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RECAPS - 7/6-10

ALL MY CHILDREN — North tried to force himself on Randi, but she fought back and hit him over the head. Later, Randi returned to find North dead, unaware that Madison had been there in the meantime. To protect Randi, Jesse put North’s body in his car and drove it off a cliff. Zach found North’s death suspicious. Kendall found Erica and Ryan in a compromising position. Zach blackmailed Liza into defending Kendall. Liza freaked out when Amanda tried to touch baby Stuart. Using DNA samples, David set out to prove that Stuart was his son by Amanda. Annie continued working her wiles on Adam. Ryan kissed Erica in a more than friendly way.

THIS WEEK: Jesse realizes that Zach knows the truth about North’s death.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Carly continued to deny her drinking problem, but Rosanna was suspicious. On her wedding day, Rosanna confronted Carly about the booze. Carly drank in the limo, passed out and had to have her stomach pumped at the hospital. Craig took Carly to the cabin to dry out, but when he was gone, she drank wine and took off. Damian and Dusty decided to team up to protect Meg from Paul. Tom questioned Riley about his true identity. Katie told Henry it was time to stop the Geneva charade. Emily comforted Hunter who was still grieving over Aurora’s death. Damian advised Noah to do a ritual burning of his father’s possessions.

THIS WEEK: Carly hits rock bottom.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Jackie filled Nick in on how her marriage to Owen works. Despite Jackie’s words, Nick was upset and his attitude took a toll on his relationship with Bridget. Brooke decided to leave Forrester, as did two other members of the firm. Pam devised a sneaky plan. Ridge begged in vain for Brooke to stay with the company. Eric offered Stephanie a new business proposal. The Forrester Creations fashion show was a big hit until Donna appeared on stage in the showstopper. Ridge moved in with Taylor and his children. Steffy and Thomas hoped for their parents to rekindle their love. Thomas threatened Rick professionally and personally.

THIS WEEK: Bill plots for a way to take advantage of the situation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Stephanie refused Philip’s attempt to reconcile, even when he offered to leave his family for her. Nicole feared that Stephanie would now testify against EJ regarding his part in the kidnapping. Sami snooped into Rafe’s past with Emily, but Rafe forgave her and agreed to move in with Sami. Max left for London, saying goodbye to the family. Melanie and Nathan joined Brady and Arianna at the Horton cabin. Nicole freaked when she found Stefano teaching Sydney about the Dimera ways. Stefano warned Nicole that EJ would never forgive her if he learned the truth about Sydney’s real mother. Kate tried to plant evidence in Daniel’s apartment to frame him for Chloe’s poisoning.

THIS WEEK: Mia f ights her attraction to Chad.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Dominic convinced Sonny to give him a chance to prove himself. Andrea threw suspicion for Brianna’s murder onto Alexis. Carly gave Michael a learner’s permit so he could drive his new car. Jason visited Anthony Zacchara in prison to determine if he was behind the recent ambush. Sonny turned to Olivia for advice and they reconnected. Rebecca refused to take money from Nikolas, ticking off Ethan. Spinelli used technical trickery to sing impress Maxie at Jake’s karaoke night. Alexis was suspended as district attorney. Carly was furious at Sonny for giving Dominic an opportunity in the organization. Jason was intrigued when he saw Sam dressed in a sexy outfit for an undercover assignment.

THIS WEEK: Dominic tries to win Jason’s trust.

GUIDING LIGHT — Olivia teamed up with Doris to search the church retreats for Natalia. Olivia would not believe that Natalia had changed her mind about their life together. When Lizzie and Bill showed up at the chapel on the wrong date for their wedding, Dinah organized an impromptu affair for them with all the townsfolk chipping in to get them married. Reva was determined to find Jeffrey even though all the evidence suggested that his plane crashed and that Edmund had arranged the whole thing. Mallet investigated Marina’s connection to the murder when the crack in the stroller that looked like the murder weapon. Cyrus was revealed to be the mystery benefactor who gave Daisy a check for college and a new oven for Buzz.

THIS WEEK: Phillip struggles with telling the family about his illness.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — John interrupted Starr and Cole’s wedding to offer him a chance to do community service to stay out of jail. Starr convinced Cole to take the deal and they can be married some time in the future. Rex and Gigi kissed and made up. Rex lied to Gigi about having had sex with Stacy. Rex and Gigi confided in Shane about how they were going to expose the real bone marrow donor. Dorian held a conciliatory dinner party to impress Markko’s parents. When Markko refused to stop dating Langston, he threw him out of the house. Nora balked at allowing Greg to operate on Matthew because of the risks. Rachel found Greg to be arrogant. Cristian was upset by Fish and Layla’s romance.

THIS WEEK: Jessica has an encounter with Cole and Starr.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki saw Adam and Rafe kissing. The real Phillip appeared and explained that he had staged his death. Nina resented that Philip had run away while she had to raise their child by herself. Lily gave back Cane’s ring after learning about all the lies he’d told her. Victor ordered Mary Jane to leave town and never return. Adam befriended Mary Jane and hid her at the ranch. Rafe suspected Adam’s lying to him. Sharon understood Phyllis’s pain. Nick, Phyllis and Nikki gave Heather proof of Mary Jane’s instability. Heather allowed Nick and Phyllis to see Summer when she woke up. Ashley decided to get a sonogram because she hadn’t felt the baby move. Kay recovered from a ministroke.

THIS WEEK: Nick confronts Sharon.

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