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We better be getting to Louisville and contracting with Rick Pitino to come back to Kentucky to coach our ball club, because we don’t have a coach who knows how to crack the whip on these sorry hindend players. Talent, talent, talent; I don’t see any talent. I see a bunch of kids that don’t know what they’re doing. They are adolescent and won’t listen. Coach John Calipari needs to sit them on the bench since we’re not going anywhere — and I mean nowhere — except back to the house. Did you hear that, Grumpy, up on Craft’s Colly? They’re going back to the house. (Remember the 2014 UK team known as ‘The Tweakables’? They went in the NCAA Tournament seeded No. 8 and made it all the way to the National Championship game before losing to Connecticut. In other words, there’s still a lot of time left.)

. Every single one of you who voted for Donald Trump instead of Favorite Son Rand Paul should get down on your knees and apologize, first to your God and second to your fellow Kentuckians. What could you people possibly have been thinking to turn your backs on a nationally respected conservative like Senator Paul and vote for someone like Trump? Did you really believe it all wouldn’t start going to hell as quickly as it has? Some of you so-called conservatives can yell all you want to in Speak Your Piece about your support for Trump, but the truth is that neither you nor Trump has any idea about what being conservative really means. You idiots are a disgrace to the Republican Party. Truth is none of you all are conservative Republicans to begin with. You are Democrats who fell for Trump’s promise to bring back coal. You check-drawing, poorly educated fools are a disgrace to conservatism. That rumbling noise we hear isn’t an earthquake; it’s the sound of William F. Buckley Jr. and Ronald Reagan, bless their souls, rolling over in their graves. My best advice to you liberal fools acting as conservatives is to get to work trying to save your Obamacare, save your Social Security, save your Medicare, save your Medicaid, and save your food stamps.

. I want to speak my piece this morning very clearly to people who are asking for money for heart donations, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, and then putting things on the envelope like ‘You’re not what you’re supposed to be.’ I say shame on you. You may get away with hurting the people you are doing wrong, but God will take care of it. Thank you, and God bless you.

. My brother-in-law works

for a certain rescue squad under a certain person who thinks he knows everything. This guy even preaches about what goes on around him and acts like his neighbor is such a bad neighbor. Let me tell you something, Pal. I grew up with your neighbor and he was a good person then and he still is. Someone needs to kick you in the rear and send you to the clouds where you belong. You are trouble, and that’s all you ever will be.

. I would like to wish my wonderful mother, Pauline Yeary of Mayking, a happy 90th birthday. It was on Valentine’s Day. I would also like to wish my nephew, Pete Mason from Jenkins, a happy birthday on the 13th of February. And keep praying for my sister Lorie, who has been in the hospital since October. She’s still in the Hazard ARH with breathing complications. From the Yeary family and Donna Mason. Thank you very much to everyone.

. Here it is the middle of February with a short-sleeve shirt on and the windows rolled down. Feeling pretty good out here.

. Heritage Kitchen built a wall in their dining room. I heard they’re going to make Las Peñas pay for it.

. Thank God our Governor preceded his speech with a Christian sermon. We need to make sure Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and other non-Christians know they are second-class citizens and not welcome in our state.

. Why are people with dogs and cats not taking advantage of the discounted spay and neuter program for people with incomes under $55,000 a year? There are so many pets in the county just running around not being taken care of. It’s so simple, so please have them spayed or neutered. The program also will spay momma dog for free when puppies go to rescue. Simply call the Letcher County Highway Garage or the Perry County Animal Shelter. Help save lives; tell your neighbors.

. In regards to the letter to the editor from Dorothy Miller of Payne Gap: You can contact the mail service in Washington with your complaint. This in the past has got action. Write a letter to: US Postal Service, Room 5821, 475 L, Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, DC 20260-2200

. I’m the one who called about the water being in the gas at a service station around. I want to inform you that it was very expensive for me to get my vehicle straightened out. It cost me $185, and that’s due to a service station not checking to see if they had water or not

in their gas. I thought my electric fuel pump had gone out, but it was saved. Anyway, that’s what negligence does. Thank you.

. I read in Speak Your Piece about Democrats being scared of Trump because he will take away their welfare checks. Here’s the truth: Welfare checks show up mainly in the red states, especially those who voted for Trump. For some strange reason they think he is their salvation. Boy is he taking them for a ride.

