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RECAPS – 7/30 – 8/3

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Shaun finds Vincent adrift in his own world on the roof of the Palace and tells Layla it looks as if Vincent might need someone to talk to. When she gets there, he admits he wish he had let Tate die when he had the chance. Layla assures him that his actions were those of a hero. After learning of Evangeline’s condition, Todd and Blair have a conversation about their relationship, which ends on a bad note. Roxy opens a can of worms by telling Antonio that Jessica and Nash got married before she went into surgery. Antonio is devastated and tells Jessica he wants both her and Nash out of his life for good.

THIS WEEK: John presses a nervous Michael to reveal what he’s been hiding. Todd, Blair and the kids have a fun evening together as a family.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Kendall is an absolute basket case when she fears that Spike is in pain as he recovers from surgery and fights an infection. Both she and Zach are hit with more bad news – Spike has a defective heart valve and needs more surgery. Devastated by her son’s condition, Kendall falls to pieces in Erica’s arms. Ava rejects Jack’s idea of setting up the drug dealer to clear Sean’s name because she doesn’t want Lily to know she dragged Sean into the mess to begin with. After learning that Lily has made it her mission to find out who was behind Sean’s drug bust, Ava agrees to Jack’s plan. Meanwhile, Adam vows to gets back everyone and everything he lost.

THIS WEEK: Kendall and Zach walk in and catch Greenlee with Spike and lunge for her. Jack and Derek fear for Ava’s life.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – In court, Diane argues that D.A. Lansing has a personal vendetta against Jason and that his case should be taken with a grain of salt. On the stand, Sam tells the truth but isn’t as vengeful as presumed she’d be. The jury is stilled by the Everyday Heroes footage, which clearly shows Jason’s skill at killing all his assailants. Ric plays the footage again, attesting that it shows Jason to be a cold-blooded killer. Ric tells Lucky not to worry about Liz on the witness stand, that he only wants to establish the chain of events for the jury. Later, Ric offers Jason a plea of second degree murder… or he’ll ask Liz about Jake’s paternity.

THIS WEEK: Carly discovers Jerry’s wounded. Lucky confronts Liz and asks if Jake is really his son.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Ridge can’t fathom how Ashley and Rick could hurt Phoebe like this and is disappointed and hurt himself. Phoebe ignores Rick’s calls, but listens to his message in which he begs for forgiveness. While listening to Lil’ Keesha (an artist on Constantine’s record label) record a love song, she reflects on her time with Rick and finally answers the phone when he calls, agreeing to possibly see him again. Rick wants to visit Phoebe, but she is still too upset about his affair with Ashley. Rick tells Bridget how much he wants Phoebe to forgive him, but Bridget thinks it’s a bad idea for him to go to Ridge’s house to see her. Ashley tells Stephanie that she broke up with Ridge because of Rick and that she’s decided to leave Forrester Creations.

THIS WEEK: Donna urges Thorne to give his opinion on Brooke and Ridge’s custody battle. Thorne admits he can’t get over Darla.

PASSIONS – Tabitha, Mrs. Wallace and Norma believe Endora is the most powerful witch ever after she single-handedly defeats a master demon. Good witch Esmerelda asks if Tabitha is ready to forsake the dark side and help Endora be the best good witch she can be. Chad and Whitney show up at the prison together, determined to make Vincent pay for setting them up. When Vincent admits to purposefully tearing their marriage apart, Chad looses control and tries to kill him! Luis’ execution gets closer, even as everyone prepares for a double wedding. Tabitha and her motley gang crash the festivities. Kay takes it upon herself to make sure the wedding is romantic, but makes mistakes with her magic that Endora is forced to fix. Whitney urges Theresa not to make the same mistake Whitney’s mother made.

THIS WEEK: Luis finds and tackles the blackmailer. As Spike sets a bomb under Miguel’s bed, he’s attacked by Tabitha’s monstrous housecat, Fluffy.

