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RECAPS - 6/29-7/3

ALL MY CHILDREN — Adam told Annie he believed in her. North tried to convince Randi to go away with him for a romantic weekend. Liza fooled everyone to believe she gave birth in the basement. Before the paramedics could uncover Liza’s ruse, Tad faked a heart attack. Tad recalled seeing a woman run away the night of Stuart’s murder. Randi confessed her past with North to Zach. Determined to defend Kendall, Erica confronted Annie. Annie responded by trying to strangle Erica. Randi went to North’s hotel room in an effort to make a deal with him that would help Jesse and Kendall. Liza named her baby for Stuart.

THIS WEEK: David is determined to learn the truth about his child.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Margo survived the shooting thanks to Riley. Casey learned that Riley was really Margo’s son Adam. Margo convinced Casey to keep the truth from Tom. Colonel Mayer kidnapped Noah to get him to go on the run with him. With Damian’s help, Luke found Noah. Paul pitted Damian and Dusty against each other to make them both look bad in Meg’s eyes. After Emily figured out that Hunter was her biological son, Larry confessed that he had arranged the whole thing for his lover at the time, Aurora. Hunter learned that Emily was his mother and his romance with Allison was impossible because they were brother and sister. Carly denied her drinking problem.

THIS WEEK: Henry continues pretending to be Vienna.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke apologized to Ridge for supporting Rick and Steffy’s relationship. Ridge confessed to Brooke that he made love to Taylor. Brooke told Ridge that their relationship was over. Ridge asked Taylor and Steffy and Thomas to let him return to their home. Stephanie thanked Brooke for sending Ridge back to his family. In Hawaii, Owen and Jackie were at the same hotel as Nick and Bridget. Owen and Jackie agreed to a traditional island wedding. Bridget realized what was happening and told Nick about the ceremony. Nick rushed to the beach to stop the wedding before it was too late. Rick told Brooke he was sorry she lost Ridge.

THIS WEEK: Brooke tries to move on without Ridge in her life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ and Stefano met with Judge Fitzpatrick to make sure he rules in their favor in the custody suit. Nicole arranged for Sami to see Johnny in secret. Rafe fumed when Sami questioned Arianna about Emily. Chloe ate the fruit that Kate had poisoned and collapsed into Daniel’s arms. Stephanie sought advice from Father Matt about living the Kiriakis lifestyle. Bo shared his visions about Zack with Hope. Rafe vowed to get Johnny back for Sami. Brady and Arianna wound up together at the Horton cabin. Stephanie was unable to confess her pill addiction to Philip, deciding to break up with him instead.

THIS WEEK: Sami asks Rafe to move in with her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Mayor Floyd revealed to the press that he had had an affair with Alexis. Kristina accused Alexis of being a hypocrite. Jason and Carly convinced Sonny to allow Michael to live at the Quartermaine’s for his safety. Johnny refused to help Dominic infiltrate the Corinthos organization. Ethan reminded Rebecca that Nikolas was their mark. When Rebecca chose to stay with Nikolas, Ethan fumed. Spinelli explained to Maxie that he wanted them to experience courtly love. Andrea overheard Robin’s new theory about Brianna’s murder. Jax tried to blackmail Claudia, but she turned the tables on him by threatening to tell Carly about Jax keeping secrets from her. Coleman decided to create karaoke night at Jake’s.

THIS WEEK: A jealous Ethan threatens to expose Rebecca.

GUIDING LIGHT — Natalia discovered that she was pregnant with Frank’s baby. After confiding in Father Ray, Natalia went on a retreat. Olivia was devastated because she and Natalia were planning to come out as a couple at the Bauer barbeque. The four musketeers – Phillip, Rick, Mindy and Beth – reunited at the barbeque. Mallet learned that Henry’s father was Shayne. Shayne told Reva that Dinah and Jeffrey were in Bosnia. Reva lashed out at Josh for watching over her in Jeffrey’s place. James was arrested for a DUI. Lillian agreed to treat Phillip’s incurable illness and keep it a secret. Buzz believed Coop was his guardian angel.

THIS WEEK: Alan decides to turn James into the next great Spaulding.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — After making Stacy believe that he was rejecting Gigi to stay with her, Rex snuck back to Gigi’s and reunited with her. Nurse Gayle took the extra bag of blood with the stem cells Shane needed in case of a relapse. Gayle gave Stacy the bag, saying that her employer was rooting for Stacy to succeed with Rex. Natalie, Jared and Kyle went to the Boutet Clinic to confront the stem cell donor, but he was gone. John agreed to return to the police force if Cole could be allowed to serve his sentence by going undercover in a drug sting. Starr prepared to marry Cole. Todd made love to Tea, which ticked off Blair. Dorian invited Viki, Charlie, Moe and Shaun to her dinner for Markko’s parents.

THIS WEEK: Bo, Nora and Matthew face a difficult decision.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — When Sharon learned that Summer was in a coma, she decided to give up Nick so that he and Phyllis could care for their daughter. The results of the paternity test proved Nick was the father of Sharon’s baby, but Sharon lied and said Jack was the dad. Mary Jane made Heather believe that Phyllis purposely made Summer sick to get Nick’s attention. Phyllis was arrested for Munchausen’s Syndrome. Cane broke down and admitted he had lied about the DNA test. The real Phillip Chancellor showed up in Genoa City. Adam got Rafe to stop investigating him by telling Rafe he loved him. Kevin stole a cell phone from the evidence against Daniel. Olivia confirmed that Kay suffered a mini-stroke.

THIS WEEK: Nikki spies Adam and Rafe kissing.

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