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Voting Democrat because your daddy was a Democrat is one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard. Today’s Democratic Party is not your daddy’s Democratic Party. And I’ll tell you something else, giving up your Constitutional rights in order to keep getting that check from the government each month is borderline treason. But that is what a third of all voters are doing, selling their soul to the devil. ‘I’ll vote for you, just keep them checks coming. Here, take all my rights away while you’re at it.’ Wake up people.

. I’ve made a lot of financial mistakes in my life, but I’ve never lost $915,700,000 in a single year. And if I had I wouldn’t spend the rest of my life bragging about what a business genius I am. Have you paid taxes those decades when he wasn’t?

. Root beer’s got it and root beer’s got it.

. If an elderly gentleman dates a young girl it is called a cradle robber. I know a girl we are going to call the nursing home robber. She is 34 years old and has been married with children and is with an 80 year old man.

. Why in the world would man travel all over North America to kill animals? Especially something as beautiful and special as a mountain lion?

. As the presidential election draws near, I know there are a lot of coal miners that don’t like what Clinton said about coal production and coal business in southeastern Kentucky, but you’ve got to realize coal is just about gone anyway, so you need to make a choice on other things. She has revealed her taxes for the last 30 years. She has donated millions of dollars. Donald Trump won’t even show his taxes. He is a very dangerous man. All of those coal workers need to realize the coal business couldn’t last forever. You can take a thimble and dip a 55-gallon barrel dry. It just takes time. The coal business and timber are about gone in this region. We are going to have to develop some other kind of economic strategy anyway. Donald Trump is a very dangerous man, so I would be careful who I voted for. Be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it.

. What is the dress code for Letcher County schools? A certain blonde-haired lady wore a very seductive lowcut buttoned up shirt with her bra showing to the high

school. She had a mini skirt on and when she bent over it was all showing.

. To a certain person: You have lost a lot of weight, but you are still ugly. You aren’t as ugly as your sister-in-law.

. I wanted to thank District Three Magistrate Woody Holbrook for making a motion on honoring childhood cancer for the month of September. Thank you.

. The recent racist posts by Dan Johnson, a Republican candidate for the state legislature, have been refuted by the state Republican Party and all right-thinking citizens. The GOP insists that this is not the position of the Republican Party. However, it may not be the official position, but most of the racists, white supremacists, and women haters I know have lined up solidly behind the orange-haired bigot. In fact, the only intelligent people I know who support Trump are those folks who have always been Republicans and would not vote for Jesus if he ran as a Democrat. I know one family who voted for Bevin, even knowing that the governor planned to take away their retirement plan and turn it over to his ‘financial advisor’ friends. Now they have Trump signs in their yard, knowing that they pay more in taxes than they should because Trump pays nothing. Wake up, people.

. Concerning the person who told a story to get $100 or less through his unemployment: He did this because he is in a tough spot and doesn’t know what to do. He is losing everything in the world. He is trying everything he can. That is a federal crime, and he will probably do five years in prison. Some accused of embezzling a quartermillion dollars or more will probably only have to serve a couple of years in jail. These white-collar crooks rule this town and that is the reason we can’t make this a tourist attraction and why we can’t make this a viable place for industry. From the nepotism to the embarrassing ways we do things, we are never going to be anything until we change.

. As a potential voter for the coming election for state representative for Letcher and Pike counties, I call on the candidates to consider having a town hall meeting in Whitesburg. There are several facilities that are available if the candidates aren’t afraid of the answers they might have to give on questions that are going to be given to them.

Wouldn’t it be fair to the people of Letcher County and especially find out some answers to some disturbing questions that have come up about the candidates in their actions in certain areas of their lives, what they stand on, and what kind of agenda they are going to be exercising in Frankfort? What gives them the qualifications to stand as a representative of this county and Pike County? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they had a debate where people could ask questions? I ask them to get together and their constituents to get together and have a town hall meeting.

. How can a man from a certain city, who is on SSI, work like a dog washing cars? He also tells untrue stories on people to make his pathetic life look better. He has ruined names of good people while telling lies about how he gets his ‘extra money’ and runs around with a known public official who may be helping with his ‘extra money’. I can show you proof of what is being done by this individual. And there’s so much more. The truth is coming and it’s not going to be pretty. You heard it here first. This is the most news you will get from Speak Your Piece on this subject and there will be no slander, just one hundred percent proof of the things this man is doing to innocent people and the supernatural stories he is telling on innocent people. The rest will be known publicly, so keep your eyes and ears open.

. I am flat sick and tired of hearing about black verses white and white verses black. I believe in certain circumstances that they are setting up police officers trying to make the officers look bad. Yes, I do believe there are bad officers in this world, because Letcher County used to have a few that have now moved on and I’m glad that they have. I would sit right down and feed the blacks the best of my meal that I have and I would love to sit down at the table and eat with them. God made them as well as he made me. We are supposed to love one another. Where is our love for one another? It’s all on ourselves. That is where the love is. Thank you and have a nice day.

. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, he is going to be your president so you better straighten up and start acting right, because I hear that if he doesn’t like you he is going to take a switch to you and strike your legs. You’ll be jumping around something pitiful.

. I read in Speak Your Piece about where someone said people have been on welfare checks and mental checks. If you are talking about someone on Highway

3406, and I kind of think you might be, I think you are very low down to ridicule those people the way you have done. I have lived near these people for many years and I know every one of them. I know with all of my heart that these people are some of the best people that have ever been in their neighborhood. If I were you I would look at myself in the mirror and I would think to myself what a shameful remark you have made against those decent people. They aren’t drunks, drug addicts, and alcoholics. I’m not ridiculing anybody for that, but they aren’t like that. They are good, decent, down-to-earth, accommodating, community people. We have one of the best communities that those people could ever live in. They are just as good in our community as anybody else. If you are in our community, I would like for you to somehow make yourself change your thoughts about these people because they are not like what you are calling them so shame on you for the way you are talking about these innocent people. May God bless you and if you are confessing to be a Christian, you better get on your knees and start praying and ask the Lord to forgive you for the way you have ridiculed this good, precious, clean family. I love every one of them and I love you, too.

