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RECAPS - 4/27-5/1

ALL MY CHILDREN — Bianca allowed Reese to visit with Miranda and Gabrielle. After talking with Erica, Bianca reconsidered things. Bianca and Reese reunited and flew to Paris with the children. Ryan learned from Alexander Cambias that he was the Satin Slayer killer, but didn’t murder Dixie. Tad was determined to find out who really killed Dixie. Krystal was ill at ease when David invited Marissa to move in with them. JR asked Adam if he murdered Dixie. Opal was plagued by a horrifying vision of Tad. Adam made a confession to Erica. Zach remained intrigued by Liza, even though he still didn’t know her name. Frankie’s family received news that his convoy had been ambushed.

THIS WEEK: Zach and Kendall face another crisis with Ian.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Zoe begged Luke to impregnate her so she could have a true Grimaldi heir. Damian stopped Zac, but Zoe and Zac accused Damian of planning the entire abduction. Lily believed Damian, much to Holden’s displeasure. Luke decided to give Damian a chance to redeem himself. Lucinda introduced Emily to Hunter, her new partner in a digital version of The Intruder. Henry was shocked that Vienna hired an actor to impersonate the doctor who confirmed Brad was the father of her baby. Dusty managed to get custody of Johnny when Craig was implicated in the illegal exporting scam. Parker was upset that Liberty still wanted an annulment.

THIS WEEK: Craig is determined to get Johnny back.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy moved out of the beach house. She told Rick there was no chance of their getting back together. Ridge urged Eric to fire Rick from Forrester. Stephanie heard that Bill Spencer died and called Karen with condolences. Brooke blasted Taylor for using the Rick/Steffy situation to get Ridge back. Brooke put Rick in his place for interfering in her marriage. Ridge apologized to Taylor and his children. Thomas encouraged his mother to take Ridge away from Brooke. Stephanie taunted Brooke about her marital woes. When Pam made a serious error at work, Stephanie advised her to not tell anyone what happened. The contents of Bill Spencer’s will shed light on how he felt about the beneficiaries.

THIS WEEK: Bill Spencer Jr. comes to Los Angeles.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe demanded to hear Sami say the words “don’t go” before getting off the plane. Sami asked Lucas to keep the secret of Grace’s paternity from EJ. Lexie diagnosed Stefano with diabetes. He left Salem to seek treatment overseas. Masi, the hit man, told EJ that he wouldn’t stop until Phillip was dead. When they learned that Billie was in serious condition in London, Kate sent Chelsea to be with her mother. Chloe told Father Matt that she couldn’t tell Lucas the truth about her affair with Daniel. Nicole begged Dr. Baker to leave town before EJ figured out the truth about the baby switch. Max was hopeful to get in Salem University medical school. Stephanie was crushed when Phillip refused to leave Salem with her.

THIS WEEK: Sami meets Arianna, the other woman in Rafe’s life.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Olivia broke up a fist fight between Jax and Sonny over Carly’s pregnancy and what she must do. When Emma was put in danger by Robin’s neglect, Patrick organized an intervention with Robin’s family and friends. She agreed to go into treatment. Ethan insisted he was not Luke’s son and refused to take a DNA test. Tracy suspected Ethan was conning Luke. Nikolas and Elizabeth kissed to make Nikolas and Rebecca jealous. Jason was convinced that Claudia planned the hit on him and Jerry. Maxie was in hot water when her scheme to win Spinelli back went awry. Jax had a proposition for Claudia. After talking with Diane, Jason decided to keep quiet about Claudia for the sake of her unborn child.

THIS WEEK: Sonny and Carly make a decision about Michael’s surgery.

GUIDING LIGHT — In Orlando, Bill showed Lizzie the time of her life. He took over the Sinbad show to swoop down on her and make a romantic proposal. Rick arranged for Phillip to get out of his confinement at Ravenswood. Phillip went to Orlando to keep Alan from spoiling Lizzie’s time with Bill. Frank saw Natalia and Olivia together, finally understanding the depth of their relationship. Dinah collected DNA evidence from baby Henry and Shayne to determine if they’re related. Lara haunted Shayne’s dream. James questioned Phillip about killing Grady. Phillip and Beth reminisced about their past together. Christina was offended when Remy said she was more fun on vacation.

THIS WEEK: Dinah contemplated telling Shayne about the baby.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Marty went on the run with John. Starr discovered that Cole was still using drugs. With her help, he threw the pills in the river. Hiding at La Boulaie, Cole went through withdrawal. John and Marty went after Powell Lord, the other frat brother involved in the rape. Gigi gave Brody the encouragement to tell Jessica the truth. Brody and Jessica made love. Bo and Nora grew closer as they bonded over Matthew’s struggles going back to school. Viki caught Brody and Jessica kissing. Schuyler threw Stacy out. Rex and Gigi told Shane about their breakup. Roxy pulled the plug on Rex’s dad. He was reported dead, but his body disappeared.

THIS WEEK: Schuyler is determined to find out what Stacy is up to.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon had charges filed against Phyllis for breaking into her room. Phyllis convinced Lauren to drop the charges against Sharon for Noah’s sake, and Sharon agreed to let Phyllis off the hook. Ashley had incidents that made her question her sanity. Victor believed Nikki was stalking Ashley. Heather and Adam recommitted to each other after making love. Neil tried to resign from Newman because he can never be CEO, but Victor wouldn’t let him. Neil then asked Kay to hire him as Chancellor CEO and she said yes. Kevin confronted the chipmunk and when he saw himself, he was able to snap out of his psychosis. Colleen refused to give up her seat on the board. Nick moved home with Phyllis. Sharon discovered she was pregnant. Nina catches a drunken Jill crashing Kay’s wedding.

THIS WEEK: Jack offers to be the father to Sharon’s baby.

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