AS THE WORLD TURNS – Jack is hopeful that the kidnappers haven’t harmed JJ since they’re waiting for the ransom, and Carly admits she paid it. Katie reluctantly goes to see Jack and he assures Katie he’s missed her. He asked what he said to her when he was being taken to the hospital and Katie tells him he said “I love you,” but she doesn’t say he added “Carly.” Dallas has news that JJ was seen with a man and woman and Jack readies to leave but tells Carly she can’t come with him. Carly and Jack are both worried about finding JJ before Silas hurts him or worse. Holden asks Lily if she was ever going to tell him the truth about the ransom money. Lily defends herself and asks Holden for forgiveness.

THIS WEEK: Ali smells alcohol on Susan’s breath, and Susan covers. Aaron watches Sofie’s boyfriend start to bully her.

GUIDING LIGHT – Dinah makes a wobbly attempt to pick up a couple of guys to prove she’s still “got it” but falls on her face. Cassie tries to help but Dinah blows her off, upset and humiliated. Meanwhile, Mallet asks for Matt’s help, but he declines, needing to focus on saving his own marriage. Mallet goes to Frank to tell him that Dinah comes first, no matter what. Later, Cassie says the Dinah she knows would get even, and they steal one of the guy’s wallet. Harley, a little loopy off of the drug Alan slipped her, doesn’t push Dylan away as he says everything she needs to hear. Alan calls Gus from Harley’s phone, and Gus overhears Dylan tell Harley he’s taking her back to his place. Gus sees passed-out Harley in bed with Dylan and thinks the worst. Harley freaks out when she finds herself in Dylan’s bed. Witnessing Reva and Jeffrey’s newfound closeness, Olivia tells Reva that she’ll keep Jon’s secret if she agrees to forfeit Jeffrey.

THIS WEEK: Buzz apologizes for the offbeat date and Lillian kisses him. Coop meets Stuart and

WWW.STANXWORDS.COM 7/29/07 is quickly unsettled by his creepy behavior.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Cane, Daniel and Kevin all decide to look for Amber, but before they leave, U.S. Treasury agent Bonacheck arrives with questions for Kevin regarding a large amount of money he’s been tracking. The agent tells Kevin that the money was recently spent in Genoa City, by Kevin. He also asks about Daniel Romalotti and Amber Ashby, and both Daniel and Cane are forced to come forward, making all three look suspicious. Lily confesses to Neil what she knows about Amber’s kidnapping and the money involved. Neil becomes furious and goes to find Daniel to demand an explanation. Colleen goes to Adrian’s apartment and they both apologize for fighting about her involvement with Kevin and Jana. Cane goes to see Jill and tells her that he believes Amber’s kidnapping is real. He asks her to put up the money for the ransom and, after discussing it with Kay, Jill agrees to help.

THIS WEEK: Daniel and Kevin manage to remove their GPS devices. Kevin asks when Jana will have her operation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Andre meets with Lexie at the pier. He suspects a trap, but Bo and the cops burst in and cuff him. Andre swears he’s actually Tony – they have the wrong man! Bo tells the cops to take him in anyway. He calls Roman to warn him that Andre might still be on the loose. Nick wakes up in the Vegas hotel suite and remembers winning big at the casino, but recalls little else. Max staggers in, beaten to a pulp. Max tells Nick he thinks Rawlings was warning him to mind his own business. Nick finally remembers getting the results of Sami’s babies’ DNA test and realizes he has to rush back to Salem. Sami and Lucas are back at home, recovering from Sami’s kidnapping. Nick shows up, despite Kate’s presence, reveals that Lucas is the father of the twins, not EJ. Suspicious Sami asks if Kate or EJ threatened Nick into doctoring the initial results, but Nick claims full responsibility for his “mistake.”

THIS WEEK: Tony sneaks into the DiMera mansion and drugs Stefano. A drunk EJ fantasizes about shooting Lucas dead and winning over Sami.

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