. To Jim Ward: What’s the deal with one of your magistrates who has a brother with the worst looking garbage mess right beside the four-lane road? Do we not have a garbage warden? If we don’t, we need to inform his brother that he needs to clean that nasty place up. I pay my garbage bill every month. How are they burning this crap right beside the road and getting by with it? Someone needs to address this point. If not, I’ll be happy to come to the courthouse and show what pictures I’ve taken. This is a shame. We scold some and let other get away with murder. I guess that’s Letcher County.

. Whatever you do, Democrats, don’t get rid of Elizabeth Warren. I think she’s from Massachusetts. I think her and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can put the Democrat Party under the bus. They’ve sure been doing a good job at it. I heard on the news the other day where the Democrats had lost 1,000 positions in public office over the past four years. If there’s any truth to that, then that tells you they’re in a downward spiral with all four engines shut off. They’re going downhill big-time. But it makes sense. All these demonstrations are just more fodder for the Republicans to use against them in the next election.

. Once again I wonder when the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department, the city police departments, and the Kentucky State Police are going to clean up the meth heads and meth dealers in Letcher County. They need to start from the junction of Highway 7 going towards Isom, Cane Hollow, Sugar Run, Camp Branch, Sandlick, Cowan, Isom, Sexton’s Branch, Little Colley and on towards Thornton. The FBI needs to come in and show our law enforcement agencies how it’s done. Thank you.

. They need to name Letcher County ‘Meth Makers Mark.’ The law knows about it but just turns their naked eye. Thank you.

. I guess everybody’s scrambling to see what to do next since MCHC will no longer let anybody have medicine that can be used as meth ingredients. The whole of Letcher County has turned into meth addicts. It’s meth everywhere your look — people stoned out of their minds in the parking lots, in the buildings, in the stores. What the hell is going on around here? It’s not even safe to get out of your car and pump gas for the meth heads. Something has got to break on this. That medicine should be outlawed except for people who are terminal with their sinus problems. People are now trying to go to ear, nose and throat specialists so they can get their mixture. This place is turning into a poor sight.

. I was watching TV the other night and saw preachers healing cancer and opening the eyes of the blind, which is all right with me. But anyway, I was just thinking that if they can cure cancer why can’t they pray for people who are overweight or underweight and help them lose or gain it. Food for thought, huh? Have a good day.

. Another day, another slam-dunk for the Republicans. Lord help them liberal

Democrats. They sure are having a tough time trying to cope with these new laws and regulations. They used to have political leaders who, while they may have not been able to do anything, they looked good. They don’t understand they’ve got people coming in there now who may not look good, but they’re going to do something. That’s the difference. One thing the Republicans have always had that the Democrats don’t have is patience. We waited 95 years to get a Republican government in the state of Kentucky. That takes a whole lot of patience.

. It’s a strange thing to me that after going several months without a random drug test, the Letcher County bus drivers got a random drug test. When? The day after the Super Bowl. Sounds like somebody’s on a witch hunt abusing their power. Just saying.

. The people in Bill Moore Branch who are making the moonshine better put a stop to it or the law will.

. I turned on the TV this morning and the first thing I heard was a Democrat congressman whining and complaining about Trump not doing anything, saying that Trump has endangered out national security when Trump is doing everything he can to make America great again while the Democrat Party comes against him at every move he makes. You lost; quit your whining. You’re making it where the Democrat Party will never have hold of America again. He’ll get it did. One way or the other, Mr. Trump will get this did. I say God bless America, God bless Trump and his family, and screw you SOB’s. (Apparently you didn’t see the request we made in last week’s issue that you stop cursing while phoning in comments to Speak Your Piece.)

. I think some of our officials who work in the courthouse and have long hair and beards look like mass murderers. I wish they would get a shave and a haircut. That’s ugly to the public.

. Dear James Bond, Agent 007: We need you to come to America posthaste to get to the bottom of this potentially traitorous activity involving our president, Donald J. Trump, his national security advisor, General Michael Flynn, and others. Something is badly wrong, and it can’t be blamed on people trying to hurt Trump.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Trump looked like he had a pretty good fast few days of work going, but now everything has stopped. We hear now that the guy writing the tax break for all businesses — which we want 15 percent — is going to take until the summer to write the law. That’s too long. We need to get somebody to write the law quick. Mitch McConnell should be helping and speeding things up; I don’t care if he is old, he needs to get up off his sorry rear and get to work. Get this country going. If McConnell and Hal Rogers are too old to do their jobs we’re going to have to get somebody to run against them and get them out.

