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RECAPS - 7/20-24

ALL MY CHILDREN — Randi had a miscarriage. Willis rescinded the plea deal to Kendall, choosing instead to get her convicted of murder in the first degree. Zach questioned Emma about Stuart’s murder. Emma swiped Erica’s cell phone, then called Annie. Liza wanted to manipulate Emma in the same way that Annie had. Emma pulled away from Ryan and shut down completely. Annie vowed that she would soon become Mrs. Adam Chandler. Taylor offered to care for baby Trevor for Amanda. Kendall had a visit from Stuart’s ghost. Adam secretly recorded Kendall’s odd visit in which she said she told Adam that she was sorry. Zach was determined to prove that Kendall was innocent.

THIS WEEK: Tad and Taylor grew closer.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Paul had no memory of Meg or his family. Paul was attracted to Emily, unaware of their sordid past together until she told him about it. Dusty went on trial for the bomb that injured Paul. In court, Paul absolved Dusty of any guilt over the incident. Luke contemplated going back to college, but ultimately chose a business career. Noah decided to support Luke’s decision, especially after seeing George and Mason’s troubled relationship. Emily was upset that Hunter was more interested in mourning Aurora than getting to know her. Vienna was furious with Henry for the Geneva charade and decided to go home to Sweden to see her mother. Lucinda shut down The Intruder and fired Emily.

THIS WEEK: Paul is more interested in a new life and remembering his past.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Stephanie told Whip that his job with Jackie M. included cuddling up with Brooke. Taylor began to make plans for a future with Ridge. Brooke broke down in Ridge’s arms and confessed that she was wrong to let him go. Steffy saw Ridge and Brooke together and warned Brooke to leave Ridge alone. Whip gave Brooke a shoulder to cry on. Steffy and Thomas plotted to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. Whip concocted an outrageous Jackie M. photo shoot with Jackie as the star and Owen as her prop. Ridge made a decision about the future and bought an engagement ring.

THIS WEEK: Steffy and Thomas work against Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami met Meredith’s, Emily’s sister, and learned more about Rafe’s past. On the rebound from Stephanie, Philip made a play for Melanie. Bo and Hope investigated Chloe’s poisoning and all the evidence pointed to Daniel. When faced with the evidence, Daniel realized that Kate had framed him. Chloe flat-lined and had to be resuscitated. She survived but fell into a coma. Melanie was attracted to Philip, but stopped herself from giving in to him because she didn’t want to be his rebound girl. Stephanie bonded with Nathan. EJ suspected Nicole was keeping secrets and demanded she tell him the truth. Stephanie learned from Brady that Melanie and Philip had never been intimate.

THIS WEEK: Sami pushes Rafe too far.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Claudia was in a horrible car accident. Michael covered evidence of his part in the accident, but the one responsible may have been Kristina. Alexis’ confrontation with Andrea was caught on camera. Carly rescued Claudia from the wreck. When Patrick was unable to do Claudia’s surgery, Matt took over. Sam criticized the way Alexis treats Kristina. Olivia assured Dominic that she was not involved with Sonny. Mac booked Michael for causing Claudia’s accident. Jax tried in vain to keep Carly from learning about Michael’s arrest. Kelly had devastating news for Claudia after surgery. Olivia fumed when she heard that Dominic was working for Sonny. Maxie asked Spinelli for more time to consider his proposal.

THIS WEEK: Jerry makes plans to use Michael against Jason.

GUIDING LIGHT — Alan opened up to Phillip about how another man served his time in Viet Nam because Alan was too afraid to go to war. When Phillip tried to bond with Alan, his father shut down. Worried about his health, Lillian enlisted Beth to go with her to bring Phillip back from the fishing trip. Reva allowed a memorial service for Jeffrey, accepting that he was really dead. Ava came to say goodbye to Jeffrey. Olivia went to Chicago and tried in vain to find Natalia. When Olivia wound up getting arrested, she called Josh to bail her out. Matt overheard Dinah confess that she killed a man with the stroller. Shayne proposed to Dinah using a kite. The Coopers learned that Cyrus was their guardian angel.

THIS WEEK: Mallet and Marina agree to work out their differences.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Stacy used a crowbar to vandalize Gigi’s car after learning that Rex and Gigi had reunited. Stacy ended up falling down the stairs when Gigi confronted her. At the hospital, Stacy learned that she was pregnant. Starr and Cole spent a romantic night together before he began his undercover assignment. Stacy dropped a bomb on Gigi and Rex. Dorian invited Tea to move into La Boulaie, hoping it will keep Blair from reuniting with Todd. Nora urged Tea not to represent Matthew in his lawsuit. Delphina picked up some weird vibes at Asa’s lodge where a party was held for Charlie and Viki’s wedding. Markko’s father disowned him.

THIS WEEK: Tea refuses to be a pawn in Todd’s game with Blair.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam reported to Victor seeing Mary Jane at the ranch. Deacon planted the stolen Terroni at Daniel’s. Lily was diagnosed with cancer and had a hysterectomy. Mac stopped Cane from leaving town. Cane agreed to help Lily. Victor called for Colleen firing from the Newman board. Kevin enlisted Michael’s help to start a business based on products promoting the Silver Chipmunk line. Amber agreed to sleep with Deacon in exchange for evidence to clear Daniel. Victor accepted Adam’s homosexuality. Mac offered Mary Jane help when she appeared at the shelter. Jack feared Mary Jane would harm Sharon. Summer exhibited trouble speaking. Mac and Billy had a rendezvous at Murphy’s trailer.

THIS WEEK: J.T. reveals Victor’s plot against Colleen.

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