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RECAPS - 5/11-5/15

ALL MY CHILDREN — Zach and Kendall learned that Ian had been given a defective heart valve and Adam knew it was bad. Ian was given only hours to live. Zach and Kendall were both in agreement on killing Adam to get revenge. Marissa turned out to be Krystal’s daughter, Babe’s twin. Krystal had sold her after giving birth. Krystal blamed Adam for the secret coming out, and David blamed Adam for poisoning Little A’s mind against him. Opal had visions of death. Annie turned the tables on Aidan and tied him up so she could steal Emma and make a run for it. Erica busted Gayle, but wouldn’t back up Adam’s claims when Jesse questioned him.

THIS WEEK: Liza shares her plan with Jake.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie was in the dumps about not having a baby. Vienna and Henry suggested that Brad and Katie look into a private adoption. Fredo was arrested in a sting at the docks that proved Damian was innocent. He offered Luke and Noah the use of a Grimaldi ship for their sick children’s cruise. When Meg agreed to go on the cruise as a nurse, Holden reconsidered letting Lily go, too. He admitted that he’s a fool to be jealous of Damian. Craig had Parker’s car totaled after the teen dropped out of school. Carly convince Craig to give Dusty some place in Johnny’s life. Craig tried to reach out to Lucy, but she had already left Oakdale. Paul refused to let Barbara move in to Fairwinds.

THIS WEEK: Alison is curious about Hunter.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Jackie asked Nick to explain his intentions towards Bridget. For Steffy, Rick has a change of heart about Thomas. Taylor nearly spilled the beans about the invalid marriage license to Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie accepted Bill Spencer, Jr.’s offer and put out a webcast for Spencer Communications that slammed the Logan women and Eric’s handling of Forrester. Donna confronted Stephanie to get her to stop attacking her family. Rick gave Steffy a special gift that she believed proved his kindness. Her parents disagreed, but Brooke thought Rick was sincere. Jackie set Owen straight about his “position” in the company. Donna was taken aback by Bill Spencer’s attitude when she met him.

THIS WEEK: Bill Spencer makes waves in L.A.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — E.J. got a message from Stefano about a new plan to keep the company and get back at the Kiriakis family by planting Owen, a spy, at their mansion. Caroline objected to Stephanie’s engagement to Phillip, but ultimately wished her well. Dr. Baker survived the fall but accused Nicole of trying to kill him. Sami told Rafe who Dr. Baker was when she saw him and Rafe convinced Baker to leave Salem. E.J. enacted his plan and Owen kidnapped Stephanie. Kate left for London to see Billie, but not before making Lucas suspicious of Chloe and Daniel’s relationship. Dr. Baker leaves a note saying that if he dies, Nicole DiMera would be responsible.

THIS WEEK: Sami and Rafe take their relationship to the next level.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Alexis continued to believe that Rebecca is conning Nikolas. Luke and Ethan went to Singapore to rescue Holly. Tracy followed and Holly confronted them. Carly gave Patrick to finish Michael’s surgery. When Michael didn’t awaken after two days, Carly accepted his fate. Sonny asked Claudia point blank if she was involved in the warehouse shooting. Jason was relieved to be able to confide in Sam as a friend. Spinelli made a surprising discovery about Kate. Jason told Claudia he knows the truth of what she did. Tracy denied tampering with the DNA test results. Lulu had a major surprise when she visited Michael in the hospital. Kate was involved in something bad.

THIS WEEK: Carly is devastated by Michael’s harsh words.

GUIDING LIGHT — Phillip learned that James was fronting a Ponzi scheme — the Independence Fund International. Phillip offered to help James, but his son believed all Phillip cared about was Lizzie’s happiness. Remy asked his father for money to invest in Christina’s new day care center, but Clayton’s money was tied up in the Independence Fund. The results of Reva’s test show she is in remission. In Italy, Josh and Shayne found that Roc was hospitalized, not Edmund. Josh alerted Jeffrey that Reva was in danger. Remy went back to playing poker to make money for Christina. Olivia went to see Ava in San Francisco. Natalia realized how much she missed her.

THIS WEEK: Someone is stalking Reva and Marina.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Powell held Todd, Blair, Tea, John and Marty hostage. Rebecca was stunned to learn from her brother Kyle about Starr’s baby. Stacy performed at Jared’s bachelor party. Dorian fumed at first when she heard of Langston’s plan to make love with Markko after the prom. She then gave Langston condoms to practice safe sex. Lola took a hit of acid at the prom then told Dorian and Ray how she got revenge on Langston. She also revealed another secret. Clint proposed to Nora when he felt she was getting to close to Bo. John used a Houdini move to get out of his restraints. Marty was shaken by memories of her rape. Jared and Natalie got married in a private ceremony before the truth about Chloe came out.

THIS WEEK: Viki figures out what happened to Jessica.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Thanks to Murphy’s bonding with the Governor over their military service, Kevin and Amber were granted a pardon. After hesitating briefly, Nikki accepted Paul’s marriage proposal. Jill was wiped out financially when her Cayman bank went bust. Jeff and Gloria were also left penniless. Nina asks Kay if she can turn her life into a screenplay. Victor’s specialist declared that Adam’s blindless was irreversible. Daniel landed a big commission, but had to accept a secret assignment to forge a painting. Karen gave Neil divorce papers. When incriminating evidence was found in Estella’s things, Victor fired her. Lily and Cane had a small, private wedding.

THIS WEEK: Devon makes a shocking discovery.

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