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Why is it your neighbor’s dogs are allowed to bark all day and all night, but if you play music just a little loud the cops will be right there? If you call them about other nuisances they just say ‘Oh well.’

I know several people who do not have transportation at this time. Is there any plan to get a cab service in Letcher County?

Citizens of Letcher County … need to read a certain website … because they just might be on this site.

(We visited the site and

have chosen not to promote

it with a mention of its web

address in Speak Your Piece.

If this newspaper printed

just one of many comments

on that site that refer to

Letcher County people, we

would be sued for libel almost

immediately. It’s hard

to believe that some of the

people being talked about

haven’t taken legal action


I am a lifelong resident of this county and I think it is a shame the way Don Childers is being persecuted. He is a man who has for many years done more to improve and develop our county than anyone. He sponsors our sports programs, is a benefactor to our local nursing homes, helps the elderly go on annual group trips, and provides countless jobs for the people of our county. This does not sound like a man who would intentionally do harm to the community he has done so much to help.

Evidently there’s only one guy in Jenkins who knows how to slurp.

One sin is significant to kill. He who sins incurs the death penalty regardless of all else in his life. No one needs to die through sin, for we are all privileged to be made alive again upon meeting certain conditions. God have mercy on all our souls.

I would like to wish my beautiful niece, Courtney Vaughn, a belated happy birthday on the 20th. Love, your Aunt Shannon.

Why doesn’t UK schedule games with some of the other teams in the bluegrass state who made the NCAA Tournament, such as Morehead and Western Kentucky?

If we could only hear what goes on between UK Coach Billy Gillispie and Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart. If you’re a UK player and mess up in practice you have to run laps. If you screw up during a game you can almost always read Gillispie’s lips on the sidelines. I wonder how many laps us fans would like to make Billy Gillispie run for all the losses he is responsible for? I think Mr. Gillispie is a fine coach, but he has to put his foot down and become the coach he said he was and make decisions that stick. Just like what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas. You don’t baby your babies. Gillispie never has fine-tuned the engine that is his team. It’s time for him to rise to the occasion and take the bull by the horns.

This is Shannon Harris1961@yahoo.com. I would like to invite all my old friends from Letcher High School to get in touch. Have a good one.

Well, well, look who’s crushing pop cans again. Why don’t you ask that nogood son of yours for some money?

This is in response to the 27-year-old coal miner looking for a 45-year-old woman: Well, I’m 45 and I’m free.

Two certain women from Goose Creek look like they must be sisters — Beauty and the Beast.

If I catch you watching my house I will take your picture and prosecute.

To Rick from Ohio: It’s really no fair of you to say that Ohio rules and Kentucky drools just because you got beat up in school. Maybe they beat you up because you were a smartaleck the same way you were in your comment to Speak Your Piece. Being from upstate Virginia, I can tell you I would have beat you up, too.

A certain professional should be in prison right now, but won’t have to go as long as there’s enough money to pay off victims.

Okay, we can try one more time to go pick some wildflowers. Last time there was too much commotion going on. But if you want to give it one more try, it will work. You’ve got to get there early.

For 10 years now I’ve been hearing about building an amphitheater and doing an outdoor drama in Jenkins. It should be apparent now that they are burning taxpayers’ money and blowing smoke. I hope fiscal court is not going to pour another $50,000 down in that rat hole.

Magistrate Wayne Fleming was quoted in the newspaper as stating if he had known ahead of time about the gas well being drilled beside the water tank in Jenkins it would not be there. Wayne, quit telling people stuff like that. If the gas company wants to drill under your house they will move your house and pay you damages.

A year ago a certain woman was hospitalized for a drug overdose, but told everybody it was a heart attack. Hah.

I would like to let everyone know a new restaurant has opened in the Jenkins area in the space formerly occupied by Pack’s Dairy Bar and King’s. It’s called the Retro Diner. We have eaten there and it’s very good. They serve breakfast all day and offer free deliveries after 4 p.m.

I am looking for a one- to two-bedroom apartment, trailer or house to rent between $250 and $300 a month. Please call 606-335- 9784.

