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RECAPS – 7/23 – 7/27

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Spencer appears as a vision before Miles, who voices his sadness that he lost any sort of connection he had with Marty and Cole. Spencer tells Miles to pull himself together, but Miles knows he has to stop listening to Spencer and fly by his own instincts. Meanwhile, Hunter does as Miles instructed him and drags Todd out of the forest. Trusting in Rex and Adriana’s investigation skills, Bo reopens the arson case and tells Rex to stick by Adriana like glue until Tate is found. Tate overhears Layla and VIncent make plans to meet later that evening on the Palace rooftop for a romantic dinner. Tate later makes his way to the roof and prepares to confront Vincent.

THIS WEEK: Vincent proves himself to be a much more human man than Tate is. Bo and Paige sadly break up.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Joe and his team of nurses work fervently to stop a terrified Kendall’s premature labor. Zach waits in the wings and soon discovers that the baby Kendall is carrying is a boy. Although it’s a very close call, Joe is somewhat encouraged by the fact that Kendall’s water hasn’t broken yet. Greenlee is in horrible pain as she pulls herself from the wreckage and drags herself to Spike, who was thrown from the car. Spike is alive, but his head injuries cause him to fall unconscious. Greenlee remembers back to right before the accident, when she decided to return the child to Kendall and not abscond with him after all.

THIS WEEK: Zach tries to hold it all together. Zach and Kendall come face to face with Greenlee.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Kate can’t fight the effects of the Viagra, eventually gives in and has sex with Sonny. Afterwards, she gets a call from Warren and learns she mistakenly took his sexual stimulant. Kate tries to blame the pills for her actions, but Sonny thinks otherwise. Jason tells Carly that he and Sam are over and goes ballistic when he learns she made a deal with Jerry about getting Jason out of prison. Sam warns Nikolas that Liz could be leaving Lucky for Jason, but doesn’t tell him about Jake’s true paternity. While packing up her things at Jason’s penthouse, Sam gets into it with a visiting Amelia and makes it clear she’s finally taking control of her life.

THIS WEEK: Jason protects Amelia. Noah practices a love serenade on Anna.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Brooke wants to return to work at Forrester Creations to get her life back on track and win back custody of her kids. Nick is reluctant at first, but when Brooke reassures him that she’s not trying to come between him and Taylor, he agrees to let her return. Bridget goes for an exam with Taylor, who expresses her regrets about the results of Brooke’s custody hearing. Ridge surprises her when he presents her with a small jewelry box. Everyone wonders what Thorne has been up to lately, and he pretends to be in good spirits. When he sees a picture of Darla in his wallet, however, he takes a pill from the bottle of pills he’s carrying with him.

THIS WEEK: Rick tells Phoebe that he slept with Ashley in Mexico. Donna visits a drunken Thorne at the bar.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – At the hospital, Maggie questions Kevin, wondering if Jana’s story about Kevin having a suitcase full of money is true. Kevin and Colleen cover quickly, both denying the story. Later, Michael asks Kevin about the money but again Kevin covers with a quick lie. Colleen and Kevin are discussing what happened with Jana when Adrian enters and is furious to overhear their conversation. Daniel sets up an urgent appointment with his therapist. When he arrives, Daniel confesses that he feels like he can’t talk to Lily about anything anymore. The therapist advises him to come clean to Lily about his arrest.

THIS WEEK: Gloria leaves William in Michael’s care. Amber tells Kevin about Carson.

GUIDING LIGHT – Olivia calls Doris and offers to testify against Reva in whatever way Doris wants her to. Doris shows up to tell Reva they have a witness to implicate Reva in the kidnapping. Reva tries to discredit Olivia as a witness. Olivia and Reva’s argument flares, until Jeffrey brings Reva outside to cool her down. He suggests they go grab a drink. Olivia breaks in to Cross Creek to look for incriminating evidence. Olivia comes upon a video of Sarah, alive and well. Harley is about to break some news to Gus, when Alan welcomes them to dinner. Alan keeps trying to push Gus and Natalia together and it’s clearly getting to Harley. When Dylan and Daisy show up for their dinner date with Harley, Gus is a bit confused.

THIS WEEK: Cassie accidentally breaks open the bottle with the memory gas. Coop decides not to let Alan publish his book.

AS THE WORLD TURNS When JJ tries to answer his cell phone, Silas takes it from him. Carly searches for JJ, as Ava and Silas demand the music box from JJ. Silas tells Carly that he has JJ. Jack tells Katie he’s totally incommunicado for this night, and proposes to her. Katie hesitates to say “yes”, when Carly comes in with news of JJ’s kidnapping. Carly persuades Jack to come with her, as Silas calls Jack. Silas and Ava bring a tied up JJ to a construction site. Silas becomes physically threatening when JJ keeps referring to Jack as JJ’s dad. Silas and Ava reach a decision that they should have a backup plan in case Les lied about the key, and decide to ask for ransom for JJ.

THIS WEEK: Barbara offers to help Will and Gwen financially. Meg decides to keep WorldWide.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Nick pushes Sami back into her apartment and closes the door just before the bomb goes off. Sami and Lucas find Nick unconscious. He comes around, but the last thing he remembers is being on the beach with Chelsea and sneaks off to find her. He calls Hope, who tells him Chelsea’s on her way to Vegas. Nick books a flight for himself. Roman tries to convince Sami and Lucas to move back into a safe house. EJ visits Andre in the hospital and learns Stefano knew all along he wasn’t Tony. While Stefano scolds EJ, Andre plants something in EJ’s briefcase. EJ leaves and stops by to see Sami and Lucas when he realizes his briefcase is beeping. Sami, Lucas and EJ fear it’s another bomb.

THIS WEEK: Tony informs Marlena, Roman, EJ and Lucas that Sami is with Stefano. Chelsea turns down Nick’s impromptu proposal and stalks off.

PASSIONS – Theresa and Jared part ways as friends with Jared offering one last bit of advice – Gwen knows Theresa’s secret and she can’t be trusted. Theresa laments that right now she has no choice. Whitney tries to convince her son and herself that they will be alright without Chad. With Luis’ execution looming, reporters flock to Harmony to cover the story. Pilar makes her son his final meal, keeping herself busy so she doesn’t crumble. Fancy and Sheridan fight over who should be with Luis on his final day. Sheridan threatens to tell Luis about Pretty, so he’ll die knowing Fancy isn’t an angel!

THIS WEEK: Fancy lays into her Aunt when she sees Luis may be having second thoughts. The Hooded Demon attempts to kidnap Endora.

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