. A certain lady who works at a certain convenience store needs to retire. She’s definitely old enough.

. I sure wish all these fastfood places would get my orders right. Every time I go out to eat they always mess up on it. What is on their minds?

. Mr. Trump, you have the power of authority over any court in the United States, according to our constitution. You have the right to protect America; you have all the armed forces backing you. The whole world is watching. Don’t let these courts punch you out. You’re the president of the United States. They

shouldn’t second-guess you. Do what’s right. Get the job done.

. This is in reply to the person who wanted to hear from the coal miners who went back to work after Donald Trump: I’m a Democrat. I voted for Donald Trump. I am a coal miner. I went back to work. The company I went to work for has hired 60 people. The wages are dollar and half less than what I was used to making, but it sure beats unemployment or a check. You all just have a lovely day. Thank you.

. This is a concerned citizen who would like to know if they’ve changed anything in the family court system since we have a new judge now. Has he changed any of the visitation schedules, any of the laws? Has he changed his CRC or his commissioner? Has he done anything to change? We’ve had the same old same old for the last 20-something years. I just wanted to know if we’re going to have the same kind of judge we had or someone who is really concerned about the citizens of Letcher County.

. I’m responding to the report in The Mountain Eagle about Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation may having to let 100 workers go. Let’s see how Trumpcare compares to Obamacare when everybody is sitting at the house without a job. I’d say 90 percent of those workers were on the Trump Train anyway.

. I would like to commend Governor Matt Bevin. If you check drawers haven’t figured it out yet, he’s coming after your checks and he’s taking them. For the people who deserve their checks I hope and pray that everything works out. To the ones who don’t deserve them: I hope you get what comes to you. It’s only fair that if we have to pay taxes you have to get off your behind and work.

. I think it’s a shame that people have to kiss other people’s behinds at Pizza Hut to get hours. It’s not fair to the other workers. Thank you.

. I was at a certain restaurant in Whitesburg the other day waiting to pay my bill. I saw a certain girl standing there talking on her cellphone while the other workers were doing their jobs. What does she think she is — special and doesn’t have to do anything?

. I would like to complain about a certain restaurant. They had prices posted saying you get a hamburger, fries and a drink for a certain price. Then when you go to pay they charge you separate for the burger, separate for the fries, and separate for the drink and it costs you $15. Thank you.

. I get a lot of enjoyment relaxing and working the puzzles in The Mountain Eagle, but it surprises me why you can’t put the answers in there. This has happened several times. I guess I’ll just have to quit buying it.

. I was sorry to hear about Margaret Nichols retiring from the circuit court clerk’s office. It was a shame the

way the judge treated her. There will be more elections, and she will be able to help other people. That is politics in Letcher County. We need a Donald Trump to come in here and run for some of these offices. Thank you.

. Oh Lortabs. One day they were there and the next day they were gone.

. The only place the Democrats are in more hot water than in Washington, D.C., is in Letcher County. We all saw what you did, Judge Jimmy Craft.

. This goes to my ex-husband, from whom I have been divorced for over two years: If you think I don’t love you anymore then you are wrong. Just always remember that — always.

. I don’t know what the state will let a certain county office by with, but I have enough paperwork to make it felonies. And I’ve always heard felonies don’t go away, they get tried.

. I want to wish my man Blue a happy Valentine’s Day. Love you.

. This is in response to the editor’s note in last week’s Speak Your Piece. An advertisement for that book, ‘Up There at the House’ by Pete A. Martin, was in The Mountain Eagle a few weeks ago. If you’re crazy enough to want a copy you may order online or call 1-800-288- 4677. If you want to read the book you may check it out at your public library. It makes no sense to me why you would wish to do either one. If and when you read it, you’ll know what I mean. Thank you very much. Good day.

. Attention all Letcher Countians: If you’ve had problems with your land, don’t write Frankfort, write Trump. That’s the way he made his fame and fortune. He’s against them Democrats, so write him every day until you get results.