I really enjoy reading the newspaper and I like Speak Your Piece, but it’s come to a head where no one does anything but downplay something or talk about somebody. No disrespect to the Lord, but people are bad about putting in boring comments that should be in a religious section. I think Speak Your Piece ought to be used for political talk, talk about what’s happening in the county, or a nice wish for somebody. It’s time we all pull together. The world’s sinking, but if we hold her hand we’ll make it. The soul brother.

I think it’s a shame it takes all day to be seen by a dentist in Letcher County. Why doesn’t someone open up another dentist office here so we don’t have to wait so long?

To the big man on the hill who thinks he’s perfect: You better quit threatening me and my son. That is none of your business. God will bring you down, but I think I will help Him a little. You’re in no position to be saying a word about anybody. You make fun of people who are hurt or suffer from strokes, but the last laugh will be on you, Mr. Perfect. And you better be getting me my $600 for tearing my vehicle all to pieces.

For my big ol’ honey bun: I love you more than words can say or any other way I can show you. I can’t wait to be your wife, and I will always be by your side. Love, your big cubbie.

To the deadbeat dad who works at a certain grocery: You can act like and try to convince everybody you work with that you are some kind of super dad. You, me and everybody else knows that you and your mother are nothing but fakes. All you care about is using this poor little boy to get money. I refuse to stand back and let you ruin the lives of this little boy and his mommy and his real dad, the one that actually takes care of him. I will see that everyone knows what you have done to them. Just leave them alone. From a friend of the family.

To a certain friend of mine who drives a blue Ford pickup: You told me once before you appreciate all I’ve done for you. Well, if you appreciate me so much why don’t you come around and visit anymore? For two years we haven’t hung around together, and I just want to know what the deal is. You won’t speak to me or anything.

Could someone give me the number to Operation UNITE so that I can call and report some people for selling drugs? Thank you.

To the truck driver and his wife in Marshallville: We’re on the trail of the maroon drunk. Hope to see you August 1. Your Letcher County cuz.

I am originally from Letcher County and was driving over the county and looking at all the places and how people have let their homes run down and let the trash to pile up. It hurts us people who are originally from Letcher County to see this stuff. I couldn’t believe the messes I saw over on Camp Branch.

Hey all you young girls, Boy Toy is working at a certain restaurant. How low can you go?

Here we go again with the Mary Kay lady. You can’t go into a department store without her trying to sell you something. What is wrong with her? Stay out of Wal-Mart, Cato and Shoe Show when you see her car in the parking lot. She is pushy.

(So a Mary Kay salesperson

is out working hard at

her job and she’s being criticized

because of it? Wow.)

I am getting sick and tired of the aliens who think they can just gallivant on down to my house on their fancy hoverboards to bust pain pills on my car hood. They disgust me. A certain restaurant in Wise County accepts Xanax and pain pills as currency during the nighttime, but if you don’t have pills that’s cool, too, because you’ll get your food free anyway. I can’t wait to move to Snake Mountain. If you want to talk to me, please e-mail me at speakingthepeace@gmail.com. I’m super lonely. If I had someone to talk to I wouldn’t cry to the point of my eyes spraying blood. I’m gonna go do some pushups down in Snake Valley now. Bye.

I see they’ve hauled a bunch of Clay County officials off in handcuffs for a little vote-buying activity in 2004. Looks like the rules are changing on the politicians of eastern Kentucky. Not that they’ll ever learn. Two judges in a row have been bounced in Knott County, but the politicians don’t seem to catch on. They’ve always bought elections around here, and they apparently don’t think it’s fair to change the rules on them and actually arrest them for it. My guess is we’ll see plenty more of this. The Associated Press might as well just hang on to the story, because with this new FBI emphasis on actually arresting these guys when they buy votes, they’ll be using it again. All they’ll need to do is to plug in new names and counties.

Why are people complaining about Bill O’Reilly’s comments? The majority of Letcher County is hopeless. The majority of them will not help themselves. They are whiners. How can you help someone that will not help themselves? Most of them blow their money when they get it, then they want people to feel sorry for them. The Old Gray Fox.

