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I have a two-year-old Boston Terrier dog that has gone missing. He was last seen on Highway 7 behind the Letcher Elementary School. He has been neutered and is a family pet. There is a reward for anyone who can bring him home. If anyone has any information about this dog, please contact Kayla Caudill at 606-633-7246 or 606- 335-2436. If anyone can help bring my dog home it will be greatly appreciated and worth your time. Thank you.

Hey, Jim Ward, what are you going to do about this dust on the blacktop from this strip job up here? I’ve got black lung and I can’t even sit out on my porch when it’s pretty outside. I can’t get anybody to do anything for me or help me in any way. I wish you would do something about all this dust coming from this strip job.

To know a man, one must be introduced to him and become acquainted with his traits by associating with him continuously in all circumstances of life. So it is with God. It may be true that some of the learned cannot comprehend Him, but it is a fact that the most simple hearted believer can do so. If one has been taught to question the literalness of the Bible’s statements about God, and if he will not accept what God says about Himself, then a knowledge of Him is impossible. If one will believe the Bible when it speaks of His person, His body, His soul, and His spirit in the same way he would believe in the description of ordinary man, then knowledge of Him is the result. God bless.

To a woman on Elk Creek: I thought you were against rats. It’s a funny thing to me that you talk about two people in this county for ratting and then you turn around and do the same thing and testify against your co-defendant. You know what? I’m going to make sure it’s clearly known that your co-defendant was not involved in the marijuana sales. You won’t get the deal they offered you. I promise you that.

Come to the arts and crafts show, May 18, 19 and 20 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily. It’s at 444 Amphitheater Road in Jenkins. All crafts are made locally. Thank you.

This is a reply from the man on Bill Moore Branch: I’ve probably got more time behind bars than you have been on the face of this earth. If Virginia had something on me they would have come and got me. They didn’t have anything on me. That shows what punks like you know about men like me who have been behind bars. So go somewhere and get a life. And don’t worry about my back, because you’re not man enough to cover me.

To the man or woman who called in about dogs getting into his or her trash at Burdine: Wake up. Get some anti-freeze, put it outside with your garbage, and kill the dogs. They will be better off. No one else is going to feed them. You can’t take care of the world. Poison the dogs and get them out of their misery, then get on with your life. Thank you.

This is the man who got the copper scammed off him calling back again. I talked to the previous owner of the copper. He was supposed to make it right and he did not. I don’t understand. Hopefully the scam didn’t go all the way to the top. I’m not sure anymore. I know my copper is gone. I’m a very disgusted man. And disgusted men do disgusting things.

This is for the lying woman who lives in Hampton Hollow: I recently heard what you did, and must say I was shocked that someone had no more morals than to tell big lies on children like you did. You should be the one in trouble for swearing lies. You better know this: What rolls over the devil’s back will come back under its belly. As sure as the sun comes up you can look for God to punish you for lying on this innocent child. Shame on you. How would you feel if someone did this to one of your children? Then again, it probably wouldn’t bother you at all.

This is in response to the comment from the USW member who has been there 14 years and was complaining about having to pay the $2,500 deductible and the $5,000 deductible, saying that’s why they went on strike: For one thing, that doesn’t sound like unfair labor practices. Another thing, boo hoo hoo. My father gets less than $900 a month. Out of that, more than $300 goes to insurance, and he still has to pay $2,500 deductible if he goes into the hospital. So at least the hospital employees are getting triple the compensation he is paid. That’s the real world. That’s the way things are. At least you get to work in a hospital.

This is in response to the union person who couldn’t understand why they were being treated so bad at the hospital now that they’re back to work. He or she said all they did was hold up signs and wave at people. No, that’s not all they did. They talked trash about the workers up there – they talked trash about the people who crossed. They threatened to harm their cars. They called them at home and threatened them. They even in Speak Your Piece threatened someone in the lab. Now they wonder why people are leery of them and treat them the way the do? They need to pray to God for more things than just the union.

