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RECAPS - 4/20-4/24

ALL MY CHILDREN — Even though he didn’t know her, Zach made love to Liza. Later, he flaunted his indiscretion to Kendall. David tampered with Adam’s heart medication, then switched the vile before anyone caught on. Tad was disappointed when Krystal returned to David. With Aidan’s help, Annie was able to escape and fly to the Maldives where she cannot be extradited back to America. Ryan was turned off when Kendall sought comfort from him after learning about Zach making love to another woman. Taylor followed Brot to Florida to watch him give his speech. Opal had a vision of Annie covered in blood. JR and Scott were mesmerized Marissa.

THIS WEEK: Tad decides to find out who really killed Dixie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Zoe and Zac upped the stakes by kidnapping Luke. Luke and Noah were held together. Damian got a clue about the kidnappers and convinced Lily to impersonate Anna Pinnarossa to smoke them out. The plan failed and Holden blamed Damian for endangering Lily. Paul suspected that Meg was lying to him. Dusty helped Lucy with the medical shipment, but Cesar was killed at the dock. Liberty asked Parker for an annulment. Parker got drunk and later trashed Janet and Jack’s home. Carly tried unsuccessfully to end things with Craig. Lucy vowed to help Dusty win custody of Johnny from Craig. A psychic said that Henry had the secrets. Henry convinced Vienna to do a DNA test so Brad and Katie would learn the truth about him being the father.

THIS WEEK: Paul’s obsession with Meg goes too far.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Marcus told Steffy what he thought of the way she ended their relationship. Rick fell into a trap set by Ridge, going off on a disrespectful and abusive rant. Steffy believed Ridge’s version of the encounter and broke up with Rick. Ridge gloated about his victory over Rick, but Rick threatened to break up Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. Taylor and Ridge intervened when a desperate Rick tried to plead with Steffy to take him back. Owen had a tryst with Jackie after agreeing to all her ground rules. However, he was confused when she later urged him to date Bridget. Donna offered Brooke advice about how to save her marriage to Ridge.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie learns of the death of Bill Spencer.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Before Mia could speak at the wedding, Dr. Baker warned her about crossing the Dimeras. Sami’s objection was squelched at the wedding when Lexie announced that Phillip had been shot and was at the hospital. After everyone had gone, EJ and Nicole finally were wed. Stephanie pleaded with Phillip not to die and he opened his eyes. Victor accused the Dimeras of shooting his son. Kate blamed Stefano for Phillip and cut off ties with him. Daniel must try a risky procedure to save Phillip’s life. Stefano exhibited signs of being poisoned and wondered if Victor had exacted his revenge so soon. After holding Sydney, Mia told Dr. Baker that Nicole’s baby was not hers.

THIS WEEK: The hit man informs EJ that he’s going to finish the job on Phillip.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jax was overjoyed to learn that Carly was pregnant. She didn’t tell him about the risk to her life if she continued the pregnancy. Sonny informed Jason that Claudia was pregnant. Ric suggested to Claudia that her unborn might be his child. Claudia ordered a hit on Jerry, unaware that Jason was with him and was caught in to blast. Jason was seriously injured in the explosion. Carly collapsed when she heard about Jason. Robin continued to deny her condition, leading to a tragedy at the hospital. Tracy warned Luke that Ethan was conning him. Sonny met with Dr. Hensen about Michael’s condition. Rebecca and Lucky’s relationship heats up.

THIS WEEK: Luke asks Ethan to take a DNA test.

GUIDING LIGHT — Alan made Phillip seem unstable, forcing Dr. Mike to keep him locked up. Dinah and Shayne flew to Bosnia to seek closure over Lara. Dinah met a nun who knew the real parents of Marina’s baby. Dinah didn’t tell Shayne the baby is Lara and his. Josh followed Edmund to Bosnia to keep him from hurting Shayne. Billy arranged a web cam from Company to amuse Reva and keep her mind off of missing Colin. Marina threatened Clarice, the social worker, to ensure that the judge rule in Mallet and her favor in Henry’s custody hearing. Natalia assured Olivia that she understood what their love meant. The two women refrained from taking their relationship from love to intimacy.

THIS WEEK: Bill shows Lizzie how to be a kid again on a trip to Orlando.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Talia was the latest victim of the serial killer. Fish urged John to go on the run when the evidence suggested he was the killer. Marty insisted on searching for the killer with John. David came to Llanview to confront Dorian. The two agreed it was time to call it quits. Cole met with Rachel, his drug counselor, admitting that he’s still using. Cristian and Layla mourned Talia’s death. Shane’s relapse stopped Gigi from revealing the truth about Stacy to Rex. Starr and Cole asked Kyle to run a DNA test on Hope’s hair sample. Todd warned Blair that he was going after full custody of the kids. RJ surprised Tea in court.

THIS WEEK: Brody makes things right with Jessica.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis was crushed when Nick asked for a schedule to see Summer. Sharon asked Nick to stay out of her troubles. Victor learned that Sharon stole Sabrina’s Koon’s eggs, but he forgave her. Nikki proposed the new Restless Style cover be Kay’s wedding to Murphy. Tyra was given custody of Ana after Neil spoke the truth in court. Lily urged Cane to stop his custody suit for Delia. Cane did, then Lily accepted his marriage proposal. They adopted a puppy and Cane started a new career, owner of a bar. Amber thought the key to Kevin’s psyche was finding out who was behind the chipmunk head. Kevin escaped from an ambulance. Adam decided to write his memoir.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis is arrested for breaking into Sharon’s room.

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