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I think they ought to let people enjoy their lives and smoke, especially these old people who smoke cigarettes. It’s their life and their freedom. We pay our entrance to these hospitals and we pay our bills and I think we ought to have the right to do what we want to do.

To the community: Do not waste your time going before the Letcher County Board of Education for any help. They will fill you full of bull. This time we went in front of the board to ask for lights and transportation so the Letcher County Central High School girls could play softball. The board did mention our girls could go down to the Letcher field to play ball. I think we should send Superintendent Anna Craft to Letcher to work so we could then ignore her.

Did you hear what Jesus Christ had to say? Not what the preacher said, but what Jesus had to say? You sugarcoated it, preacher. It can look like candy, smell like candy, and taste like candy, but it’s still poison. Think about it.

I’m interested in meeting the guy with the Harley who is wanting a lady to ride with him this summer.

To the man in the blue van with the white top: You better watch yourself, because I will get you.

What is the latest news on a prison being built in Letcher County? Letcher County needs the business.

I agree with the caller’s opinion of Letcher County — that it is a waste of time, that the fire has gone out here. I would reserve that judgment for the current generation, though. I think the young people coming on are going to be more concerned, more aware, more energetic, and harder for crooked politicians to lead around by the nose. I think their future, and their welfare, should be our focus, and that they should be given every opportunity to be better, more productive citizens than their forebears. To do this, they are going to have to have zero tolerance for the crooks stealing the area blind, and for the lethargic, helpless attitudes of the so-called citizens who make it so easy for the crooks. They will also have to control, and this is urgent, the wanton destruction of their homeland by greedy industry, and their local political toadies.

I think that John Adams, who lives on Stinking Branch at Camp Branch, is one of the nicest fellows who has ever worked at the county highway garage. He has a great personality and is not a smart-aleck when you ask him to do something.

Our county officials want to whine about the drug problem in Letcher County, but the problem lies in the courthouse. They won’t do anything about it.

I am saddened by the death of Charles McCray. He had been through a lot in his life and he was a good man. His wife, Ruth Ann, was a very good wife and I pray for her and all the family. God bless them.

This is in response to the 45-year-old woman looking for the 27-year-old coal miner: Give me a time and location to meet and we will.

If you could get prosecuted for watching a house, pal, you would have already done life many times over.

To a certain smart-aleck who has been calling the law on people in Dry Fork for fighting chickens: It is legal to fight chickens as long as you don’t gamble. Cockfighting is going to be around until the end of time. You better keep your nose to yourself.

We the Letcher County Central Cougars football team would like to wish head coach Hillard Howard a happy birthday on April 2.

To the woman who just moved from Virginia to Letcher County: You can have him now. I’ve already gotten what I need out of him. You can have him now, darling.

To my friend in Ohio from her friend in North Carolina: If you paid your bills you wouldn’t have to have your phone number changed all the time.

Our town of McRoberts certainly has gone to the dogs. I wish the fiscal court could send someone up here to tell the people to put their dogs up or be summoned to court.

The Herald-Leader editorial on eastern Kentucky corruption, reprinted in the

Eagle, should be must reading for everyone who still has a hope for this beleaguered place. It was right on target, and it explains the problem in basic terms — alliances of greedy businesses, politicians without principles, and officials who see their positions as nothing more than personal financial windfalls. Imagine how some of the people who were counseled, scolded, and given unreasonable sentences by the Clay County circuit judge must feel. How about those who are confined to the jail for possession of marijuana, while others, who have stolen thousands, and tens of thousands, of taxpayer money, are walking around free? How about those who are threatened with the loss of their jobs, or the risk of relatives being given harsh treatment by the courts, if they don’t toe the proper political line? How about victims who can’t get warrants or prosecution for obvious lawbreakers? It’s beginning to look as if the only salvation for eastern Kentucky people is the FBI. Their London, Kentucky number is 606-878-8922. Keep it handy.

It brings much joy to know that the Jenkins Board of Education was made aware of the difficulty students are having with a certain teacher. The teacher sits at her desk all class grading papers while my child completes busy work.