This is from the lady to the tramp: As for men in my life, it’s none or your business or anyone else’s. And no I did not deserve to get my kids taken from me. They are my life. And as for wanting them for money, I will have to wait until they get big and get jobs of their own. They do not get child support. So why don’t you leave me and my family alone?

This is for the voters of District Four: How many of you out there are sick and tired of paying our constable a monthly salary plus an expense when he doesn’t turn his hand for anything? He never has fulfilled his duties as constable. If anyone else out there feels the way I do, please comment in Speak Your Piece. Maybe we can get together and get the constable on the ball and make him do his job or get rid of him. Thank you.

To a certain man: Does your girlfriend know you are talking to me?

Just wanted to give a shoutout to my buddies over at Marshall’s Branch in Jenkins and let them know that the pervert sex offender is back out of jail. So be careful with the kids.

I see where the Steelworkers and ARH ended their labor dispute. I wondered why some of the workers went back to work and some with a lot of seniority didn’t go back to work. I thought it was all about brotherhood, but to me it sounds like dog-eat-dog. I think you union people are nothing but spineless. If you’re not spineless then why did you let some people go back while others had to stay out? That is what I call disgusting.

I would like for somebody to come out here to the old South East Coal Company haul road over on Tolson Creek and see if they can do something about this dust. I live over here and the dust is so bad from the coal trucks and the traffic that I cannot breathe. I’m disabled and would like to know if somebody can do something about all this dust. Thank you.

To a pregnant woman in the Neon area: Does it belong to your estranged husband or to me? I want a DNA test done – soon. Thank you.

For some of us, the basketball game with Florida at Rupp Arena this past season was almost a win. If we could have hit our three point shots we probably would have won that game. Here’s something to think about: The NCAA is going to move the three-point line back a foot beginning with the 2008-2009 season.

CSX officials are having their hands full on the E&K, which is the eastern Kentucky division, or Rockhouse division, with people stealing signal lines. Now you may ask, if you are not a railroader, what are the signal lines? Signal lines are the cables that are on the telephone poles that run parallel to the railroad tracks. A couple of weeks ago, copper lines were sliced at Jeff and at Viper. Apparently, some thieves were caught and taken to jail in Hazard. CSX says that within the next year this problem will be taken care of with cellular and satellite communication. This is bad news for our little thieves and dope heads.

To the girl and the guy in the Letcher County Jail: I promise both of you kids that when Peewee Valley and LaGrange get through with you two, you will never walk into another man’s house and beat him until he’s about half dead. You will learn your lesson. And to the female: I hope your blood pressure goes through the ceiling. You deserve what you got – maybe not as much as your brother, but I’m tickled to death that you are up there.

To my little cow: I hope you miss me, because when you’re holding her it’s killing me. I hope the memory of me makes you unable to sleep. Every time you feel her I hope to God you are missing me. If that’s not enough, I hope I have touched your heart so deep that you can’t shake me. I love you and I need you.

I just wanted to say I hope everybody who voted for Charles Dixon for mayor of Jenkins is happy. The only thing he’s done is worry about an old high school building that’s 300 years old and raise the bills on water and city stickers. What’s next?

We would like tell our mother Jennifer that we love her. From her children, Tosha, Lonnie, Tabitha, and Zach. Thank you.

Hey, pony boy. Happy anniversary. Hope May 15 found you happy. We love you and miss you. Your wife and kids.

Where was the caring attitude the ARH workers say they have on April 1 when my husband’s grandfather was in the hospital and they walked out on the patients that night? You say you are upset because ARH had people ready to walk in when you walked out – that you believe they were ready for the strike and wanted the strike. Well they had to have somebody there to be there for those patients you all left behind. I know you had to leave for the union and show your support, but you left patients and now you’re complaining because they’re not bringing you back right now. What I find funny is all of this union brother and sister love you all talked about while you were on the line. You cursed those who crossed because they didn’t stand there and support you. And now your real faces are showing because you are bumping them now. I got bumped from my job and I don’t like it. I’m also upset with all of the ones talking about being such good Christians and wanting everybody to pray for the people that are union. Yes, pray for the people who are union. And pray for the administrators and pray for those who crossed the picket line. You don’t know why they crossed the line – what problems they have, family members who have cancer and stuff like that. They can’t afford to lose their insurance; they can’t afford to lose their homes. You all don’t know why some of those people crossed that line.

