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RECAPS - 5/25-29

ALL MY CHILDREN — Despite Jake and Angie’s case against him, the hospital ethics board ruled in David’s favor because he bribed Nurse Gayle to lie under oath. Krystal was disgusted when she discovered David offering to buy Amanda’s baby. David’s apologizing couldn’t stop Krystal from ending their marriage. Tad delivered a moving tribute to the dearly departed. Colby overheard Liza talking to Jake about the fact that he was supposed to be her father. Jesse believed that the person arrested for the crime was covering for someone else. Krystal tried to make up with Marissa. Liza made a decision after a tearful meeting with Amanda.

THIS WEEK: Liza looks like the guilty party.

AS THE WORLD TURNS — Hunter invited Larry, Allison’s father, to her graduation party. Allison was upset, but later she and Larry were able to make up for the first time in years. Allison and Casey made love for the first time. Meg and Damian followed Barbara when she tried to get money to Paul so he could run off with Eliza. Paul hid out with Rosanna in her farm community. Carly tried attending an AA meeting. Craig asked Jack for help with Carly, and Craig hired her to work on a new project for his vitamin water business. Parker feared Liberty was going to prom with another guy. Vienna guessed that Katie was pregnant. Brad convinced Henry not to sue Oakdale Now over Vienna’s miscarriage.

THIS WEEK: Meg continues to search for Paul.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie was surprised to see that since ending their engagement, Nick had moved on. Stephanie had second thoughts about her association with Bill and made some stipulations. Brooke confronted Bill about The Logan Chronicles and took up his offer to respond in kind. Brooke’s broadcast caused Rick and Thomas to come to blows. Brooke feared she’d made a mistake about the web cast when she saw Ridge’s reaction. Taylor pressed Ridge to come back to her. Bridget set ground rules for Nick in his effort to prove himself to her. Thanks to Stephanie, Bill found a way to hit Forrester Creations where it hurts the most.

THIS WEEK: Nick takes aim at breaking up Owen and Jackie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Bo and the cops intervened at the exchange between the Kirakises and Dimeras. Stefano woke up in the hospital and was informed that he was in police custody. Caroline lashed out at Victor for his actions. Owen decided to keep Stephanie for himself. Owen captured Melanie and Brady and locked them in the Kiriakis mausoleum. Philip wound up in a drawer at the morgue. He heard Stephanie’s voice, unaware that she was also in a morgue drawer. Lucas suspected that Chloe and Daniel were keeping something from him. Maggie worried that Mia could slip back into drugs.

THIS WEEK: Kate catches Daniel and Chloe in a compromising position.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Robin returned home and bonded with Emma. Maxie found it hard to fight her attraction to Johnny. Sam and Jason teamed up to find proof that Claudia hired Fredo to kill Jerry. Carly was furious when Michael declared he was going to live with the Quartermaines once he’s out of the hospital. Claudia probed Michael’s memory to determine if he remembered her confessing to his shooting. Michael was thrilled about Sonny and Claudia having a child. Holly claimed that Robert Scorpio was Ethan’s father, but Robin warned Ethan not to believe Holly. Sonny warned Johnny to stay away from Olivia. Jax refrained from sex with Carly because of her highrisk pregnancy.

THIS WEEK: Claudia and Carly get into a dangerous altercation.

GUIDING LIGHT — Remy decided to rejoin the Springfield Police Department. Phillip offered to take the blame for James’ ponzi scheme and go to prison if necessary. However, Phillip was unable to get a loan to repay James’ debts and had to turn to Alan. Thanks to Frank speaking up, Rafe was released from prison and went home to Natalia, but he was uncomfortable around Olivia and lashed out at Emma. Lizzie was stunned when Bill was blamed for James’ scheme. Mallet discovered that Edmund’s skull was crushed with a PVC pipe. Reva lied to Jeffrey about details involving her interaction with Edmund, but assured him that she didn’t kill him.

THIS WEEK: Marina struggled with keeping Shayne’s secret.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Marty and John shared a passionate kiss, but decided to wait for the right time to make love. Schuyler told Gigi about his suspicions that Stacy was not the stem cell donor for Shane. Stacy lied to get Rex to give her money so she could pay off her debt to Stan. Viki made a televised address when Jessica went on the run with Chloe. Bess took the baby to the Brennan’s home, saying that Chloe was Nash’s child. Cindy and Phil saw Viki on TV. Schuyler recognized Kyle at the lab and figured his part in Stacy’s scheme. John offered to have Tea recover at his house. Blair and Tea pretend they don’t each other’s deepest secrets.

THIS WEEK: Viki finds a way to get through to Bess.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor trusted Adam, unaware he was plotting against him and Ashley. Ashley was hospitalized for spotting, but the baby was safe. However, there was a Sabrina scrapbook in her purse making Olivia and Victor doubt Ashley’s mental health. Chloe was fed up with Billy’s attitude about Mac and moved back to the Chancellor mansion. Raul asked Mac to marry him and she said yes, upsetting Billy. Nick learned about Sharon’s pregnancy, as did Phyllis. Jack assured Sharon they would raise the baby together. Sharon was stunned when Nick told her he left Phyllis and wanted a life with her and their baby. Lily surprised Cane by extending their honeymoon to include Australia.

THIS WEEK: Nikki learns that Paul is investigating Mary Jane.

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