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RECAPS - 6/1-5

ALL MY CHILDREN — Liza asked Jake to promise her that he won’t take Amanda’s baby back once he gives it to her. Colby found the letters that Adam had kept from her from Liza. Pete discovered the bloodstain on one of the letters was Stuart’s. David begged Krystal to come back to him. When he got physical with her, Scott slugged him. Marissa offered to fill the void in David’s life. Annie was stabbed. Ryan questioned Annie about Stuart’s murder. Frankie’s dream of becoming a surgeon was dashed after the operation on his hands. Angie urged Randi to stay by Frankie’s side even after he told her to leave him alone.

THIS WEEK: David tells Jesse where he was the night of the murder.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Rosanna helped Paul when Bonnie and Dusty tracked him and Eliza down. Rosanna and Paul pretended to be a married couple and worked at a diner. Paul asked Barbara to arrange a call with Meg. Paul then made a deal with Meg to bring Eliza home on the condition that Meg not press charges against him. Tom and Margo informed family and friends that Adam died in Afghanistan. Katie suspected Brad was cheating on her, but he was actually trying to arrange for a private adoption. Katie told Brad about her pregnancy. Since Katie had to remain off her feet for the baby, Vienna filled in on Oakdale Now as Brad’s cohost.

THIS WEEK: Dusty wants Paul to pay for his actions.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill made plans to reap the rewards from Eric’s downfall. Donna contemplated Bill’s offer believing she could save Forrester in one night. Ridge confessed the truth about the marriage license to Brooke. Steffy offered to take Rick back if he agreed to certain stipulations. Bill pressured Donna that time was running out on his proposition. Eric shared his quandary with his family. Nick was obsessed with breaking up Owen and Jackie. Stephanie turned on Bill and teamed with Eric. Together, they used dirty tactics to fight Bill. Jackie and Owen decided to become roommates, thwarting Nick’s objections. Ridge was rocked by Steffy and Rick’s reconciliation.

THIS WEEK: Bill plots to get even with Stephanie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Phillip and Stephanie were trapped in the morgue. Phillip fought off Owen. Bo and Hope rescued Phillip and Stephanie. Brady managed to break out him and Melanie from the mausoleum. Stefano told Nicole he knew all about the baby switch. Kate found Daniel and Chloe in a compromising position. Stefano escaped from police custody when EJ revealed that Owen might tell the authorities about his connection to the Dimeras. Lucas told Will to stay away from Mia when he learned she was a recovering addict. Rafe took a construction job so he could qualify as Grace’s adopted father. Arianna blamed Sami for ruining Rafe’s FBI career.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie remains traumatized by her memories of the morgue.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Morgan convinced Michael to move home with Carly and Jax. Jason discovered Kristina hanging out at a bar and took her back to Alexis. Michael was frustrated with his recovery, so he snuck out of the hospital and showed up in Kristina’s bedroom. Rebecca and Nikolas made love. Rayner told Alexis that Rebecca had been adopted as a baby. Rebecca met secretly with Helena to end their association. Carly convinced Sonny they had to present a united front with Michael. Claudia told Jax that Carly was making a play for Sonny. Carly and Claudia had a precarious encounter. Lucky was ready to forgive Luke until he saw him kissing Holly.

THIS WEEK: Sonny suspected that Ric might be the father of Claudia’s unborn.

GUIDING LIGHT — Reva was arrested when Mallet found the pipe that killed Edmund in her car. Phillip realized that he couldn’t take the blame for James’ Ponzi scheme. He arranged for the SEC to arrest James, explaining to Beth that Phillip couldn’t let James become like Alan. Rafe learned that he couldn’t become a cop because of his felony record. Natalia was defensive when Olivia and Father Ray criticized her for being overprotective of Rafe. Cyrus returned to Springfield to find Edmund’s diamonds. Remy sold one of the diamonds to give his father the money to pay the mortgage. Cyrus grilled Marina for information about the diamonds, reporting back to Natasha. Daisy asked Cyrus about Grady.

THIS WEEK: Remy has a guilty conscience about the diamonds.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Stacy repaid Stan, but had him hit her so she could manipulate Rex’s feelings for her. Brody was unable to stop Bess from taking control of Jessica. Bess barricaded herself and Chloe in the Brennan’s house. Viki pretended to be Jean Randolph in order to get through to Bess. Jessica remembered everything about Chloe’s birth. Starr and Cole both contemplated Hope’s future. Viki returned Starr’s baby Hope – who they believed was Chloe — to Todd and Blair. Rex suspected Gigi was involved with Schuyler. Gigi managed to get a DNA sample from Stacy. Christian and Layla agreed to let Fish become their new roommate. Michael and Marcie anticipated Hope’s homecoming.

THIS WEEK: Rachel suspects that Nora still has romantic feelings for Bo.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy begged Jack to forgive him for sleeping with Sharon. Ashley no longer feared Sabrina, but Adam plotted against her by creating a Sabrina “ghost.” Ashley uncovered the “ghost,” but fell down the stairs. Nikki found an unconscious Ashley. Sharon turned down Jack’s marriage proposal. Phyllis threw Nick out of their home. While Phyllis and Jack comforted each other with sex, Nick and Sharon made passionate love. Daniel learned that Howard Aucker was not with the FBI and he’d been conned. Chloe demanded that Billy find them a home of their own. Victor fired Mary Jane. Cane told Uncle Langley they have a problem.

THIS WEEK: Sharon and Nick discuss the future.

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