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RECAPS - 8/31-9/4

ALL MY CHILDREN — Erica announced to Zach that she was moving in to help him care for the children. Tad supported JR when he began chemotherapy to combat his cancer. David plotted revenge on Jake and Tad for keeping his son from him. David offered to not press charges against anyone in exchange for custody of Trevor. Jake holds a gun on David. Amanda agreed to move in to Wildwind to be near the baby. Zach continued to play Annie, suggested they team up against Ryan. Frankie was unable to comfort Randi, but Jesse got through to her. JR decided not to tell anyone but Tad about his cancer. JR asked Krystal to raise Little A in the event of his death.

THIS WEEK: Kendall fumes over Zach’s connection with Annie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS — Holden tried to escape, but Eb and Maeve recaptured him and refused to let him go until they got Skagg’s money. James decided to leave everything to Paul, but had not yet signed his will. Henry realized that Audrey was going to kill James to ensure Henry received the Stenbeck fortune. Teri and Craig took Liberty to Chicago to look into getting an abortion. Lily decided to give away Holden’s clothes. Margo confessed the truth to Tom, that Riley was Adam. Janet raced to get to Liberty before she had an abortion. Luke was irked by Mason’s constant presence when he wanted to be alone with Noah.

THIS WEEK: Liberty makes a difficult decision.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke urged Ridge to make a decision, but he continued to be unsure. Whip defended Jackie to Owen. Jackie had doubts about her future with Owen and considered letting him go for his own sake. Katie asked Brooke to reconsider moving to Paris. Ridge sought an ally in his plan to publicly display the choice he’d made about his romantic future. Nick regretted his advice to Jackie about how to deal with Owen. Owen had a stipulation for Jackie before agreeing to reconcile. Katie and Donna had some bad news for Stephanie. Brooke was overjoyed to start a new chapter in her life.

THIS WEEK: Rick has some shocking news for the family.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Arianna arranged to meet with the head of the drug cartel — Victor. When Victor realized that Arianna was his top dealer, he kept his role from her because of her connection to Brady. Daniel was determined to get in to see Chloe and give her the antidote. Sami rescued Rafe when he was being set up for Dr. Baker’s murder. Philip proposed to Stephanie again, and Melanie wished him well. The owner of the cheap motel posted a video of Melanie and Phillip having sex. Lucas vowed to never forgive Chloe. Bo and Hope remained at odds and she found Justin very supportive. Phillip told Victor that he was serious about Stephanie.

THIS WEEK: Dean shoots Justin.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Jason told Sonny that Jerry had exonerated Claudia in Michael’s shooting. Sonny assigned Dominic to guard Michael and Morgan. Kristina admitted to Sonny that she was responsible for Claudia’s accident. Jax decided to tell the truth about Claudia’s part in Michael’s shooting after Carly has the baby. Nikolas plotted to hurt Rebecca. Sam and Jason’s relationship grew deeper, and he agreed to go to the carnival with her. Olivia was unhappy to see Dominic flirting with Lulu. To keep Edward from revealing that she was at the Metro Court the night of the murder, Andrea tried to poison him. Kiefer hinted to Alexis that Michael was a bad influence on Kristina.

THIS WEEK: Alexis learns that Kristina is missing.

GUIDING LIGHT — Natalia invited Olivia to see the sonogram, but Olivia resisted because she didn’t want to be hurt again. Phillip told the family about his illness. James discovered that Ed had been keeping a risky treatment from Phillip. Alan proved to be a match for Phillip and agreed to risk his life for his son. With the threat of foreclosure looming, Cyrus, Ashlee and Blake raced to finish Coop’s book about Jenna. Doris told Ashlee that she was gay. After learning about Phillip’s illness, Olivia decided to make up with Natalia. Reva and Josh were excited to learn that Henry was their grandchild. Mallet accepted a new assignment in Germany. Jeffrey and Edmund played a cat and mouse game.

THIS WEEK: Jonathan surprises Reva by bringing Sarah for a visit.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Todd proposed to Tea, but she asked him to give her a ring before she accepted. Blair met Ross and learned that he was still married to Tea. After Todd saw Cole selling drugs, Starr confided to her father that Cole was working undercover. Dorian overheard the truth about Cole and told Mayor Lowell. Lowell ordered Keaton to kill Cole. Nora and Tea wound up sharing a jail cell when judge found them in contempt. Fish told Cristian and Layla that he was gay. Carlotta jumped to the wrong conclusion about Cristian. Blair got Ross to make Tea believe he would give her a divorce. Tea destroyed Rachel on the witness stand.

THIS WEEK: Todd, Starr and Hope are in grave danger.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor forced Ashley to accept that Sabrina was dead. Sharon confessed to Nick that her baby was his, not Jack’s. Jack matched the million-dollar reward for Mary Jane’s return. Gloria and Jeff stashed Mary Jane at the Abbott cabin. Ashley nearly admitted to Traci that she’d hit Nikki with her car. Adam convinced Ashley not to tell anyone about Nikki. After Traci and Billy blasted Jack for his feud with Victor hurting Ashley, Billy forced Ash to leave the ranch. Gloria and Jeff decided to take the reward from Victor and Jack, letting them both come for Mary Jane. Daniel urged Amber to marry him so she wouldn’t have to marry Deacon. Kay questioned Victor about Nikki’s disappearance.

THIS WEEK: Mary Jane takes Colleen hostage.

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