. Would love to hear from my first love; Cathy G. would have been her maiden name at the time who has a sister that I went to school with at Fleming- Neon High late 60’s. Ruby is her name. Last that I knew about L. Spangler is that she worked at the hamburger stand near Wal-Mart in Whitesburg. Would love to hear from all. I’m not too far away. bigjake7450@yahoo.com.

I’ve just returned to Whitesburg after having left there with my parents as a child and moved to Cincinnati. I am proud to be a product of the educational system of the Buckeye State, where the children are treated with dignity and respect. My childhood in Letcher County could only be compared to that of Oliver Twist in the workhouse. The teachers that I had there were both brutal and sadistic. Both of my parents were from Cincinnati and I did not speak with the same dialect as the other children. When I went out on the playground all of the other kids called me a Yankee bastard. When I got on the bus in the morning everyone yelled out, ‘Thar’s that Yankee bastard.’ The only advantage was that I always had a seat to myself as no one else wanted to sit by me. There were four boys in particular who spent their time making my life a living hell. All of the crackers were related to me, of course. The biggest and fattest one spent a good deal of his time sitting on my chest and pounding me about head and shoulders. Their favorite saying was ‘Take that, you Yankee bastard.’ I tried to lie and tell them I was Covington, but it didn’t work. I was always late coming in from recess because it took me a while to get my body up after having been beaten severely. My teacher and the principal had me pegged as a troublemaker because I always ran late coming to class. When you were taken into the principal’s office, unlike the great state of Ohio where they have paddles, they had canes and switches. The principal delighted in telling you to drop your pants and take your whipping. Being of a modest nature I was hesitant about doing this. However, with the assistance of the school principal and teacher, my pants were soon down to the ground — mission accomplished. The only good part of this whole torturous ordeal was that when I arrived back in the great state of Ohio, I knew the worst that could happen was that I’d get a measly paddling. So I became quite the intelligent delinquent. Kudos to the OEA. In closing, I would like to the utter this philosophical statement: Ohio rules; Kentucky drools. Thank you for your kind attention. Rick.

Hey man, I just wanna say that your paper is far out. I am a product of the ’50s and when I grew up I did lots of the things that I read about in your paper. I still do. It’s just groovy reading about people who still like to have a blast and like to get it on. Some people and papers are just so square. You talk about getting spaced out and you talk about some hot babes in your paper. You are outta sight the way you write about the local people and let them vent their feelings in your paper. Man, you just sock it to them, don’t you? Remember that Neil Young says, ‘It’s better to burn out than fade away.’ The other thing to remember in our time of economic distress is this great saying from none other than the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: ‘Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.’ We need to remember that now. I wanted to share my thoughts with you cool dudes. Later, The Main Machine.

To a certain married woman with children: If you don’t stop flirting and making advances toward high school boys, the parents of these boys are going to find out.

KJ, had a great time on LC. Hope to see you in April. MA.

To a certain group of deviants at Southeast Telephone: You know who I am talking about. Put down The Mountain Eagle and get some work done!

Every time I e-mail a comment you all never put it in there. Why is that? It is Speak Your Piece, isn’t it? I wrote about people in Whitesburg and it never got put in. Do you all check your e-mail? Must not want people to see what I’ve got to say.

(Actually, we have used

several of your comments,

and the one to which you are

referring appeared in last

week’s edition because you

missed the deadline for the

week before. It would also be

helpful if you quit typing

your messages in all caps.)

This is in response to the ‘modest woman who raised five children’ who was disgusted by another woman breastfeeding: The American Academy of Pediatrics ‘recommends that babies be exclusively breast fed for the first 6 months and that breastfeeding continue for at least 12 months, and thereafter for as long as mutually desired.’ The World Health Organization has a similar policy. I think your attitude is shameful. Baby Jesus certainly wasn’t bottle fed, and his mother is the definition of modest.