I miss you, firefighter. Come back home. No one can take care of you like I can. No one can love you like I can. Love, your best friend.

I know for a fact that a store owner people have been talking about got fired for selling adult material to children.

Last week I spoke my piece about Christian ladies and modesty. Well it should have read, please read First Timothy 2:9-10 and Titus 2:3-5. Thank you.

Why in the world does our county judge/executive flat refuse to use proper grammar on the radio and in meetings? Is this his idea of a joke, making us all look like idiots? I’m tired of being laughed at.

Railroaded. This is all I have to say about how the Principal Bentley hearing went. I cannot believe the school board upheld the demotion. The one part I don’t understand is where was Mr. Shook during this hearing? From what was in the paper, everything went through him and the school board. He should have manned up and been there to finish what he started. This is one of the reasons Jenkins School System is going downhill. I for one am sick of how things are going. Jenkins does not have anything to offer the kids. They cannot keep a coach or a good teacher. I am going to send my kids to Pike or Letcher counties next year.

So the establishment in Clay County has been tumbled and led away in handcuffs because of what they did in 2004, apparently. Don’t these feds ever forget? Is nobody safe anymore? After all, they were just keeping up the honored traditions. It’s getting close to home, folks.

The Flood — In our image God said let us make man/Created from dust to rule over his land/God breathed life into man and gave him his place/Be fruitful and multiply and increase your race/God gave man dominion over every living thing/The flowers, the trees, and the birds that sing/That creeping serpent had to enter in/Man’s future was lost before it could begin/ People got so bad, there was only one good man left on earth/God gave Noah a plan and gave the ark birth/ Forty days, forty nights it rained from the sky/All men and creatures on earth had to die/After the storm God put the rainbow up high/ His promise not to cleanse the world with rain from the sky/People today, please take a hard look around/ This time fire and brimstone will cover the ground. C.A.C.

A few years ago I was forced to let one of the gas drilling companies onto my property to drill some gas wells. I was offered a ridiculous price for the damages and I refused. I was visited by the gas company people and was threatened by being sued in court, that the law was on their side, and the judge would give them permission to drill anyway, and that I would get nothing for my property. I went to Whitesburg and asked to talk to a few lawyers about this problem, and no one would talk to me when I mentioned what the gas company wanted to do. Most every lawyer in Whitesburg is worthless when it comes to helping taxpayers of this county, and upholding the rights of landowners. The next thing I knew they were pushing down trees and building roads on my property. I tried to stop them, but had no success. I was offered a check for the damages, but I refused. I did not want my land torn up, and I certainly did not want these dangerous wells on my property. I have lost a number of house seats and many large, costly trees. The water is not fit to drink anymore, hillsides slide with more tree losses and soil erosions all the time. My family is now exposed to gas being expelled every week to the point that we cannot go outside an enjoy our property. They bleed out these wells every week and fill the air with this gas that comes off of these wells. Natural gas is odorless so just what poisonous gas is this that we smell? Is this gas safe to breathe and why should we have to breathe this gas anyway? We as landowners did not send for the gas companies to drill and do this to us. The gas companies are making millions of dollars off of our land and we are left with the bill of paying the value tax on what it is worth. The problem is that our land is not worth a hill of beans anymore because of the gas wells. You can’t use any part of this land the gas companies have stolen and ruined with their drilling and fracking. Where do we go to get help? Certainly not in Whitesburg, because most of our county officials are in the bed with the gas companies. They have learned not to bite the hand that feeds them. Why should the taxpayers of Letcher County be forced to pay Jim Ward’s campaign debts he owes to the gas companies? And why is the fiscal court going along with him? This court is turning Letcher County into a maze of gas wells and gas lines. Gas companies tear up county roads and our beautiful hills. All of the gas and profits are leaving Letcher County, and we are just left with the mess and the dangers. This fiscal court is, in my opinion, just as bad as the crooks in Washington, D.C., when they bailed out Wall Street with the taxpayers’ money. Please put a stop to this foolishness of letting the gas companies coming into Letcher County and doing just whatever they want to. Remember this land and what you allow to be done to our county is for our children’s future.