It is so sad that Superintendent Anna Craft now tells the LCC girls’ softball team that the school system has no money for them. I guess they don’t have any money left now that there’s a new football and baseball field.

I am calling about that North Dakota flood. I wonder why none of the minorities were seen coming in to help the people there like the white people could be seen helping in New Orleans.

To the lady who said people’s homes are rundown: At least my husband and I didn’t burn our home after saving what we wanted out of it like certain other people have done.

If money could make you happy you would be the happiest old woman in the world. Too bad it can’t. I don’t have any money and I wouldn’t trade my worst days for one of your good days. That’s how much misery you’re in.

McRoberts is no longer Mac Town. It’s now called Dog Town.

I think the University of Kentucky’s basketball problems start with Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart and President Lee Todd. If UK was rid of those two we would still have a Hall of Fame coach in Tubby Smith, who won more than 26 games a year. It looks as if they let rumors and innuendoes go on until it hurts our program.

This is to certain people in Stinking Branch: When are you going to quit selling drugs to people that cause them to overdose? You should be ashamed of yourselves. You can’t sell drugs and turn around and pray and expect the Lord to help you. I hope the two women who beat the 14-year-old girl go to jail for what they did. You’re going to get caught, and when you do I’m going to laugh at you.

Kid Rock sings ‘Cowboy, Baby.’ My version is ‘I Need a Cowboy, Baby.’

Mrs. Watts, you’re doing a heck of a job. Keep up the good work.

What happened to the female teacher who allegedly was caught sleeping with the young male student? Is she allowed to teach anywhere else? From a concerned parent.

Why should the people who work at Hardee’s and McDonald’s have to write the retirement checks for people at Chrysler, Ford and GM? Why should they have to pay the bonuses of the AIG people? Somehow this isn’t right. The people who work at Hardee’s, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart are poor people. Let the rich people take care of themselves.

You know how I know you are following me? Because after you pass me you hit your brake lights and go very slowly. I have no curfew now. I can come and go as I please. What I said last week still goes.

It looks like not only the school board forgot the girls’ softball team; it looks like The Mountain Eagle forgot the girls’ team, too, on opening day.

There is a book out by Dr. Kenneth Bock called ‘Healing Childhood Epidemics: The 4-A Disorders (Asthma, Allergies, ADHD and Autism).’ He says they are all related and result from a weakened immune system. His website is 4ahealing.com. Please read this site.

Hello, Dream Lover. Friday was such an extra special day, not as long as I would have liked, but I’m still glad for all the time we got to be together before work came along. Spring is officially here and we started it off with a bang. Thoughts of Gatlinburg, the Smokies and Cades Cove keep coming together in my dreams and you and I being able to do all we have talked about someday. Take care, my darling, until your Sunshine gets to see you and hold you.

To a certain fat white lady who lives with a black man: I hope the best for you with his misery. Deep down inside I know you can’t take it. So hang in there with your beloved. I will haunt you forever.

The old Jody P. and Susan Blair property in the Twin Bridge community is getting junky and nasty. This needs to be cleaned up or the proper authorities will be called in.

These people who have been putting things in Speak Your Piece about people doing this and that, why don’t they come to people’s faces instead of putting in the paper? If they have something to say to me I will talk to them anytime.

I think it’s a shame the law hasn’t changed in Letcher County or the state of Kentucky. I have lived in Haymond all my life and have torn up several vehicles trying to get to my house. I can’t get anyone to help me in any way on my driveway because they say I am the last house on the hill. It’s a shame they won’t help me but will blacktop something that is absolutely unnecessary like Little Shepherd Trail. I wish somebody would do something about this.

From Neon Junction to the town they call Neon, which a pigeon won’t even stay in anymore because it’s so dead, there is garbage waist-high in the creek that needs to be cleaned up while the jailbirds are lying on their behinds in Whitesburg.

We want to thank Curtis D. Cornett and Nina Cornett for their generous donation to the Letcher County Central High School girls’ softball team. Thanks also to the many others in the community who have donated.