This would be a good time for you to call. I’ll let you tell all. This would be a good time if you want to get something off your chest. No questions, no answers, no test. This would be a good time for you to call. No promises, no words. Everything on the line. Now you do what you do. It’s your dime. Only thing about it, be forewarned – no exchange, no money back. This is not a deli, not a house of oh my gosh. Well, a few lines may be interchangeable. Illegal smiles, dirty deeds, nothing will be refused. This would be a good time for you to call. Sex and sex, high and low, this would be a good time for your call. Get the coconut and the lime, guarantee a smile. The clock says time for the show. This would be a good time for you to call. You know my name. Look up the number. This would be a good time for you to call. It’s Cinderella time. Don’t let yesterday become tomorrow.

I wish the guy who used to watch me from a certain place at Mayking would call me.

I dreamed that I died. Standing at the gates was St. Peter. He said I can’t judge you because you have no heart. I told him I gave it to this woman and she never gave it back. He said you’re earthbound forever.

To all of you out there who read Speak Your Piece: A certain old man who hangs around a certain fast-food restaurant is trying to take young women out. Some of them are jail-bait teens who work there. Somebody should say something to this man. It’s a shame a 70-year-old man would try to do this to a teen-aged girl.

I’ve been wanting to meet a certain guy who drives a green vehicle and lives at Cram Creek. I’ve seen him out a few times, but not lately. If he would like to meet sometime I am always ready to meet him.

What’s wrong with our magistrates? I thought they were going to pave the dirt roads instead of going over top of what’s already been paved. There’s three layers of pavement in certain placements. Do they pave only where they think they got votes?

I would love to know whatever happened to my beautiful blonde-haired and blue-eyed girl from Jenkins. You know who I am. Remember the Breaks? Remember up on the mountain? Thank you. Call me. I am always here for you.

If a certain man who works out of town doesn’t quit coming up here and seeing my wife, I am going to give him a reason to visit the dentist’s office a lot more often. Thank you.

To a certain woman: Quit playing favorites to the big guys where you work to get promotions and raises and give the rest of us a chance to get a break.

Could someone please tell me who the cute guy is who drives the Camaro around Jenkins? He’s really cute and looks like he is around 20 or 25. Thanks.

The jobs of some of the supervisors at Whitesburg ARH should be done away with just like the jobs of some of the Steelworkers have been.

I just want to say how terrible it is that people would threaten to boycott restaurants that plan to sell alcoholic drinks. If you really think sitting in the same room with people who are having wine with their dinners will destroy your dining experience and warp your kids for life, by all means stay away. But, don’t threaten; there is no need for hatefulness here.

People can appear to be quite intelligent and then one day they open their mouth and you realize even the highest IQ in the world cannot save them from foot-mouth disease. Case in point: A very artistic, educated, and well-spoken woman from Letcher County made the comment, ‘When you lie for the company, God doesn’t consider it a lie.’ Then she went one step farther and said her pastor at church told her this. Please, please, please find the reference point in the Bible to back this up, because one thing I would be willing to state is that every human being on earth would like to think that, depending on the circumstance, they can lie today and have it be one lie they won’t have to be held accountable for. Come on, lady, you have a college degree, go to church on Sunday, and spread rubbish like this around to ease your guilty conscience. Rest assured, a lie is a lie, small or large, black or white. And the punishment, according to that same Bible you quote, is hell’s fire. In your case the punishment most definitely should fit the crime.

A rock was thrown through the window of my vehicle in Bill Moore Branch. If you have any information regarding this, please contact me. My neighbor reported seeing a small pick-up truck. To the guilty: If you have a problem with me or my family, come to me and talk to me about it. Congratulations on showing your true colors, coward.