Laid before me are the days of my life./I’m here dreaming of being your wife./The days that mean the most are the ones with you./They make me smile and they are not through./ Only beginning for us to see./What’s in store for you and me./Though we’re not a few feet apart./I treasure you with all my heart./ Though we aren’t together every day./We are in love and will find a way./So let one tell you in this rhyme./ You were my special Valentine./( Our day we met 2-14- 09) Already my hero and my pride./What a life waiting outside./Until then and duty calls./I love you forever inside these walls. I Love You!

Well, you didn’t print what I had to say last week. I’m still wanting to share our sympathy to Bobby Pack’s mom and family. He is our second cousin, I believe, who passed away last month. But what I want to get across is that they are seriously thought about. Christine Fields, I missed your comment last week as well. Stanley Pack.

If any of you folks are out for a leisure drive by all means take a ride up Johnson Fork at Premium. You will see things that you don’t often see. Some places have rocks and concrete blocks along the side of the road to ensure that nobody strays from the pavement. Sure would be fun hearing them explain to the judge why they put these obstacles along the road on road right of way when someone damages their vehicle or an accident is the result of them. The price of a foot or two of turf would surely be decided since we are supposed to invite tourists not discourage them. Don’t expect a return of your cheerful greeting either because some of them will just stare at you with an expression like they had an awful bad toothache. I pulled up into a driveway to let another vehicle pass and some old coot yelled at me and said that was a private drive. The people are not friendly and some of them got their driver’s license out of a box of Crackerjacks evidently, because if you meet one of them they will sit there and wait for you to disappear so they can be on their way. If they don’t know what that R on the shifter is for they don’t have any business being on the road. Some of them don’t even know what that big pedal in the floor is for and will keep coming toward you as if they think you will simply vanish. There is a new mine in that hollow, though, and that means much needed jobs for the area. I hope they soon have it in full production, and it will put food onto a lot of empty plates and send a lot of youngsters to school. What we need to do is do away with all the no trespassing signs and put up a lot more welcome signs. A indignant citizen.

Is there anyone out there currently dating an inmate currently incarcerated at the Letcher County Jail? If so, please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece. The chick from cell 109LCJ

I live in Beetle Bug County City of Bugsville. There’s more beetle bugs than there are people. Old Bugsville, home of the beetles.

This is to the lady everyone knows as Boo: I have never stopped thinking, or dreaming about you/You had the kind of love, that I’ve yet to find; But I’m happy to say, you once was mine/Being with you I miss, and will never regret; For the happiness we shared, I’ll never forget/Hiding my sadness, is so hard to cover; Cause of losing you and now it’s over/It is great to say, I once was yours; And the Beauty within you, I’ll always adore/I am writing this because I can’t send a letter; I pray to God, your sickness gets better/So my darling, I’ll bid you farewell; You was one good lover, and a heck of a gal.

I can’t believe she had the nerve to show up. I’ve not seen her in a long time, but I knew that red, shiny face. She looked like she aged 20 years — probably worrying about her man walking off and leaving her. The way she did those little boys, if I’d been their mother I’d catch her out and whip the tar out of her. I’d wipe that big grin off of her.

Cottontop. How I long to be in your arms soon, my darling. I sure do worry about you. I know I’m silly for worrying so much, I know you are a very careful person. But I care so much about you my love. Spring will be here soon. That means gardens, spring walks, rides, outside sitting and in a few weeks Easter. Hope to have a lot of firsts for us. I’m hoping to have a very special Easter with you and the baby. My two blueeyed darlings. Take care till you are safe in my arms again. My darling, your sweet thing always.

My darling Blue Eyed Gibbs. Well I’m hoping you and I can get to spend some quality time together this week because Lotus Blossom has had a bad 26 days without her Gibbs around as much and I need time with my special man. I cherish each moment when we’re together. It’s such a thrill when you come through the door and take me in your arms so strong. I feel so safe in them. Those blue eyes of yours look into my eyes and it’s as if they see straight into my heart to know how much you mean to me. Smile or I’ll get you darling.

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