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RECAPS - 8/17-8/21

ALL MY CHILDREN — Jesse confessed everything about Randi to Frankie and Angie. Natalia found Randi with the baby she found in the alley – Trevor. Zach balked at Kendall’s plan to write about book about him. Liza nearly found Kendall at Zach’s. Tad told Liza the truth that David and Amanda were not baby Stuart’s birth parents. Natalia worried that Randi wasn’t acting rationally. Frankie returned home to find Randi with the baby. Ryan told Liza that he suspected Zach was up to something. Jake and Amanda traced David’s phone calls to Massachusetts and discovered he was calling Nurse Gayle. Kendall’s heart pains turned out to be a false alarm. Angie confronted Madison.

THIS WEEK: JR makes a move on Marissa.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Henry discovered that Audrey had told him the truth about James being his father. Damian was over protective of Lily as she dealt with accepting Holden’s death. Damian learned that Holden’s dental records didn’t match the corpse, but he kept that information from Lily. James was overjoyed to hear from Audrey that Henry was his son. Paul turned James in to the cops. Teri developed a crush on Craig, even though Rosanna warned Teri not to fall for him. Craig tried in vain to see Carly in rehab. Dusty was given a suspended sentence. Liberty misunderstood Parker hugging Faith, leading her to make love to Tony. Bob relented and gave Ali her job back.

THIS WEEK: Emily questions her relationship with Paul.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Owen warned Whip to keep his hands off of Jackie. Whip booked Owen for a TV interview in his hometown of San Diego. Ridge enlisted James to deal with Brooke and Taylor. At the cabin in Big Bear, Brooke and Taylor’s group therapy sessions turned violent when James was unable to control the two women. Owen revealed shocking information about Jackie during a TV interview. Jackie was so upset by what she heard that she wound up spending the night with Whip. When Owen explained why he had said what he did, Jackie forgave him but was guilt-ridden about her infidelity. Donna decided to test Bill’s feelings for Katie.

THIS WEEK: Owen learns about Jackie’s indiscretion.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Bo and Hope were horrified when Ciara was kidnapped while at the carnival. Disgusted with Victor’s business, Philip quit Titan and hoped it would be enough to win Stephanie back. Brady nearly discovered Arianna’s drug dealing, but she was able to cover her tracks. Philip made love to Melanie when Stephanie was out with Nathan. Bo’s visions caused him to blow up the ransom drop. At the Fairview Clinic, Rafe learned from a nurse that on the night Sami gave birth, Nicole also had her baby there, too. Dr. Baker successfully blackmailed Nicole and then promptly gambled away all the money. Nicole freaked out when EJ ordered DNA tests for Sydney. Daniel discovered Kate was still in love with him.

THIS WEEK: Chad saves Mia’s life.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — In front of Dominic, Olivia told Sonny to stay out of her life. Elizabeth and Nikolas shared a passionate kiss. Rebecca and Dominic wound up together after a night of drinking, but they didn’t make love. Spinelli kept the information about Kristina and Michael being in Cancun from Jax and Sonny. Sam tried to keep Jason alive in the abandoned church, even as Jerry stalked them. Jax agreed to keep quiet after overhearing Kate reveal that Sonny was the father of Olivia’s son. In his weakened state, Jason romantically recalled when he and Sam were together in Hawaii. Sonny confronted Alexis about lying to protect Kristina. Andrea plotted against Robin. Nikolas refused to forgive Rebecca.

THIS WEEK: Jason and Sam make love.

GUIDING LIGHT — Jeffrey sent Jonathan to check up on Reva. Shayne suspected that Jonathan was working with Edmund. Vanessa wasn’t ready to marry Billy, but promised to marry him in the near future. Josh worried that Reva was pulling him back into her orbit. Reva surrounded her home with pictures of Jeffrey and pretended she was still talking with him. Natalia came home, told Olivia that she was having Frank’s baby, and asked Olivia to raise the child with her and Frank. Frank was stunned to hear about the baby. Edmund threatened to steal Henry, Colin and Sarah and raise them as his children. Buzz was determined to finish the Jenna project. Phillip wanted one on one time with his family before telling them he was dying.

THIS WEEK: Alan wants to break up Daisy and James.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Gigi and Rex tried to get back to where they were before Stacy revealed her pregnancy. Bo and Nora continued to hide their feelings from each other. David filmed his reality TV show at Clint’s, but when Nora learned David was funding Matthew’s lawsuit, David was thrown out on his butt. Todd went to his court-appointed therapy sessions to discover that Marty was his therapist. Elijah skewed Matthew on the stand. Stacy targeted Schuyler to get her pregnant again. Tea learned that Elijah was hired by Ross Rayburn, the man who’d been stranded on an island with Tea and Todd years before. Delphina tried to communicate with Nash’s spirit.

THIS WEEK: Viki considers running for mayor again.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Colleen and J.T. were tempted to make love, but he held back to save his marriage. Amber agreed to marry Deacon in order to clear Daniel of all the charges against him. Billy and Jack tried in vain to get Ashley away from the ranch on the anniversary of John’s death. John appeared to Jack. Victor’s P.I. gave him pictures of J.T. and Colleen together, which he gave to Victoria. Victoria and Deacon made love. Paul realized that Mary Jane was his sister Patty. Lily asked Cane to shave her head before chemotherapy. Ryder told Kevin that they may be brothers. Deacon told Ryder they were in Genoa City because Tom Fisher had the real Terroni before his death.

THIS WEEK: Patty stabs Paul with a knife.

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