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RECAPS - 5/4-5/8

ALL MY CHILDREN — Zach and Kendall learned that Ian needed heart surgery. Adam convinced David to use Scott’s experimental valve on Ian. David informed Scott that he repaired the flaw in Scott’s design during surgery. Aidan got word that his operative lost track of Annie. While searching for information about Dixie’s death, Tad discovered the blackmail file on Krystal in Adam’s safe. He gave the file to Krystal and she burned it. The family learned that Frankie’s hands were severely injured and he was airlifted to Germany for treatment. After failing to run away, Amanda returned to Jake and he told her that he was in love with her. Marissa kept JR from taking a drink. Krystal shared her secret with Tad.

THIS WEEK: Zach threatens to kill David if anything happens to Ian.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Craig was arrested for Cesar’s murder and the gun smuggling. Lucy was upset that her father was framed by Dusty so she finally confessed the truth. Craig could not forgive Lucy. Dusty tried to make a run for it with Johnny, but Carly and Jack stopped him. Meg tried to trick Paul into having an emotional explosion by making him think she was sleeping with Dusty. Dusty told Paul what Meg was scheming to do. Damian was involved in the smuggling. Brad and Katie learned the truth about Vienna’s baby, that Henry’s the dad. Vienna and Henry apologized, but Brad and Katie said their friendship was over.

THIS WEEK: Meg is furious with Dusty.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge and Taylor’s new plan to get back at Rick included hiring someone new at Forrester. Brooke and Rick were against the new hire. Brooke and Taylor fought and Ridge realized that his marriage was in jeopardy. Brooke shot down Rick’s plan to get Steffy back. Steffy was in tears as she returned Rick’s engagement ring. When Brooke saw Bridget and Owen dating, she was able to assure Katie that Nick was true to her. Marcus and Steffy rebuilt their friendship over a game of basketball. Stephanie urged Taylor to trust the document she has dug up that could sink Ridge and Brooke forever. Jackie promoted Owen.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie delivers a blow to the Logans.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe told Sami that Arianna was his sister, not another woman. Kate told Chloe that she was aware of her affair with Daniel, but wouldn’t tell Lucas. Kate fired her from the talk show. Chelsea told Max that she was moving to London to care for Billie. He wanted to go with her, but she urged him to go to med school instead. When EJ grilled Dr. Baker, Nicole freaked out. She accidentally pushed the doctor down the stairs. He survived and told Nicole that he remembered everything, including her trying to kill him. Phillip was released from the hospital. Victor made a deal with EJ. Sami and Rafe nearly made love.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie plans to marry Phillip.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Rebecca spent the night at Wyndemere with Nikolas when the launch broke down. Carly returned home. Lucky and Elizabeth admitted they still have feelings for each other. Spinelli rejected Maxie’s romantic suggestion. He accepted her case only as a friend, but on a stakeout, the chemistry between them heated up. Patrick insisted that he was ready for Michael’s surgery and Carly and Sonny gave him the go ahead. Luke suspected that Tracy doctored the DNA test results because she doesn’t want Ethan to be Luke’s son. Nikolas discovered Alexis trying to bribe Rebecca to leave town. Michael suffered a crisis during the operation. Jax wanted Claudia to stay away from Carly.

THIS WEEK: Luke is surprised by a visit from Holly.

GUIDING LIGHT — After hearing from members of the Spaulding family, Dr. Mike agreed that Phillip was not supposed to be in Ravenswood, so she had him released. Frank has a hard time adjusting to the news about Olivia and Natalia. Natalia and Olivia go away for a weekend, but they were only comfortable when Emma joined them. Josh was suspicious when he received faxes from Roc about Edmund. Josh ripped open a gift for baby Colin, thinking it was something evil, but it was just a jack-inthe box. After ruling out eloping, Bill offered to give Lizzie a dream wedding. Henry’s blood work was a cause of concern for Mallet and Marina. Daisy told James she has a side business making fake ID’s.

THIS WEEK: Alan is upset because he cannot control Phillip.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Cole managed to kick his drug habit thanks to Starr’s help. Gigi was devastated when Rex moved in with Stacy. Gigi and Rex had a close moment, but Rex believed that Gigi had cheated on him with Brot. Shane blamed Gigi for his parents’ break up. Kyle figured out that the DNA test from Jared and Natalie was for Starr and Cole’s child. Starr and Cole asked Marcie for permission to exhume Hope’s body for more DNA tests. John confronted Powell. Powell and Rebecca put the next phase of their plan in motion. Todd, Blair and Tea were stricken by chemically tainted invitations. John encountered Rebecca and got more than he bargained for.

THIS WEEK: Jessica remembers more about what happened the night she gave birth to Chloe.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jill tried to crash Kay’s wedding. Victor was displeased to learn that Neil was the new Chancellor CEO. Kay invited the Governor to dinner to convince him to pardon Amber and Kevin. Jill showed up uninvited and said that Amber and Kevin deserved to be imprisoned. In court, Gloria’s taped confession and her blurting out that she was guilty led the judge to rule in Jabot’s favor. Ashley was rushed to the hospital with baby pains. Victor ordered Estella to work at Newman. Adam injected his eyes with botox to deceive Victor’s doctor. At a photo shoot for Restless Style, Cane and Lily were thrown by the negative vibe. Billy hid his panic when Jack told him about Sharon’s pregnancy.

THIS WEEK: Nina asks Kay if she can turn her life into a screenplay.

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