. If anybody has any buckets sitting outside with the word Lowe’s on them, you better be hiding them. We have a thief who is collecting them and telling people they were bought in Pikeville. So thank you very much.

. The snooky cats never get fat, they just run away and hide.

. Attention to all Whitesburg lawyers and courthouse officials: We are tired of getting our paperwork swept under the rug. You can go to Frankfort, but nobody will do anything. We’re going to the feds to see if they will help. If not, we’re going to Washington, D.C., to talk to Trump. We’ll see if he won’t pick up the rug and sweep the trash out.

. I think it’s a shame when a woman can get on Facebook and brag about going out and eating big dinners and then have the nerve to say, ‘I left my two little boys at home.’

. I would like to know when they are going to try those two men who are accused of killing that Hogg boy. What are they waiting on?

. I think Margaret Nichols’s deputy was done about as dirty as can be done. She had been there 28 years and knows her business. We’ll see how high and mighty some of them get come election time. They did that woman wrong, very wrong.

. Do you reckon the Koran will replace the Holy Bible in the United States someday? Better enjoy the Bible while you still can.

. If you go into hell when you die and have been judged to go into the second death, then you are mistaken if you believe that your punishment is just going to be a mild ‘poof’ and you are gone. There is too much information in the Bible that reveals consciousness and communication between spirits in Hell and spirits in Heaven, for ‘life of the mind and memory of the dead’ to have become nonexistent. Take for example, Luke 16:19-31 (The rich man in Hell and Lazarus in Heaven). Now they may want to call this an allegory, nevertheless, the background of the discourse reveals a landscape of the appearance the ‘hereafter.’ The Bible is full of figurative language and figures of speech, allegories, analogies, idioms and all kinds of language symbolisms. That is one of the reasons it is a tough book to conquer. Fire does not have the same lethal power to kill in the hereafter as it has here on Earth. 1 Corinthians 3:15 (verses 10 – 16 are also an allegory) ‘If any man’s work shall be burned: he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.’ You will be ‘saved’ for eternal life in Hell. If you are ‘saved’ then fire can’t kill you.

. Can someone please help me with this medical question? Is it possible for a person to have both diarrhea and constipation at the same time? The obvious answer is an astounding ‘yes’. That yellow-haired clown who was elected President of the United States has diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. The situation is not going to get any better until that spineless Republican Congress stands up to him and refuses to support him on his hare-brained initiatives. ‘Nuff said!

. To all you ‘Trumpies’ out there. Your president should resign from the presidency and get back into television. The first episode of Smack Down is already written for him. A federal court has already halted his travel ban. He may as well get use to being smacked down when he thinks he can issue an executive

order to do anything he likes. Suck it up Donnie Poo; this is a democracy, not a monarchy.

. Donald Trump was so smart when he was in grade school that he was allowed to skip simple arithmetic and now it’s coming back to haunt him. The cost to build a border fence between Mexico and the U.S. could be as much as 25 billion dollars. With the typical government contractor overrun that will probably amount to 50 billion dollars. How many billion dollars will it cost annually to patrol that 2,000 mile fence? Now, here is the clincher. Does Donald ‘Einstein’ Trump thinks the Mexicans can’t figure out how to dig a hole under the fence or get a ladder and climb over the fence or go around the fence? Here is another factor: there will be hundreds of vehicles daily traveling legally between Mexico and the U.S. which will present many opportunities for aliens to enter anyway. Folks, we are in trouble if Donald Trump is allowed to continue his hare brained initiatives. God help us. P.S. Wouldn’t that money go a long way toward funding Affordable Health Care?

. Well, it looks like the chickens are coming home to roost with our illustrious president and Republican Congress. Now they realize they cannot make good on their campaign promises to repeal and replace the Affordable Health Care Act, ACA. Now they are trying to hoodwink the general public by saying, ‘just trust me’; we’ll repeal it now and replace it with something better later. Are you kidding me? Just trust me? The fact is our president and Congress are both trying to defile the Obama administration’s landmark accomplishments. Now they realize that they cannot give you more coverage for less cost at the same time promising to reduce taxes on the wealthy. Any grade school math student could have told them that. Now they are faced with two unpopular options. (1) Acknowledge that they were wrong, (that will never happen) or (2) increase the federal deficit. Which do you think they will choose?

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