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RECAPS - 5/18-5/22

ALL MY CHILDREN — Jesse found the victim of a gunshot wound, and then fired at a fleeing suspect but hit another person by accident. Liza revealed her plan to fake a pregnancy so she can adopt Amanda’s baby and pass it off as her own. Someone confessed to the murder, but Ryan was doubtful that the confessor really was the killer. JR made a shocking discovery. After Ryan allowed Annie to spend time with Emma, Annie called the police to turn herself in. Krystal wanted to run away from Pine Valley, but discovered that the person she asked to go with her wasn’t interested in leaving town. Liza asked Colby to back up her alibi for the night of the murder.

THIS WEEK: Annie has a breakthrough.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie and Brad were crushed when the adoption attorney turned out to be a fraud. Henry played poker to raise the $10,000 to repay Brad and Katie. Katie was disappointed and lashed out at Vienna. Vienna tripped and suffered a fetal death. On the run from Meg, Paul ran in to Rosanna at a farmer’s market. Rosanna explained that she woke from her coma, lost her fortune and stayed away from Oakdale because Craig was with Carly and Paul was wrapped up with Meg. Carly failed to show up for family therapy because she couldn’t control her drinking. When Jack and Janet took custody of the kids, Carly promised to go to A.A. C raig s tuck b y C arly’s side as she tried to go sober. Alison told Hunter she was with Casey when he made a pass at her.

THIS WEEK: Rosanna goes to see Paul.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill and Eric had a serious disagreement. Taylor showed Ridge proof that he and Brooke weren’t married, and then lobbied for him to return to her. Ridge and Brooke clashed over Rick again. When Donna confronted Bill over the Stephanie web casts, he responded by propositioning her. Katie was unsure of her future with Nick after finding him reminiscing about Bridget. Bridget decided to take the next step with Owen to prove she was over Nick. Jackie urged Nick to choose the woman who made him happiest. Bridget and Nick were floored to discover Owen and Jackie’s affair. Katie got drunk and wound up in a stranger’s bed. Bill helped Donna rescue Katie.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie contemplates granting Eric a favor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe told Sami he wanted more of a commitment, but Sami said she wasn’t ready for marriage. Rafe asked to adopt Grace. Arianna was worried for Rafe, fearing he was falling into an old pattern. Owen held the kidnapped Stephanie at the morgue. EJ negotiated a swap of prisoners, Stefano for Stephanie. Philip begged Victor to make the switch, but Victor only agreed after Philip brought up his love for Caroline. The swap stalled when Owen refused to follow EJ’s orders. Brady was concerned for Stephanie’s life and told the police about the exchange at the pier. Nicole offered EJ her complete support. Arianna met Brady and let him know she didn’t care for Sami.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie’s life is in danger.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Rebecca offered to stay away from Nikolas for two weeks to give Alexis a chance to prove that she was in cahoots with Helena. Carly was stunned by Michael’s anger because she wasn’t at his bedside when he woke up. Jason promised Michael that he would find who was responsible for his being hurt. Sonny asked Michael’s forgiveness for putting him in harm’s way. Rayner asked Alexis out on a date. Lulu was amused to see how Michael manipulated Edward and asked to live with the Quartermaines. Holly had answers for Luke and Ethan. Claudia confronted Olivia about having sex with Johnny. Sonny ordered Olivia to keep away from Johnny.

THIS WEEK: Claudia questions Michael to see what he remembers.

GUIDING LIGHT — Remy pulled Edmund’s body from the river but forensics confirmed that he was dead two days before. Remy found diamonds in Edmund’s pocket and kept them from Mallet. Olivia saw Reva arguing with Edmund before his body was discovered. Jeffrey and Josh tried to keep Reva from being questioned by Mallet. Shayne was tempted to tell Marina the truth about Henry. Natalia was happy to have Olivia home. The two realized they would have to make some adjustments before Rafe came home. Phillip vowed to rescue James from the Ponzi scheme he created. James kissed Daisy. Phillip managed to get back Alan’s car after James stole it. Remy asked Buzz if he had a fence for the diamonds.

THIS WEEK: Lizzie and Bill do wedding planning in Chicago.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Powell revealed the truth about Chloe being Starr’s baby to Marty and Todd. Marty had a breakthrough and recalled all her memories, including having Cole. Jessica had flashbacks about the night Chloe was born and Bess taking control. John found Tea and Blair in the gas-filled room. He rescued Blair, but Tea was caught in an explosion. Jessica kidnapped Chloe from the hospital and with Bess in control, went on the run from Llanview. Viki and Clint learned about Jessica and the baby switch from Jared and Natalie. Todd was thrown to learn that Tea might die. Stacy manipulated Rex into sending Shane back to Gigi. Michael and Marcie told Starr and Cole that the baby in Hope’s coffin wasn’t Hope.

THIS WEEK: Gigi and Schuyler team up to expose Stacy’s lies.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Devon got a letter from Aunt Virginia and learned that Tyra was not related to Ana or him. On the anniversary of Cassie’s death, Sharon went to her grave to mourn alone, but Nick showed up. Phyllis spied on Nick and Sharon together and heard Sharon confess to being pregnant. Paul caught Mary Jane in a lie and began investigating her. Estella had an alibi for the latest Ashley/Sabrina incident, causing Ashley to doubt her sanity. Billy and Chloe painted the pool house and wound up making love. Mac’s Darfur boyfriend surprised her with a passionate kiss. Amber and Nina decided that Kay’s movie has to be about the baby switch. Jill tried to keep her financial ruin secret.

THIS WEEK: Mac receives a marriage proposal.

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