To a certain woman: Does your husband know about the roses, the steak and salad birthday meal, the trips to the club, or the satin bedroom? If he doesn’t, your world is about to be blown apart. And does your employer know about the clocking in on Sunday as you go to church and clocking back out on your way home? Pretty nifty, I must admit, but very hypocritical, wouldn’t you say? Considering that nice check you are about to receive for some of those hours, well, heck, maybe being a crook does pay off … in the short term any way.

It is obvious that Letcher County is generally ignored by WYMT-TV. Although we did get coverage of the wet/dry vote, I find it ironic we often have significant news stories that go unreported, yet any drug bust, vandalism car wreck, Highway 15 disruption, or any sports story in Perry, Pulaski, Pike, Breathitt, Floyd or Leslie counties are fundamental to our news food chain. Of course, the Wise, Va., weather is a must too. I suggest that everyone get some type of satellite TV service.

The good man elected as mayor of Jenkins appears to have jumped in way over his head. This appears to be a one time wonder. Funny how so many were so quick to get rid of former Mayor Shubert and now wish they had him back. Of course the same can be said about the county Judge as well. Both have pretty much sewn their seeds within the first 100 days. However, the county judge, with his financial backing, will be almost impossible to defeat until he’s ready to retire.

I retired from ARH and I hear ARH is still treating their employees with no respect. Where are the people on the board who can stop what is happening? Why don’t you come to the hospitals and talk to the employees and let them tell you why things are happening. I don’t think the board wants to know the true answers to that question. The only reason ARH is still in business is because of the dedicated union employees in the USWA and KNA. No one else cares about the patients. I was there last week and the workers were telling me some of the horror stories about how they are being treated. It is truly a shame. I am proud to say I am a retired USWA, but I am ashamed to say I retired from ARH. If you don’t believe me, talk to someone in the USWA or some of the RN’s and you will see I am right.

A special ‘thank you’ to all of you who voted for Bush and Cheney. The average gallon of gasoline now costs over three dollars and my Exxon stock is doing great. Hope you own a bunch, too. Enough so that you can afford to full up your gas tanks.

To my love: You know since a few months ago I’ve been hiding my love for you and I can’t do that anymore. I need you in my life. I need you to be with me. Forget her and her kid. You don’t want to be part of an alreadymade family. You wanted a family with me and I was scared. I’m ready for one now. I want to be married to you and to have your children. Come move in with me, baby. Call me and just say the word and we can be together. I know you still love me. Your actions show me that. You can’t forget me. Every song on the radio makes you think of me the same way I think about you. I love you.

I recently had the misfortune to witness an incident that left me embarrassed, upset and confused. You would expect a disagreement between adults to be handled privately, but this occurred in our local hospital. The person of higher authority was very degrading, obnoxious, and downright rude to more than one employee. To hear such a conversation from a professional leaves me speechless. Recent comments in Speak Your Piece leave me wondering if this is the same person that made rude comments to other hospital employees. Verbal abuse is ugly, and only shows your true self.

To my love of my life: I am a wife that misses you. I wonder if it is meant for us to be. I hear your voice whenever I think about you. I see you in my dreams. I want to be with you again. I am a wife that misses you. I pretend I am with you every day we’re apart. I feel happy when I talk to you. I touch your picture every chance I can. I cry when I think about us. I am a wife that misses you. I don’t understand why this is happening to us. I say ‘I love you so much’ every time I talk to you. I dream of the day we are together again. I try to think about the fun times we will have soon. I hope we will have another chance to make things right. I am a wife that misses you with all my heart. I am a wife that loves you and always will. Happy anniversary, baby.

I have heard on the radio on a follow-up by Judge Ward that a second reading for a 10 mph speed limit on George B. Hollow in Cowan will be done or read at the next fiscal court meeting. The road was blacktopped before the last county election and is in good shape. I agree that the 10 mph limit should become a law because people park their vehicles on the blacktopped part of the road. I didn’t think it was legal to park a vehicle on a county road.

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