I would like to address the person who called in about Johnson’s Fork: Don’t judge all of us by a few idiots who live here. There are nice people. If you had gone past the forks you would have found them. As for your comment about the mine, yes it is providing jobs, but if you had to live here and had to deal with shots going off after midnight you wouldn’t be too happy about that. Please don’t judge a book by its cover.

The country is getting all riled up about getting it stuck to them so much, and I hope Letcher County can gin up a little anger about what’s going on here, and there’s plenty going on. The county judge/executive has sold us out to gas companies, and there’s probably not much he can do about it now. When those people buy someone, they expect them to stay bought. My guess is that the other courts were plenty mixed up in this, too. There is not much chance of improving this place with this kind of people in power. The editorial

from the Lexington Herald

Leader told the gospel truth about eastern Kentucky. I just hope that people will get so mad they won’t take it anymore.

I am amazed at the lack of reaction to the chemistry class water testing and recommendation to not use water from the North Fork of the Kentucky River. This is not a trivial issue, but a matter of short and long-term health problems, potentially a matter of life or death. This is the only water testing that I have heard of that I trust — that I think is impartial, objective, and without political influence. Anyone concerned about his or her health, or the health of their young, had better heed.

To the lady at the grocery store that tried to overcharge me for the grapes: You knew better than that. You should really study the Bible. Shame on you.

Circles they grow and they swallow people whole./ Half their lives they say goodnight to wives they’ll never know./ A mind full of questions, and a teacher in my soul./ And so it goes …

The stories about Clay County must remind people of the 2006 election here — the advertising lies, the stories of money being passed around freely and openly, and the elimination of newspaper circulation the day before election. If there is one redeeming feature about everything nasty going on here, it is that it is putting the area under a spotlight. The visibility that is being brought from federal investigations, big city editorials, and TV specials will not be beneficial, at first. We can forget about tourism and industry for a long time. People would probably as soon go to Mexico on vacation, as to come here. It will be better in the long term, though, because all the filth has to be washed out before things can improve.

You are not in love with me and I’m not in love with you, but to be totally rude to someone that just wishes to be friendly is not nice. But it isn’t a sin to not speak to me so all is all right with me. I understand and I apologize profusely.

The Greatest Artist — If you’re looking for an artist, don’t look at me/Only God can paint a real tree/Look at the birds, red, blue, yellow, and all the others/I would say that there are hundreds of colors/Take a look at the sunrise and the sunset/I’ve seen no painting that beautiful yet/God colors the leaves in the fall/He coats the pines with the winter snowfall/If you’re looking for an artist to collect and love/You need look no further than the good Lord above. C.A.C.

To the 27-year-old coal miner: I’m the 45-year-old answering your ad. Write me at Miss (A.M.), Box 311, Neon, KY 41840 and let’s get together for a date.

Some already know this but my house was totally destroyed by fire Sunday, March 22. I want to ask people to help me out money wise. I want so very much to build a one-room house back and porch. Red Cross has OK’ed me credit for $180 to buy clothes, shoes, and groceries. I know everyone is poor like me and has bills to pay. It will be appreciated greatly. Thank you. Stanley D. Pack

Yes, I will marry you. I love you with all my heart. I love you more and more each day and I cannot wait to be your wife.

To the lady who called in about breastfeeding: You said that breastfeeding is natural. Maybe it is. Sex is natural too, so do you do that in a restaurant? The mother I saw looked like a mother hog feeding her piglet. Her enormous breasts reminded me of when I was in school and we had listened to the recording of the crash of the Hindenburg. ‘Oh, the humanity.’ I got sick after trying to eat while this woman looked like a mother hippo showed the world her huge mammary glands. Her child was probably two years old and had gross milk dripping down his neck. I will never eat in that place again. My husband R.L. was so incensed and upset that he could not look away from this awful sight. Are there other people out there concerned about decency in our country? Will women walk around topless next because it is natural? It’s like in the Good Book — ‘let women be modest and not show their breasts in public.’ Modestly yours, a well-endowed but well-covered lady.

