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RECAPS - 7/13-17

ALL MY CHILDREN — Madison questioned the paternity of Randi’s baby, knowing that Randi was the love of North’s life. Jesse warned Madison to back off when she threatened the Hubbard family. Emma named Kendall as Stuart’s killer. Zach doubted Emma’s honesty. Ryan caught Emma on the phone with Annie. Jake told Amanda the truth about how he switched the babies so that Liza only thinks she has Amanda’s child. Amanda shared an emotional reunion with her son, Trevor. When questioned by Willis, the assistant district attorney, Erica pointed the finger at Annie. Annie slipped her ankle monitor to escape from the Chandler mansion and meet with Emma. Zach was against Kendall accepting a plea bargain.

THIS WEEK: Annie plots to become Mrs. Adam Chandler.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Rosanna and Craig insisted that Carly go into rehab for her drinking. Damian and Dusty teamed up to prove that Paul had set them up to discredit them in Meg’s eyes. Their plan went awry and Paul was blown up when a bomb could not be disabled. Bob discovered a mind-control chip implanted in Paul’s brain, presumably by James. Paul awoke with amnesia. Vienna was furious over Henry’s charade, leaving him to return to Sweden. Hunter was determined to keep Casey from hurting Alison. Casey blamed Riley for his rocky relationship with Alison. Holden was pleased that Luke wants to go back to college.

THIS WEEK: Meg is unconvinced that Paul’s amnesia is real.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Eric resisted the pressure to do what was necessary to save the company. Donna was furious with Pam for the prank at the fashion show. Pam quit her job at Forrester and tried to get Jackie and Nick to hire her at Jackie M. Brooke had regrets about breaking up on Ridge. Katie had to go to great lengths to convince Bill not to run nasty pictures of Donna in Eye on Fashion. Marcus and Steffy took over Thorne and Felicia’s positions at Forrester. Katie fought her attraction to Bill. Bill was taken aback by Katie’s questions. Steffy and Marcus were forced to work more closely with Rick.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie convinces Nick and Jackie to hire a publicist.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Stephanie got a job as an administrative assistant at the hospital. Kate continued to poison Chloe. Chloe refused to let Daniel treat her even as she became more ill. Brady was frustrated when Arianna rejected him. EJ agreed to drop the suit and allow Sami to share custody of Johnny. Sami and Nicole decided to bury the hatchet and try to be friends. Stefano assured Nicole that he had a plan in place to get rid of Rafe. Mia raised suspicions when she complimented EJ’s skills as a good father. Philip tried to reunite with Stephanie, but she turned him down again. Unaware they are being watched, Bo and Hope hosted a birthday party for Ciara. Nathan impressed Melanie with his passion for medicine.

THIS WEEK: Mia starts a computer journal.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Olivia asked Dominic to leave Port Charles. Sonny kissed Olivia and later told Johnny that Olivia was done with him. Olivia assured Sonny that she would never get involved with him. Spinelli succeeded at karaoke, swept Maxie off her feet and they made love. Michael had a bad feeling about Kristina’s friend, Keifer. To get money for Ethan, Rebecca borrowed money from Edward. Kate promoted Maxie. Nikolas was upset that Rebecca moved in with the Quartermaines. Sonny and Claudia had a bonding moment during the baby’s ultrasound. Jason advised Spinelli to take things slowly with Maxie. Carly was thrilled when Jax showed her their new house. Keifer provoked Michael into attacking him.

THIS WEEK: Claudia learns the results of the paternity test.

GUIDING LIGHT — Bill and Lizzie were married with everyone in town attending. Remy and Christina were married, too, although Remy claimed he was too drunk to remember saying “I do.” Buzz and Cyrus thwarted Remy and Christina’s quickie annulment, and the pair confessed they wanted to stay married after all. Reva searched in vain for Jeffrey, finally accepting that he was dead. Dinah got a gun and was determined to track down and kill Edmund. Mallet realized that family was more important that duty and he could understand if Marina killed Edmund to protect Henry. Phillip got Alan and James to go with him on a fishing trip, determined to make good memories before his death. Olivia wanted Natalia when she learned about Jeffrey’s death.

THIS WEEK: Beth is confused by Phillip’s actions.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Marty was haunted by memories of Todd and was unable to make love with John. Todd and Blair fought over other people. Tea caught Todd in bed with Blair. Todd told Tea that he didn’t want to lose her. Michael convinced Stacy that Shane needed more stem cells, forcing Stacy to retrieve a stashed bag of blood. Cole assured Starr that he would be careful in his undercover assignment. Destiny gave Matthew an idea of how to get permission for the risky surgery that would repair his spine. Brody and Jessica learned he was accepted into the police academy. Dorian realized that Blair doesn’t want Todd to be with another woman.

THIS WEEK: Rex convinces Stacy to do the right thing.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor responded to Ashley’s short temper by marrying her in an impromptu ceremony that thrilled her. Dr. Taylor advised Victor to get Adam away from Ashley. Phyllis tipped off Jack about Mary Jane’s evil. Before Jack could get Mary Jane to incriminate herself, she ran. Phillip met his son with Nina, Chance. Mac bought the bar from Cane. Lily had a pregnancy scare. Adam was relieved when Mary Jane returned to the hiding place at the ranch. Victor enlisted Gloria and Jeff to discredit Colleen. Gloria and Jeff had hired an actor to lure Colleen into an embarrassing situation. Nick realized Sharon had pushed him back to Phyllis. Nick and Phyllis learned that Summer might have brain damage.

THIS WEEK: Lily fears that she’s lost everything.

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