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RECAPS - 8/3-8/7

ALL MY CHILDREN — Zach and Ryan helped Kendall to escape, but ultimately, Kendall turned herself in and confessed to killing Stuart. Krystal told David about Tad and Taylor’s mentioning a baby to her, prompting his suspicions. Opal learned the truth about baby Trevor and agreed it was wise to keep him from David. JR got a rise out of Annie when he tried to prove she was only marrying Adam for his social position. Kendall received her sentence. Marian snapped and was taken to a psychiatric institution. Colby declared she would have nothing to do with Annie and Adam. Angie realized that Jesse was hiding something from her. Erica turned to Ryan for emotional support.

THIS WEEK: Adam remembers more about Stuart murder.

AS THE WORLD TURNS When Paul rejected surgery to restore his memories. Lily and Meg clashed over Damian. Luke turned down a father-son trip with Holden for a business trip with Damian. Paul bought The Intruder for Emily and had her set up shot in Fairwinds. Alison suspected Bob was suffering memory loss when he gave Riley the wrong dosage of medicine. Barbara believed Paul was mentally imbalanced and had him committed. Emily helped Paul escape from his handlers and he hid in the wine cellar. Jack convinced Brad to give Janet a job at Oakdale Now. Henry found evidence that made him think Audrey was a serial killer. Damian and Lily’s argument escalated into a passionate kiss.

THIS WEEK: Tom has more questions about Riley.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Donna and Stephanie argued over Brooke’s interrupting Ridge and Taylor’s wedding. Brooke returned to work at Forrester, determined to make Ridge remember how much he loves her. Stephanie was ticked off by Katie’s new publicity campaign for Forrester Creations that put the Logans front and center. Whip used information from his dinner with Jackie to create a new publicity campaign for Jackie M. with her as the star. Donna has a major wardrobe malfunction on her way to the photo shoot. Brooke learned some valuable personal information about Ridge that gave her hope that she can win him back. Owen was jealous of the spark of friendship he noticed between Whip and Jackie.

THIS WEEK: Jarrett spills the beans about Bill’s scheme to Katie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Daniel told Lucas that Kate was responsible for poisoning Chloe. Lucas confronted Kate, but ultimately believed her lies. Kate taunted Daniel in jail and Hope nearly overheard Kate gloating to a comatose Chloe. EJ smashed Grace’s headstone because the name Brady was on it rather than Dimera. Bo needled Philip when he had to deal the mob death of a Kiriakis employee. Victor put up the bail for Daniel. Chloe showed some sign of coming around. Brady was unaware that Arianna was selling cocaine in Salem. Stefano got Meredith to write to Sami all about Rafe’s past with Emily. EJ grew suspicious of Nicole’s involvement with Sami and Sydney and Allie. Father Matt defended Chloe to Lucas.

THIS WEEK: Sami and Rafe break up.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Alexis was arrested for Brianna’s murder. Dominic walked in on Olivia and Johnny together. Spinelli decided to ask Mac for Maxie’s hand in marriage. Jerry intervened to help Kristina and Michael as they were heading to Mexico. Claudia was hopeful that her relationship with Sonny might survive when he asked her to move home after getting out of the hospital. Claudia asked Jerry to back off from Michael, but Jerry was determined to use Michael to get to Jason. Lulu was attracted to Dominic. Keifer lost his temper with Molly. Robin believed that Andrea Floyd killed Brianna and that Alexis was innocent. Rebecca blew off Ethan to make a go of it with Nikolas.

THIS WEEK: Sam comes to Jason’s rescue.

GUIDING LIGHT — Alan intercepted a call from Ed to Phillip and learned that his son was dying. Ed told Phillip the experimental treatment might kill him. Jonathan found Jeffrey in the woods and brought him to his cabin. Jeffrey explained that he was going to go on letting everyone think he’s dead because it was the only way to trap Edmund. Edmund threatened Sarah. Shayne and Dinah were married. Dinah confessed to Mallet that Marina wasn’t a killer, Dinah was. Mallet helped Dinah go on the run. Shayne was furious that Dinah wasn’t honest with before they wed. Matt made a pass at Beth. Edmund vowed to destroy all of Reva’s children.

THIS WEEK: Olivia yearns to see Natalia.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Clint and Nora were married when Bo failed to speak up. Rex blasted Gigi for suggesting that Stacy get an abortion. Charlie talked to Viki about expanding their family. Bo, Nora and Clint were confident their attorney would beat Tea in court. Matthew told Tea about Bo and Nora’s kiss. Stacy had a miscarriage, but decided not to tell Rex the truth. Blair had a scary vision of the future and was determined not to wind up alone with Dorian. Cole was unaware that Serge and Asher had bugged his room, nearly blowing his cover. John warned Starr to stay away from Cole while he’s undercover. Gigi rejected Schuyler’s advances. Cristian wanted Fish to be honest with Layla.

THIS WEEK: Blair hires Rex to investigate Tea.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Mary Jane overheard Jack revealing that his relationship with Sharon was over. Nick told Sharon that he and Phyllis had renewed their vows. Nick was thrown to hear Sharon and Jack were through. Ashley was unable to forgive Victor. Nikki decided not to marry Paul. Nikki confronted Victor, admitting he was the only man she’d ever loved. Ashley was frightened by a vision of Sabrina. Victor realized that he was still in love with Nikki. Ashley drove off in the rain and didn’t see Nikki waiting for a taxi. Jack woke up in a drugged haze after a night with Mary Jane. Sharon was arrested for stealing a ring from a jewelry store.

THIS WEEK: Adam lies to Heather about his actions.

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