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RECAPS - 6/8-12

ALL MY CHILDREN — David admitted to being in the tunnels on the night Stuart was shot, but declared that he didn’t shoot him. David remembered seeing Liza standing over Stuart’s body. Kendall and Zach bonded when Ian had surgery to repair his heart. Kendall apologized to Zach for hurting him. Jesse wasn’t convinced that David was telling the truth. Marissa convinced David to stay in Pine Valley even though he believed he was being railroaded for Stuart’s murder. Jake and Amanda were married at an impromptu ceremony conducted by Tad. On their honeymoon in Barbados, Amanda gave birth. Jake called Liza to assure her that their plan was still in place. Emma faked being sick to get to see Annie.

THIS WEEK: Randi refuses to give up on Frankie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Carly reunited with Rosanna. Paul hacked into Craig’s bank accounts to retrieve Rosanna’s fortune for her. Rosanna protected Paul and said she’d taken the money. Before Craig could press charges, a drunk-driving Carly sideswiped him. Margo grieved for Adam by doting on Riley. Tom turned to Bob for advice about dealing with Margo. Emily contemplated having another child, but learned her frozen eggs were missing. Meg was fed up with Dusty and broke it off with him. Derek broke up with Bonnie. Damian told Meg she deserved to be treated like a princess. Parker crashed the prom and saw Liberty out with McKenzie. Katie wasn’t happy about Brad and Vienna’s new show.

THIS WEEK: Carly’s drinking spirals out of control.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Owen asked Bridget for help dealing with Nick. Thomas fumed when he saw Rick and Steffy together. Stephanie had harsh words for Eric when he apologized and tried to rehire her. Taylor found a distraught Ridge at Phoebe’s grave and took him to Big Bear. Ridge found comfort in Taylor’s arms and overused her anti-anxiety medication. Under the influence, Ridge told Taylor a shocking truth. After Brooke learned of Ridge’s encounter with Taylor, she worried that she cannot satisfy her husband. They met to make peace but a sobering phone call interrupted their progress. Jackie was caught in the middle when Nick decided to fire Owen.

THIS WEEK: Taylor is concerned about Ridge’s reliance on pills.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Victor told Caroline he was the same man she loved years ago. Victor invited Brady back into the Kiriakis family circle. Rafe felt shut out when Sami wanted to speak alone with Will about the twins. Arianna feared that Sami was manipulating Rafe’s feelings. Nicole feared that Stefano would tell EJ about the baby switch, but he remained silent…for the time being. Stefano assured EJ that he made sure that Owen would not squeal about the Dimera role in Stephanie’s kidnapping. When Chelsea returned from London, she and Max made love. Victor made what Nicole took as a threat against her daughter. Chloe admitted that she was still in love with Daniel.

THIS WEEK: Nicole pretends to be surprised to learn that Grace is Sami’s baby.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Jason calmed Michael down after he had a violent outburst. Helena’s bodyguards captured Luke. Ethan and Rebecca met to discuss their scam. Nikolas broke the news to Monica that Rebecca and Emily were twins. After tumbling down the stairs, Carly was all right, but Claudia needed tests to determine her baby’s status. Rebecca used her connection to Emily to keep Jason from suspecting her. Matt performed emergency surgery on Mayor Floyd’s mistress, Brianna, after she fell in the shower. Brianna died during the operation and Diane announced that her family was suing for malpractice. Jason questioned Sam about Kristina. Sonny dared Claudia to move out.

THIS WEEK: Ric stirs trouble between Sonny and Claudia.

GUIDING LIGHT — Beth was furious with Phillip when he turned James in to the SEC when he tried to create another Ponzi scheme. Phillip was when the D.A. charged James to the maximum, meaning James could be jailed for 850 years. Natalia and Olivia agreed that they were not afraid of getting intimate, but when Rafe saw them together at a picnic, he freaked out. Reva contemplated confessing to Edmund’s murder. Dinah attempted to burn the evidence connected to Edmund’s case. Jeffrey and Josh learned that Edmund’s corpse was cremated, leading them to suspect that Edmund set up his own death to frame Reva for murder. Vandals attacked Reva and Jeffrey’s home.

THIS WEEK: Shayne and Dinah search for proof that Edmund is really dead.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — After holding Hope in her arms, Starr reluctantly followed through with her plan to let Marcie and Michael adopt the baby. Brody comforted Jessica when she grieved for the loss of Chloe. Todd took custody of Sam and Jack, letting Starr stay with Blair. Marty and John agreed to try to make a go of their relationship. Todd brought Tea to his home after she was released from the hospital. Dorian was upset and lonely when Ray decided to leave Llanview. Charlie proposed to Viki. Marcie overheard Langston saying that Starr had second thoughts about giving up Hope. Asher tempted Cole with drugs again. Rex overheard Gigi reveal she’d never slept with Brody.

THIS WEEK: Cole is overwhelmed by recent events.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam covered for Ashley’s fall, not letting onto Nikki what really happened. Adam’s doctor determined that Ashley suffered a miscarriage, but later he said Ashley was having an hysterical pregnancy. Victor bought a stem-cell company to cure Adam’s blindness. Sharon moved out of Jack’s home to reunite with Nick. Frustrated with his parents’ marital shenanigans, Noah decided to seek his emancipation. Victoria got involved in Daniel’s Terroni sting with the fake FBI agent. She was hurt in the scuffle and Victor blamed J.T. Daniel was the prime suspect when Aucker was killed. Cane refused to answer Nina’s questions about his past. Mary Jane got a restraining order against Paul. Mac impulsively kissed Billy.

THIS WEEK: Ashley suspects Adam’s not her friend.

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