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RECAPS - 9/7-11

ALL MY CHILDREN — When she defied the network and made a live appeal for people starving in Africa, Erica was fired as host of New Beginnings. Kendall urged Zach to use Emma to bring down Annie. When Emma went missing, Annie accused Ryan of snatching her. Amanda pretended to comply with David’s ultimatum to give up Jake in order to have a place in Trevor’s life. However, Amanda later had a romantic rendezvous with Jake. JR told Marissa that he had cancer. After fighting with Randi, Frankie went to the casino where Madison gave him a shoulder to cry on. Kendall was disappointed when Zach wouldn’t respond to her kiss.

THIS WEEK: Jesse threatens to kill Madison.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Audrey killed James with the poison syringe, then placed the incriminating evidence in Henry’s pocket. Paul celebrated his father’s demise with Emily, even though Henry was named sole heir to the family fortune. Riley turned himself in to the police and explained he was Adam. Damian convinced Lily to plant a tree in Holden’s memory. Meg was jealous when she witnessed Damian and Lily looking like a family. Janet stopped Liberty from getting an abortion. Liberty told Parker that Tony was the father of her baby. Rosanna apologized to Craig for misunderstanding his relationship with Teri. Janet blasted Teri for advising Liberty to get an abortion.

THIS WEEK: Holden struggles to get away from Ed and Maeve.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke was ecstatic about reuniting with Ridge. Taylor graciously accepted the news from Ridge about his returning to Brooke. Jackie fired Whip in order to keep Owen happy. Nick warned Owen about the consequences of Jackie M. losing a talented guy like Whip. Steffy and Thomas cried on each other’s shoulders over the fact that they neither of them were dating. Jackie worried that Owen would find out about her past by reading it on the Internet and contemplated telling him all about her life before him. Nick warned Owen that there would be hell to pay if Owen ever hurt Jackie.

THIS WEEK: Bill’s right hand man, Justin, comes to L.A.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole intercepted Dr. Baker’s letter to Sami. Victor confronted Arianna about being a drug dealer, forcing her to break up with Brady. Stephanie ended things with Phillip when she saw his sex tape with Melanie on the web. Hope discovered that Dean was the third suspect in Ciara’s kidnapping. Justin tried to save Hope and Ciara from Dean, but was serious wounded in the process. Bo rescued Hope and Ciara and Dean was arrested. Stefano intervened when Rafe attempted to get Sister Theresa to finger Nicole. Arianna was devastated over breaking up with Brady and confessed to Roman that she cannot do her job anymore. Will read Mia’s diary.

THIS WEEK: Nicole badmouths Rafe to Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL After being drugged by Andrea, Edward had a heart attack and drove his car through the crowd at the carnival. Anthony ordered his men to attack Sonny’s territory. Elizabeth, Jason and Lucky searched for Jake in the chaos at the carnival. Jason witnessed Nikolas and Elizabeth in a passionate kiss. Dominic rescued Morgan but suffered serious injuries. Patrick learned that Dominic was Olivia and Sonny’s child. Olivia nearly told Sonny that he was Dominic’s father. Diane was relieved that Max was okay, unaware of the extent of his injuries. Elizabeth told Nikolas they can only be friends. Michael had a memory of Jax apologizing to him.

THIS WEEK: Olivia warns Johnny not to trust Dominic.

GUIDING LIGHT — Alan was haunted by a recurring dream that made him realize that he had to convince Phillip to let him be the bone marrow donor. Phillip and Alan survived the transplant and Rick was optimistic about the recovery. Shayne and Marina celebrated Henry’s birthday with the family. In Austria, Mallet ran into Dinah. Olivia and Emma moved back into the farmhouse with Natalia and they agreed to be a family and raise the baby together. Edmund warned Jeffrey that he had his eyes on Springfield. Jeffrey resolved to kill Edmund to protect his family. Jonathan brought Sarah to visit Reva and Lizzie. After telling Ashlee she was gay, Doris worried that her daughter had rejected her.

THIS WEEK: Phillip learns the results of the bone marrow transplant.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Rex insisted on going to the doctor’s appointment with Stacy. Sergei beat Todd to a pulp and shot Shaun. Fish and John found Shaun and Greg had to perform life or death surgery on his brother. Gigi found a pregnancy test kit in the garbage and wondered what Stacy was up to. Todd was found and told the cops that Sergei had taken Hope and Starr hostage. Blair brought Ross back to Llanview to ruin Tea’s relationship with Todd. Brody makes a valiant effort to save Starr and Hope. Despite her negative pregnancy test, Stacy’s prayers were answered. Sergei got the drop on John.

THIS WEEK: David’s reality TV career comes to an end.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At Billy’s trailer, Traci tried to convince Ashley to let a doctor examine her. Patty took Colleen hostage at the Abbott cabin. When Colleen got the chance, she called out a word to help Paul and J.T. find her. Gloria and Jeffrey collected the reward money from Jack and Victor, unaware that both packages had been booby-trapped. Michael was convinced that Ryder was not Kevin’s brother. Daniel questioned Ryder about his connection to the stolen Terroni. Amber showed up to her wedding to Deacon dressed in black. Adam was granted early parole. Victor took Ashley back to the ranch and away from her family. Nick told Sharon that he wanted to be part of the baby’s life.

THIS WEEK: Victoria tells J.T. she slept with Deacon.

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