To the person at Spring Branch laying blame on CSX for the shape of the crossing: The crossing itself is perfectly fine. If you take the time to look at what’s considered the RR crossing, it’s smooth and even. The blacktop coming off the crossing that the county laid is where the bump is. Anyone can see that. You need to complain to your magistrate about it. As far as taking CSX to court, do you honestly believe that you could beat that large of a company in a legal matter? Let’s say you accomplish something in court and CSX is required to replace the crossing. Guess what? You will still have the same problem, because the problem lies in your road. How many people will have to write to Speak Your Piece before you can understand that? On a side note, it sure does take nicer men I know in Speak Your Piece, where you can remain anonymous, for something that is out of his control just because he lives on Spring Branch and drives a CSX truck. The ignorance and sheer cowardice of some people never ceases to amaze me.

Here it is, one year. I can honestly say I’m the happiest girl alive, thanks to you. I know sometimes it’s hard to see how much you mean to me, but I have to keep you on your toes somehow. March 21 is our day to shine. Here’s to many more years of happiness and challenges. I know we’re meant to be. I love you.

I hold a small glimmer of hope that this nation will finally wake up and realize that all the money that is spent on prosecuting and incarcerating our citizens for some drug offenses would be better spent on drug treatment. We have been throwing money down the toilet and wasting our law enforcement resources chasing marijuana users. We are also ruining lives over something that is much less addictive and damaging than legal drugs such as alcohol, and far less damaging than many prescribed drugs. Legalizing and taxing marijuana would put people to work. The taxes we aren’t collecting now would probably pay for the drug treatment programs that we really need. It’s time to get off of our high horse and admit that our efforts to create a squeaky clean America have been terribly misguided.

What has happened to the days when church was church? What has happened to our generation? Where are the real pastors and preachers? If a preacher or pastor claims to be a man of God, shouldn’t his life measure up to what our Bible says? Shouldn’t his house be in order if they expect the congregation to follow them? I want to know if there is a pastor out there who can say his life is lined up with the Bible. Tell me, because I want to attend your church. I don’t want to go to a church that is pleasing to my conscience. I want a real experience, one that I know I will get exactly what my Bible says. Please read Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-13.

Last week I noticed the passing of Charles McCray Sr. I had seen him a few times at the Pine Mountain Grill in the last year or two not looking very well. I didn’t realize he had been that ill. My dad used to work with him a long time ago. He rescued me once from a snowstorm incident. My car had drifted off the road and into a snow bank and he, his wife and son drove me home all safe and sound. I can still recall the cigar aroma in the Jeep and the talk of how I was going to explain the snow incident to my folks. To this day I appreciate that ride home rather than having to call my own parents and face the music at ‘that’ moment in time. May his wife, sons and family find peace and love from God during this time of loss.

Could UK join the OVC? Then if they could get good enough to beat Morehead State University they could go to the NCAA tournament instead of the Eagles.

I was just wondering why you put rude comments in Speak Your Piece yet you don’t put some of the good ones in there I’ve been sending week after week. I’m not cursing someone out or trying to fight with people like a lot of comments are, so I was just wondering why it’s not in there. Thank you, and have a nice day.

(We don’t mean to sound

smart, but there’s no way of

checking to see why your

comment may have been

omitted if you don’t tell us

what the comment said.)

I would like to wish Adam Grover Smith a belated happy birthday. Woo hoo, you’re 22. Coo coo ca choo. Love, Mom, Dad, Kelli and Estle.

I was looking for a friend, not a boyfriend. You need not to worry and I am not trash. Hope you can say the same.

Happy birthday, Jazzy. We love you. From your mommy and daddy, mamaw and papaw, auntie, uncle, and cousins Lexi and Hannah. This is for you. Who’s the cutest of us all?/ You are my little butterball/ Who’s the best/ Of us all in this nest?/ You are little cutie/ And it’s our duty/ To spoil you/ It’s been amazing since that first day watching how you’ve grew/ I can’t believe it’s already been a year since you were brought into this world/ Happy birthday, baby girl. C.L.H.

I know which store everyone keeps talking about concerning the bad language and bad attitude of the owner. If anyone else wants to complain just leave a message in Speak Your Piece, but only if you witnessed or heard the behavior. I am calling the Better Business Bureau. This shop isn’t a place to make fun of people and curse with young children around.

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