. A certain caller commented about the walking trail being blocked by two men in Jenkins. It’s not only the walking trail, it’s half of Jenkins, Elkhorn Creek, Letcher County and Pike County. I know the two men and I’m with you, man. I don’t know if they own it, lease it, or what. They think they own half of Jenkins and Elkhorn Creek. You just name a time and place and we’ll go to the fiscal court and find out what is going on.

. I sure do love The Way We Were section of the paper. You all do an awesome job on that. (Thank you.)

. These Democrats that complain in Speak Your Piece, all they are looking for is a handout. They want freebies. It is time to wake up, get off your butt, and go to work.

. If Letcher County funding goes into default, as it appears is going to happen, what next? Will the state take over management, and if so, how will county employees be used? Will they work for the state, or just be dismissed? These employees, and the rest of the county need to have answers.

. Frankie Justice was raised rich. I think the Justices are rich snobs.

. I thought the domestic violence shelter in Whitesburg

was a safe haven for women. There’s more men that hang out at the back of the building that are fooling with those girls than they are if they were married.

. To the guy who drives the little silver Saturn SUV. You are a dope head.

. I figured out a way to not pay a garbage bill. Burn it. The county won’t do anything about it. Just set it on fire and you won’t have to pay a garbage bill.

. I just finished reading the fictional, historical novel ‘Up There At The House’ by Pete A. Martin. Who died and gave him the authority to represent people in Letcher County? I know of no one who is remotely like the characters portrayed in his book. I intend to file a libel lawsuit on behalf of all the people of this county and any and against all public libraries that accept this book. Do not read ‘Up There At The House’ by Pete A. Martin. This is a warning. This is the most severe and provocative novel I have ever read. This is the Midnight Phantom speaking.

. The Recreation Center is probably the single greatest mistake in Letcher County government’s long history of mistakes. It provides a relatively small group of senior citizens with services roughly equivalent to what they had before, but excludes the bulk of them from what they once had — things that have been and are being paid for. It is by far the greatest drag on county funding of anything, and it is going to go on being a drag for generations — a frivolous mistake analogous to a minimum wage worker buying a Cadillac.

. I appreciate the explanation of how Jimmy Craft was selected as interim Letcher Circuit Judge, but I don’t think, by any stretch of the imagination, that it was an impartial selection. The Judicial Nominating Committee should not have recommended anyone in contention for the office, but they did, and the recommendations probably went forward with suggestions and surreptitious phone calls, in the old, established Letcher County manner. If the governor made the selection, then he was unfair. In any event, the game will not be on an even field and voters should consider what admittedly is just my opinion, but an opinion that has a solid historical base. (The local Judicial Nominating Commission followed the process exactly to the letter of the law in obtaining three nominees and passing along their names. Craft and his election opponent, Darrell Hall, each applied for the vacancy. The commission had a hard time getting a third nominee until former Letcher County Attorney Harold Bolling agreed to allow his name to be the final one submitted.)

. People should not be allowed to create or cause and participate in ‘riots and vandalism’ and then call it ‘freedom of speech.’ It just goes to show you that the parents of such people as rioters and vandalizers did not raise up their children in accordance

with the Bible’s advice and guidance found in Proverbs 22:6, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it.’ I am all for the people’s rights to peaceably assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances, but wrong is wrong and anybody who does not have an respect for the other citizen’s right to own private property, and who has caused the rioter or vandalizer no pain, discomfort, or problems at all, then the rioter who destroys private property for meanness should be arrested and made to pay a penalty for a criminal act. Hopefully, Donald Trump will be elected to the office of President of the U.S.A. and law and order will be reestablished in time to save our nation, our way of life, our standard of living and our heritage of freedom.

. I had a vision. I am writing to Speak Your Piece concerned about our drug epidemic here in Letcher County. It’s not only in my family, it’s in everyone’s family. Every day a new name on the funeral home boards of someone’s loved one who has lost their lives to drugs. I have a vision. I know that Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation can get grants written so they can use the facility of the old Whitesburg High School gymnasium to be a drug rehabilitation center. We don’t need to sit back and watch our children, husbands, parents, and grandparents die. Drugs are either death or a prison sentence. I myself will volunteer. I am sure doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, police officers, firemen, teenagers, social workers, mothers, dads, brothers, preachers, Sunday School teachers, would all volunteer one day a week free. It is going to take all of us to save our families. There is hope. Hickory Hill is in Knott County, and if they can have a drug rehab, so can we. MCHC, please help us. I will be looking forward to the citizens of Letcher County to respond in Speak Your Piece next week. Doctors, can you volunteer? Physical therapists, x-ray techs, bank tellers, funeral home directors or employees, Walmart employees, hairdressers, retailers, managers, preachers, judges, lawyers, policemen, firemen, do you all have one day to volunteer? ‘Whitesburg Highland Drug Rehabilitation’ needs your help.

. Hey Letcher County law dogs, why don’t you have a road check in Whitco? A certain truck is selling to many people in Whitco. You need to do something about it. The brown box truck comes in full of dope and goes out empty, with a pocketful of money. You can get it by drive-by, or come on in. Do a pill count on the man in the certain truck.

. There are several people on Cowan dealing in drugs. Thank you, Daddy Long Legs.

. As a grown, African American woman living in Letcher County, it makes me mad that a white girl thinks she has the right to put up a black lives matter sign. Take it down.

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