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RECAPS - 8/24-8/28

ALL MY CHILDREN — JR went to the hospital for tests. Jesse visited Zach’s home but didn’t find Kendall. When Liza confessed her true feelings for Zach, Kendall overheard and was incensed. Angie was concerned about JR’s blood work. Kendall bashed Liza over the head, but Zach covered for Kendall and said the door had come off the hinges. David figured out the truth about his and Amanda’s baby. Angie informed JR that he had cancer, a rare form of lymphoma. Zach began to work on Annie. Madison blackmailed Frankie. Randi freaked out when Angie, Frankie and Jesse took the baby to the hospital. Adam believed that JR had fallen off the wagon.

THIS WEEK: Kendall remembers more about the night of Stuart’s death.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Eb and Maeve found Holden near the crash site, brought him to their cabin and kept him shackled to the bed. Faith fumed at Lily for being disloyal to Holden. Meg suspected that Damian was falling back in love with Lily. While Kim was hospitalized, Bob collapsed and was diagnosed with a mass in his brain. Teri found Liberty’s positive pregnancy test, but Liberty rejected Teri’s offer to help. Tom wanted Casey to tell him the truth about Riley and Margo. Paul rejected being a Stenbeck. Vienna convinced Henry to give any inheritance from James to Audrey. James called his lawyer to change his will. Paul asked Emily to move in with him. Tony didn’t believe Liberty’s claim that she was pregnant.

THIS WEEK: Bob faces a life or death situation.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Owen was furious when he learned about Jackie’s indiscretion with Whip. Brooke, Donna and Katie did a sexy bikini shoot for the Forrester Royalty campaign. Nick was sympathetic to Owen. Pam offered Jackie some unusual advice to make up with Owen. Jackie suggested that Whip take a leave of absence from work. Beth’s pent up anger at Stephanie reached a boiling point. The truth about a volatile situation came to light. Brooke shared sad news with Ridge. Katie and Bill shared a tender moment as they compared emotional scars.

THIS WEEK: Jackie offers to set Owen free.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Dean turned on Kyle and Brenda when the kidnapping blew up. Bo and Hope were reunited with Ciara. Ciara recognized the sound of Dean’s lighter, but didn’t finger him as one of the kidnappers. Kate talked to Nathan about convincing Lucas to honor Chloe’s living will. Dr. Baker tried in vain to get more money from Nicole, and then contacted Sami. Rafe tried to figure the connection between Dr. Baker, the clinic, Sami and Nicole. E.J. caught Nicole conspiring with Stefano. Rafe went to the Dominican Republic to find Dr. Baker. Chad prevented Mia from getting in the car with a drunken Kinsey. Philip and Stephanie decided to start over.

THIS WEEK: Lucas lashes out at Chloe for her love of Daniel.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Jason and Sam made love. Kristina confessed to Michael that she might have caused Claudia’s accident. Jax figured out that Dominic was Olivia and Sonny’s son. Claudia told Sonny she wanted to have his child. Jason and Sam found Kristina and Michael just before they got into more trouble. Dominic informed Olivia that Sonny had decided not to pursue her anymore. Spinelli threw Maxie for a loop by suggesting they refrain from sex until after they’re married. Kristina was stunned to learn that Alexis confessed to causing Claudia’s accident. Dominic stole incriminating evidence against Sonny. Nikolas planned on hurting Rebecca for trying to con him.

THIS WEEK: Edward becomes the target of a killer.

GUIDING LIGHT — When Olivia refused to hire Natalia, she got a job as Alan’s assistant. Buzz followed Remy and Cyrus to Australia to dig up Jenna’s treasure. The treasure was a box that revealed that Cyrus was Jenna’s son. Phillip built a special study for Beth so she could stop going to the library. Olivia helped Billy to propose to Vanessa. Mallet decided that Marina and Henry belonged with Shayne. Holly came to Springfield to visit Blake and while she was home, she reconnected with Ed. Lizzie and Bill talked about starting a family. Jonathan was reluctant to leave Reva, but anxious to get back to Sarah. On the dating site, Frank and Blake became friendly; unaware they were talking to each other.

THIS WEEK: Jeffrey is desperate to find Edmund.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Schuyler resisted the affects of the date drug and refused to have sex with Stacy. John and Fish’s sting operation proved that Mayor Lowell was a major player in the drug ring. Todd proposed to Tea. Elijah got Todd out of his custody arrangement with Blair, allowing him to move out of La Boulaie. Blair flew to Tahiti to find Ross Rayburn and discover Tea’s secret. Stacy was about to tell Rex the truth about the miscarriage, but Kim stopped her. Layla was crushed when Fish confessed to her that he had had sex with Kyle in college. Charlie convinced Viki to run for mayor again. Fish hated himself when he had sex with Stacy and woke up in her bed.

THIS WEEK: Blair and Ross team up to get back at Tea and Todd.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — J.T. confronted Victor about bringing Patty to Genoa City. Patty stabbed Paul with a knife by accident. Victor fumed when Jack and Billy got a court order to have Ashley submit to a psychiatric evaluation. Adam coached Ashley to fool the court psychiatrist. Billy hesitated, but signed the divorce papers from Chloe. Paul and Patty sought sanctuary in a church. Mary Jane believed she was pregnant with Jack’s child. Nick overheard Sharon admit that Nick’s the father of her child. Jack agreed to marry Mary Jane, knowing she was Patty and he had traumatized her in the past. Jeffrey and Gloria sneak into the church to get Mary Jane and bring her back to Victor. Phyllis took Summer to Switzerland for medical treatment.

THIS WEEK: Jeffrey and Gloria take Mary Jane to the Abbott cabin.

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