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RECAPS - 7/27-31

ALL MY CHILDREN — Erica refused to allow Kendall to confess to Stuart’s murder, even though Kendall believed that she shot him and has suppressed the memory. Jesse knew Zach had set up Annie by firing at Adam, but looked the other way. Jack agreed to defend Annie when she was arrested. Emma told Adam that Annie didn’t shoot Stuart. Aidan gave Zach an alibi for the night Adam was shot at, then told Zach he was determined to make Annie pay for shooting Stuart. Krystal gave Tad her blessing to romance Taylor. Liza struggled to care for the baby and practice the law. Jake warned Amanda to stop visiting baby Trevor or else David would become suspicious.

THIS WEEK: Kendall receives a visit from Stuart’s ghost.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Paul and Emily became lovers. In Chicago to find her mom, Sage was helped by Janet’s sister, Teri. Craig hired Teri to work at Milltown. Liberty confided in Parker that she was fired from her internship. Kim asked Henry to be Brad’s cohost. Henry was upset by a surprise visit from his mother, but had to thank her when she was instrumental in getting Vienna to come home. Paul told Meg he decided not to have the surgery to restore his memories. Meg cried on Damian’s shoulder about Paul, but then responded when he began making love to her. Luke chose to work at Grimaldi instead of WorldWide. Tom suspected that Margo and Riley were having an affair.

THIS WEEK: Audrey cramps Henry’s style.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Owen flaunted his marriage to Jackie in Whip’s face. Ridge and Taylor made wedding plans. Brooke was puzzled by Ridge’s indifference to her, unaware that Steffy and Thomas were blocking her attempts to contact him. Eric questioned Ridge about his decision to remarry Taylor if Ridge was still in love with Brooke. While Owen was out of town, Whip planned an afternoon date to get to know Jackie better. When Ridge didn’t meet Brooke on the beach, Brooke rushed on horseback to the site of Ridge and Taylor’s wedding. Stephanie and Jackie buried the hatchet once and for all, determined to be good friends. Bill and Katie had different ideas about the outcome of Ridge and Taylor’s wedding.

THIS WEEK: Brooke returns to work at Forrester.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chloe was not expected to recover from the coma. Sami heard from Meredith that she blamed Rafe for Emily’s death. Daniel was arrested for poisoning Chloe, even though he declared that Kate had framed him. Rafe admitted to Sami that Emily died when he drove their car into a tree. Lucas returned and when he questioned Daniel about Chloe, Daniel explained Chloe had never been unfaithful to Lucas. Nicole cried on Brady’s shoulder over Chloe’s plight. Stefano manipulated Meredith into telling him about Rafe. Kate realized she did what she did to Chloe because she still loved Daniel. Victor kept Kate’s secrets from Brady.

THIS WEEK: Arianna deals drugs out of the Brady pub.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Claudia blamed Michael for the miscarriage and vowed to get revenge. Sonny regretted yelling at Michael. To spare his parents more pain, Michael decided to leave town. Kristina insisted on going with Michael and they headed to Mexico. Kristina was guilt-ridden about the car accident. Jason and Sam teamed up to bring Michael and Kristina home. Carly warned Olivia that Sonny was very hard to resist. Jerry was close to finding Michael and Kristina. Rebecca blew off Ethan’s romantic advances. Lulu helped Maxie in a scheme to keep Spinelli from asking Mac for Maxie’s hand in marriage. Alexis confided the truth to Diane.

THIS WEEK: Dominic is shocked when he finds Johnny and Olivia together.

GUIDING LIGHT — Alan intercepted a call from Ed to Phillip and learned that his son was dying. Ed told Phillip the experimental treatment might kill him. Jonathan found Jeffrey in the woods and brought him to his cabin. Jeffrey explained that he was going to go on letting everyone think he’s dead because it was the only way to trap Edmund. Edmund threatened Sarah. Shayne and Dinah were married. Dinah confessed to Mallet that Marina wasn’t a killer, Dinah was. Mallet helped Dinah go on the run. Shayne was furious that Dinah wasn’t honest with before they wed. Matt made a pass at Beth. Edmund vowed to destroy all of Reva’s children.

THIS WEEK: Olivia yearns to see Natalia.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Rex let out his anger over Stacy and her pregnancy on Gigi. Gigi and Rex vowed to never let anything come between them again. Bo visited Lindsay in prison to get advice about what he should do about his feelings for Nora. Nora confided to Rachel that she was unsure about marrying Clint. Todd invited Tea to be his date for the wedding. Matthew threatened to tell Clint about Bo and Nora kissing unless his parents sign the consent form for his surgery. Cole started his work on the undercover drug sting by contacting Asher. Brody was worried about Jessica when she insisted that she saw Nash.

THIS WEEK: Schuyler acts on his feelings for Gigi.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy and Mac finally make love for the first time. Chloe tries in vain to get Mac and Chance to date. Cane agreed to stay by Lily’s side as she fights cancer. Victor asked J.T. to resign when J.T. told Victoria how her father had been going after Colleen. Jack told Sharon that Mary Jane was in town because of her love for him. Sharon was so frustrated with Jack’s smothering that she told him that the baby was Nick’s, not Jack’s. Billy vented his anger at Victor at a board meeting where he revealed Victor’s evil actions to Ashley and Victoria. Daniel was shattered when he learned about Amber’s past in L.A. Phyllis and Nick renewed their vows.

THIS WEEK: Nikki and Paul’s wedding day approaches.

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