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RECAPS - 8/10-8/14

ALL MY CHILDREN — Zach hid Kendall in a secret room in their home. Erica was stunned when she tried to see Kendall in prison and was told her daughter didn’t want any visitors. Angie and Frankie suspected that Randi and Jesse were keeping secrets. Tad and Taylor’s scheme to have Opal “find” baby Trevor in the alley went awry when Opal was delayed. David tried to make a deal with JR involving Little A and Marissa. Jake and Amanda broke into Wildwind and decided to investigate David’s calls to a phone number in Massachusetts. Annie got the surveillance tape of both Scott and JR kissing her. Erica impressed Ryan with her business savvy.

THIS WEEK: Tad tells Liza the truth about her baby.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Faith was disturbed when she saw Lily and Damian having an intimate discussion. Damian committed to Meg when Lily refused to ever leave Holden. In Kentucky, Holden encountered an escaped prisoner and they wound up in a car crash. The authorities told Lily that based on the evidence from the crash, Holden was dead. Paul went to the clinic Barbara chose for him and discovered that only James Stenbeck was there. Paul’s memory came back and he turned on Emily. Kim had a heart attack. Alison feared Bob was making medical mistakes. Audrey told Henry that James Stenbeck was his father. Janet learned that Teri was offered the Oakdale Now job before she was.

THIS WEEK: The Snyders mourn Holden’s death.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Jackie was caught in a precarious situation at one of Whip’s photo shoots. Whip went behind Stephanie’s back to make a deal with Bill. Forrester Creations and Jackie M. faced off in a fashion challenge. Ridge and Eric were both pressured to come up with great designs fast. Forrester presented the new collection called Royalty that highlighted the Logan girls. Brooke was determined to win Ridge’s heart again. Nick was confident that Bridget’s designs would win the competition. For the Indulge collection, Jackie modeled the showstopper with Owen. Jarrett told Katie about Bill’s true intentions. Bill was forced to choose between business and romance.

THIS WEEK: Brooke and Taylor try group therapy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Daniel begged Lexie to try an experimental treatment to save Chloe’s life. Bo and Hope were taken off Daniel’s case. Victor brought Justin Kiriakis back to Salem to represent Daniel. While at the carnival, Ciara was taken by Kyle. Rafe and Sami broke up when she couldn’t accept his telling her that Emily died in an accident. Rafe began to connect Dr. Baker to Nicole and Sami and their daughters. E.J. was shellshocked by Sami and Rafe’s break up. Dr. Baker demanded more money from Nicole to keep quiet about the baby switch. Philip was stunned by Victor’s cold attitude regarding Carlo’s death. Arianna upped her cocaine sales in Salem.

THIS WEEK: Philip quits Titan.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ethan told Lucky the truth about Rebecca’s scam at the same time Nikolas was planning a trip to Greece with Rebecca. Carly noticed a resemblance between Sonny and Dominic. Mac and the new D.A. learned Dominic’s true identity and he was in Port Charles to bring down the mob. Olivia pleaded with Dominic to abandon his assignment. Johnny turned on Anthony. In a battle with Jerry, Jason was seriously hurt and left to die in an encounter with Jerry. Michael and Kristina attempted to escape from Jerry’s trap. Jerry told Jason that Claudia was not responsible for Michael’s shooting. Lucky told Nikolas the truth about Rebecca. Olivia went over Dominic’s head to get him reassigned.

THIS WEEK: Jax learns Olivia’s secret.

GUIDING LIGHT — Unable to accept that Phillip has a fatal illness, Alan turned on his son. Phillip urgently enlisted everyone to help renovate Lizzie and Bill’s house. James and Daisy went camping together and got intimate. Olivia was so distraught over missing Natalia that she reached out to Josh, however she wasn’t able to make love to him. Mel arranged for Cyrus to get arrested so she could become his lawyer. Buzz and Cyrus followed Jenna’s clues that lead them to New York where they found a suitcase filled with her belongings. Bill and Remy buried the hatchet as they mourned the anniversary of Max’s death. Since Ed’s diagnosis was grim, Phillip sought alternative medicine to buy more time. Shayne got into a bar fight and was arrested.

THIS WEEK: Reva realizes that she can’t get over losing Jeffrey.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Pressured by his family, Fish followed through and made love to Layla. Nora hired Rex to investigate Tea. In court, the judge ruled in Mathew’s favor to let the lawsuit proceed. Bo and Nora’s attorney, Elijah, warned Tea that he knew her secret. Dorian was shocked when David returned and wanted to film a reality TV show in her home. Thanks to Viki and Dorian, Marty was reinstated to the hospital. When Stacy confided to her friend Kim that she was no longer carrying Rex’s child, Kim advised Stacy to simply get pregnant again. Todd hired Elijah to overturn the custody ruling. John promised to wait to be intimate with Marty. Brody discovered that Jessica’s stalker was real.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Nora continue to avoid talking about their feelings.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Mary Jane confessed her sins to Father Todd, but before he recognized her as Patty, she fled. After talking to Todd, Paul asked J.T. to help him find Patty. Sharon agreed to go to a psychiatric facility instead of jail after the incident in the jewelry store. J.T. was determined to find Mary Jane before Victor in order to uncover the truth about her. Victor put a tail on J.T. to track down Mary Jane. Victor told Kay that Nikki had left town. Ashley feared she hit “Sabrina” with her car. Devon admitted to Neil that he cheated on Roxy with Tyra. Lily told Neil and Devon she was going back to Cane. Billy asked Chloe for a civil divorce.

THIS WEEK: Ashley has another vision of Sabrina.

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