Listen up you jealous fanatic. You need to clean up your own filthy life, and keep your nose out of my business. I heard the way you suck up to people to get them to like you. And then they’ll go off and talk about you. If you weren’t so ignorant you’d know better. Clean up your own act and stay out of my life.

The format for government is to promote safety and well being for the constituents it serves. The public officials elected by you are responsible for initiating a safe environment for the governing area it encompasses. How could a company be allowed to hold the public hostage for a weekplus relative to violation of polluting the water? The citizens were held hostage, could not take a bath unless the water was boiled, cook or drink the water and feel secure in their daily lives. To ease some stress, officials initiated a plan for supplying drinking water, by giving citizens bottled water. This incident or issue reminded me of a talk radio host who discussed current events and controversial issues over a Cincinnati radio station. His message for summarizing each issue was this quote: ‘wake up, America.’ so ‘wake up, Letcher County.’ A class action suit should have been initiated by county officials. Remember this quote: ‘If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.’

Let’s get behind Ms. Watts. Test scores and attendance are both down. Not many years ago, Jenkins Independent Schools were the best in Kentucky. With superintendent, principals, teachers and parents working together, I have hopes it can again rank in the top 10. I think if we as adults do our best, out students will excel.

I am very disappointed with the remarks made by a certain teacher at a recent Jenkins Independent board meeting. She was born and raised in Jenkins, and she received her education in our district. Since she was an excellent student, I wonder who motivated her. As for needing an additional math teacher, the studentteacher ratio averages 15:1 for this teacher’s classes. In a class this small there is ample time to motivate stu- dents.

To a certain Jenkins teacher: if Jenkins parents and students have such little motivation, why have you traveled from Virginia to Kentucky for all these years? Motivation is a job for the teacher. Maybe Virginia students would be easier for you to teach. I believe we have the best parents and students in the U.S.A. Continue to pray for our students.

Since Jenkins Schools have been on the four-day week program our students have lost 20 percent of instruction time every week. Mr. Tackett says, ‘Do the math, they do not lose instruction time.’ I have done the math. There is no way to make up this extra time during the week. I think going to school for five days a week would improve the grades and test scores. We’ve tried it, and I don’t like it.

My mom had a friend in ARH on the second floor and my mom and three-year-old daughter came to visit. After Mom left, two nurses came in and asked Bobby if she has seen her grandson. No, she has not, and if he looks like me I would love to see because I never knew I had a son, but always wanted one. Leroy.

I have recently moved to Whitesburg. While everyone has been as friendly as possible, I must comment on how the men look at me. Have they never seen a sexy and sensual African-American woman? Don’t worry, Whitesburg ladies, I’m not looking back. Wink, wink.

To Main Machine: You won’t believe this, man. This is Sunflower writing to you. I didn’t know how to give you a buzz and then I read

The Mountain Eagle and there you were. You even signed it the Main Machine after all these years, so I know you still think of me. It’s far out for sure that we can remember anything since we were totally wasted when we were together. I was married for a long time, but he was as straight as a line. I don’t do all the stuff we used to do, but I was way too liberal for a stuffed shirt. Talk about square. I don’t think I ever quit loving you. How can I get in touch with you? You weren’t kidding when you said, ‘It’s better to burn out than fade away.’ I hope that you never fade way, Main Machine. No one has ever been able to light my fire like you, dude. No one even comes close. Let’s get together. Oh yeah, are you married? It’s okay if you are. Peace and love, Sunflower.

You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. But the irony of all this is that the devious politicians can fool enough of the people all of the time to keep getting reelected. I can easily count on one hand the politicians who can be considered at least a little bit honest. A few days ago a bill was passed to make it mandatory for young people to wear government-issued uniforms, and to do public service work. If this isn’t Stalinism, then I don’t know what else you could call it. On another note, a felony offender on parole in Oakland, Calif., who was wanted for the rape of a 12- year-old girl was stopped by two motorcycle cops. He shot and killed both of them. When a SWAT team got a tip that he was in a building they went in and he shot through a closet door and killed two of them. Later, a crowd gathered on the street, chanting and calling the murderer a hero. This is what a once great country is coming to.

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