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RECAPS – 8/6 – 8/10

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Kate saves Morgan after he falls into and gets stuck in the pond, but then she collapses in Sonny’s arms. Stunned Carly pulls away from delirious Jerry’s kiss, and yells that she’s not Irina. Jerry tackles Carly to the floor as gunfire erupts outside the window. Sonny gets Kate to GH, where it is determined she’s been bitten by a venomous water snake. Kate is given anti-venom and starts to recover as Sonny’s glued to her bedside. Carly calls the police and initiates her plan to make it appear Lorenzo is still alive, which would clear Jason of murder charges.

THIS WEEK: Diane gets a mysterious package delivered to her in court. Sonny tries to talk Kate out of leaving Port Charles.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Ava’s already messed up drug sting goes totally astray when JR and Amanda arrive on the scene. Lenny figures out what’s going on when JR starts to run at the mouth. Lenny grabs Ava, puts a gun at her side and threatens to kill her unless everyone backs off. After refusing a plea bargain with Jack and Derek, Lenny forces Ava into a beach shack. He instead threatens to kill Ava unless Derek does exactly as he demands. JR tries to sneak in but things get worse rather than better when he, too, becomes a hostage.

THIS WEEK: Spike’s loved one reveal their thoughts and fears as they wait for the results of his tests. Annie is overwhelmed with feelings of guilt.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Clint and Sarah butt heads when she tries to get into her trust fund. He won’t allow her to push him around and insists she prove that she’s responsible enough to handle the money. Later, when she returns to Capricorn, a violent Hunter confronts her. Hunter waves a knife in Sarah’s face and demands money. Cristian arrives in the nick of time and wrestles for the knife. Sarah lets out a blood-curdling scream when she realizes one of the men has been stabbed.

THIS WEEK: Antonio gives Nash exactly thirty days to buy him out of the vineyard. Clint gives Dorian a poker lesson.


BEAUTIFUL – Phoebe and Stephanie are guests on the Rich Ginger show where they make an announcement of a charity concert for Boldface Records. Ridge watches the show and becomes horrified that Phoebe is going to sing with Rick on television. He vows to not allow it to happen. Stephanie makes it clear to the audience that Forrester Creations is not – in any way – involved with Forrester Originals. Stephanie meets with Andy, urging him to pursue Brooke. Taylor tells Nick that she feels guilty about testifying against Brooke. Nick reassures her that it is Stephanie’s fault, and not Taylor’s, that Brooke has lost her children, and they off head to their doctor’s appointment.

THIS WEEK: Ashley visits Rick to tell him that she is back with Ridge. Phoebe interrupts Ridge and Ashley’s romantic morning.

GUIDING LIGHT – Reva says Jeffrey has unfinished business with Olivia, and doesn’t want to get caught in the middle. Jeffrey gives her a passionate goodbye kiss. Later, Jeffrey rejects Olivia’s dinner invitation. Reva, upset about Jonathan, goes to see Jeffrey and Olivia sees. She confesses that she was behind Ava’s mugging, to get Jeffrey’s attention, but Ava won’t press charges. Cyrus and Marina are about to kiss when Buzz, on a date with Lillian, tells them they’re busted. Marina and Cyrus reveal to Buzz they’re dating and he makes them promise Alex won’t get hurt in all this.

THIS WEEK: Ashlee has a lot to think about. Reva and Olivia spar.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Vienna and Henry commiserate over the loss of their building. Maddie talks to Vienna about sleeping with Noah and says she feels they might be moving too quickly. Vienna counsels Maddie to relax and enjoy her summer romance. Later, Henry tells Vienna their insurance wasn’t valid and they’ve lost all the money they invested in the building. When Noah kisses Maddie, Luke inadvertently spies it. Later, Maddie encourages Noah to call his dad about going to school, but Noah gets nowhere when he asks his dad to reconsider allowing him to go to Northwestern. When Noah questions Luke’s distance, he admits he’s got feelings for Noah.

THIS WEEK: Susan tells Bob she was drinking. Sofie defends Cole’s behavior to Aaron who is concerned.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – With the stress of the jury’s verdict looming over her, Phyllis asks Nick to stay at a hotel with her for the night to help her relax. Phyllis says that she needs to get away from all of the people judging her. Nick agrees to go, but also tells her that there is truth in what is being said. Phyllis realizes that Nick believes she is guilty and gets angry. She tells him not to come to the hotel with her and Summer after all. Jack learns from Nick that he and Sharon were planning to travel to Clear Springs for a photo shoot. Jack confronts Sharon about not telling him and Sharon says she didn’t tell him because the plans fell through. Gloria holds a memorial service for William, at which she panics when the tablecloths are the wrong color.

THIS WEEK: Ji Min calls Kay heartless. Later, Ji Min tells Jill all about Kay’s offer and that he was fired because he wouldn’t leave her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – In the past, Colleen tends to Santo’s wound and the sexual tension leads to a kiss. Colleen pulls away, asking him to drop the show and reveal his true feelings. In Italian, Santo says he loves her. Sami declares that fate was controlling Colleen’s destiny. Lucas muses that maybe Sami and EJ are fated to be together since they bear a striking resemblance to their ancestors. Sami vehemently declares she and Lucas are meant to be. Kate gives Chelsea the money from Nick, saying it’s from her for Chelsea’s tuition, and urges her granddaughter to forgive Billie. At the hospital, Kate confesses to an unconscious Roman that she slept with Stefano and Roman wakes up. He begs her to come to her senses and stop selling her soul.

THIS WEEK: Kayla is notified that an infant has been abandoned at University Hospital. Sami makes it clear she will never trust EJ.

PASSIONS – Theresa is strapped to the electric chair, Sheridan ready to follow her order from Vincent. Sheridan explains she has to kill Theresa to save Luis, to be with Luis. Theresa pleads for her life, but Sheridan has no choice and she throws the switch! Eve, locked in the prison closet, fantasizes of Julian rescuing her so they can tell the truth about Vincent and save Luis from execution. But in reality, Eve can’t escape and Luis’ execution goes ahead as planned. At the prison, everyone mourns Luis, who has flatlined, the execution complete. Sheridan lays into Vincent for not following through with his end of the deal and saving Luis.

THIS WEEK: Theresa and Ethan return home, grateful and happy at how things finally look to be working out for everyone. Vincent is furious with Eve for turning on him.

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