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RECAPS - 6/15-19

ALL MY CHILDREN — Tad vehemently objected to Liza’s plan to fake a pregnancy and keep David from knowing about his child. Amanda was upset when she had to give up the baby. Jake assured Liza that the plan worked. Krystal rescued a distraught David, but wound up in the hospital after a car crash. Frankie allowed Randi to feed him. Adam was impressed by Liza’s defense of Annie in court. Erica and Ryan were outraged when Annie was allowed to be under house arrest in Adam’s mansion. Zach and Kendall were relieved that Ian was recovering from heart surgery. North was determined to get a conviction against Kendall in Stuart’s murder.

THIS WEEK: JR kisses Marissa.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Craig agreed not to go after Rosanna as long as his money was returned. Carly confessed that she was drunk driving when she hit Craig. Craig refused to press charges against her so Jack didn’t arrest Carly. Unable to keep her promise to stop, Carly snuck a drink. Henry put on a dress and pretended to be Geneva Swift when Kim called his bluff. Katie realized that Henry was Geneva. Despite Margo’s feelings about Riley, Casey insisted he leave town. Damian took Meg for a day of boating and fun. Lily saw Meg and Damian together. Meg saw Dusty with Bonnie and urged him to move on. Carly appreciated Craig’s allegiance and they made love.

THIS WEEK: Katie conspires with Henry to keep Vienna from learning about Geneva.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Nick proposed to Bridget. After Owen and Jackie agreed to get married, Owen asked Jackie to give him his job back at Jackie M. Taylor worried that Ridge was romancing her because of the anxiety medication. To pump up sales at Forrester, Pam tried to get on The Price Is Right, but Donna was chosen as a contestant instead of Pam. Stephanie thwarted Brooke’s efforts to have a romantic dinner with Ridge. Rick found Steffy’s latest condition a difficult obstacle in their relationship. Nick was unable to dissuade Jackie about Owen, so Nick gave her an ultimatum: choose him or Owen. Stephanie urged Taylor to push Ridge into reconciling with Taylor.

THIS WEEK: Taylor is concerned about Ridge’s reliance on pills.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chloe confessed to Father Matt that she has cheated on Lucas in her mind because she still has feelings for Daniel. Kate’s revenge plan included digging up information about Daniel’s exwife Rebecca. Will rejected Sami because she lied to him about baby Grace. Stephanie popped pills to keep from remembering being traumatized by Owen. EJ petitioned for full custody of Johnny from Sami. Phillip learned of the truce between the Kiriakis and Dimera families. When Melanie said she was staying in Salem, Max gave her a plane ticket to join him if she ever changed her mind. Mia freaked out when she heard about a Salem West student named Chad Peterson.

THIS WEEK: Nicole fears that her secrets will cost her EJ.

GENERAL HOSPITAL To get in Sonny and Carly’s good graces, Claudia urged Michael to move home with Carly. Michael worried that he cannot control his temper. A troubled Matt hit on Maxie at Jake’s, prompting Spinelli to defend her. Johnny came to Spinelli’s aid and pummeled Matt. Claudia got Johnny to try and neutralize Jason, arranging a meet in the woods. With Sonny disapproving of her relationship with Johnny, Olivia asked Carly to speak with Sonny for her. Sam told Jason and Spinelli that she had been hired to investigate Mayor Floyd’s affair with Brianna Hughes before Brianna’s death. Diane informed Patrick that he would be named in Matt’s malpractice suit.

THIS WEEK: Michael tells Sonny he wants to follow in his footsteps.

GUIDING LIGHT — Phillip made a deal with the judge so that most of the charges against James were dropped. James was sentenced to one year of community service. Lizzie and Bill resigned from Spaulding. Alan decided to take over the company. Jeffrey and Josh collaborated to create the illusion that Jeffrey killed Edmund. Believing that Edmund was not really dead, Jeffrey and Dinah went on the run to find him, with Dinah pretending to be Lara. Christina questioned Remy about the diamonds. Remy flushed the remaining diamonds in the toilet. For Rafe’s sake, Natalia quit her job to separate from Olivia. Lizzie and Bill decided to get married on July 13.

THIS WEEK: Josh guards over Reva while Jeffrey is on the run.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Marcie and Michael gave Hope to Starr. Cole was caught throwing away Asher’s drugs and even though the cops believed he wasn’t using, the judge insisted that Cole be punished. Cole finally confessed to Starr that he has to serve time, leaving her to care for their child. Michael got a job offer in Seattle where he and Marcie agreed to start over. In court, Todd forced Tea to testify for him. When Blair and Todd were given joint custody, Todd proposed that Tea and Blair both come to live with him. Gigi tried in vain to seduce the truth about the bone marrow donor from Kyle. Markko’s parents learned from Dorian about Langston and Markko’s prom night sex.

THIS WEEK: Gigi demands the truth from Roxy.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor and Ashley caught Adam played a recording of Sabrina on his computer. Adam continued to frame Estella for the Sabrina incidents. Rafe showed Ashley the polygraph results proving Estella was telling the truth. Mac broke off her engagement with Raul, but let Billy believe she was still marrying Raul. Aucker arrested Daniel and Jana. Nina revealed that her son might have Huntington’s disease, which he could have inherited from Phillip III. Jill agreed to exhume Phillip’s body, only to discover the coffin was filled with sandbags. Sharon and Nick began looking for a house. Victor laid down the law to Adam. Devon fantasized about Tyra. Unable to get a corporate job, Jill returned to her roots at the nail salon.

THIS WEEK: Nina wants Cane to take another DNA test.

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