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RECAPS - 6/22-26

ALL MY CHILDREN — Annie dumped Aidan and tried to get romantic with Adam. At the memorial for David’s baby, Amanda nearly lost it and spilled the beans about the baby not having died after all. Liza pretended to go into labor to create a distraction. Colby bonded with her mother, believing that she was really about to give birth. Meanwhile, Tad retrieved Amanda’s baby from Jake to complete the illusion. Krystal was there for a distraught David. Zach hit a nerve with Madison when he mentioned her marriage to North. North asked Randi to run away with him, but she was committed to her marriage to Frankie. Taylor told Tad that she and Brot had called it quits. Aidan and Ryan conspired against Annie.

THIS WEEK: Amanda demands answers from Jake.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Craig proposed to Carly. Carly said yes only after Rosanna gave her approval. Jack wasn’t happy about the engagement because he suspected Carly was still drinking. Rosanna agreed to live at Milltown to watch over Carly. Margo learned Riley lied about his true identity. Luke and Noah went to a military base to shot footage for the film. In a confrontation with Noah’s father — Colonel Mayer – Margo was shot. Henry continued playing Geneva. Kim named Geneva the interim replacement for an injured Vienna. Larry was able to find Emily’s frozen eggs in the hospital lab. Damian tried to win over Meg by gaining control of WorldWide. Fed up with Paul, Dusty and Damian, Meg swore off all men.

THIS WEEK: Susan suspects that Larry is up to no good.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke was worried that giving Ridge his space was the wrong move. Nick warned Owen not to bring Jackie to Nick and Bridget’s wedding. Jackie told Nick that her future with Owen would happen despite Nick’s objections. Taylor and Ridge agreed to keep their night together a secret. Nick and Bridget exchanged vows and were married again. Nick asked Clarke to keep an eye on Owen while Nick’s on his honeymoon. At the wedding, the Forrester children delivered some bad news to Eric, while Bill flirted with Katie. Taylor told Stephanie the painful truth about her night with Ridge. Guilt-ridden Ridge was tempted to confess everything to Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Brooke and Ridge come to a decision about their relationship.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ promised Sami that his temporary custody of Johnny would become permanent. A desperate Sami pleaded with Stephanie to testify against EJ. Stephanie took a fall and knocked herself unconscious. Mia told her ex-boyfriend to leave her alone, but Chad said he wasn’t going anywhere. Stefano warned Nicole to never tell EJ the truth about Sydney being Sami’s daughter. Kate placed poisoned treats on the set for Hearth and Home broadcast, but Lucas nearly ate them instead of Chloe. Stephanie overdosed on anti-anxiety medication. Rafe suspected Nicole mourning Grace. Philip asked Lucas to be his best man. Bo has a vision of Zack and fears for Ciara.

THIS WEEK: Kate makes trouble for Daniel.

GENERAL HOSPITAL The ambush failed when Jason and Johnny took out all but one gunman. Morgan was grabbed in the woods when he went searching for Michael. Carly and Michael found Morgan and scared off Claudia’s henchman. Hiding at Claudia’s, Dominic ran into Kristina. Jason and Sonny were opposed to Michael joining the business. Carly asked the Quartermaines to let Michael live with them. Ric conspired with Andrea, Mayor Floyd’s wife. Robin and Patrick determined that Brianna Hughes was murdered. Mac arrested the Mayor. Sonny tried to appease Michael by buying him a sports car. Edward suggested Jason move into the mansion to make it easier for Michael. Rebecca freaked out over her feelings for Nikolas.

THIS WEEK: Sonny and Jason clash over what’s best for Michael.

GUIDING LIGHT — Blake hired Natalia as her assistant. Phillip consulted with Rick’s father, Dr. Ed Bauer, about his health. Ed informed Phillip that he has an incurable disease and only three months to live. Cyrus and Remy found the diamonds in the water sewage treatment plant. Remy turned in the jewels to the cops, but Cyrus stole a few on the sly. Reva put a light in the window, agreeing not to chase after Jeffrey. Dinah and Jeffrey left clues that made Lara appear to be alive. Shayne learned Dinah lied to him about going to a convention. Lizzie and Bill took back control of the wedding from Vanessa and Beth. Olivia and Natalia decided to reveal their relationship at the Bauer barbeque.

THIS WEEK: Michelle Bauer returns to Springfield.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Clint found a surgeon – Destiny’s brother Greg – who believed he could make Matthew walk again. Gigi asked Natalie and Jared to drop the charges against Kyle so he would reveal Shane’s true bone marrow donor. Rex made love to Stacy, but was later bothered by memories of Stacy’s comments when she tried to drug him. A desperate Marty asked John to help her run away with Cole. Todd agreed to move back to La Boulaie with the boys and gave Starr his okay to her marr ying Cole. Tea told Starr the truth about Todd’s motives. John agreed to return to the police department, but had one major condition for Bo. Dorian tried to mend fences with Markko’s family.

THIS WEEK: Gigi confesses everything to Rex.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon had the paternity test done and learned that her unborn child was Nick’s. Mary Jane schemed against Phyllis by causing Summer to have an anaphylactic reaction to a peanut cookie. Victor demanded that Adam explain the Sabrina’s incidents. Adam declared that Estella had set him up. Adam learned the botox injections to his eyes might result in permanent blindness. Adam tried to throw off Rafe’s suspicions by making a pass at Rafe. Phyllis bailed Daniel out of jail, but Jana was denied bail. A mysterious figure reacted to the news about Daniel with anger. Cane has frozen vials of Langley’s blood to fake Nina’s DNA test. Mac confessed to Billy that she broke up with Raul.

THIS WEEK: Heather begins investigating Phyllis for harming Summer.

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