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RECAPS - 9/14-18

ALL MY CHILDREN — Randi and Frankie reconciled. Madison was moved to violence when Frankie rejected her advances. At the Fusion Children’s Hunger Project dance marathon, Randi drank from the drugged water bottle Madison meant for Frankie. Adam was had memories from the night of Stuart’s murder and doubted Kendall was responsible. Jake and Amanda staged a fight to deceive David. Ryan realized that Annie was protecting Emma from something. JR misunderstood Marissa and Scott’s embrace. Taylor was disappointed when Tad couldn’t dance with her at the marathon because he was acting as the emcee.

THIS WEEK: Ryan tells Erica what he’s up to with Annie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS At the same time that Maeve was at the bank to withdraw money with Holden’s authorization, Damian and Lily were there to close his accounts. Maeve wasn’t able to get the money, but escaped. Lily suspected that Holden was still alive, but Damian refused to encourage her. Meg’s plan to go on vacation with Damian went awry after Faith caught Lily and Damian naked in bed. Paul and Emily went to City Hall and got married. Audrey convinced Henry to launder the Stenbeck inheritance through Ralph, who turned out to be Teri’s uncle. Janet agreed to let Liberty have an abortion once she was certain that she was making an informed decision.

THIS WEEK: Lucinda warns Lily about Damian.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Donna was unnerved when Justin, Bill’s right hand man, came to Los Angeles. Owen turned to Steffy after an emotional ordeal with Jackie. Donna was put on the spot when Justin questioned her about Marcus’s father. Eric decided to officially make Marcus a Forrester. Justin told Bill about his past relationship with Donna. Katie tried to make peace between Eric and Bill. Stephanie suffered a ministroke. Owen was put in a tough position when Jackie asked him to forgive her. Bill and Katie take their relationship to the next level. Justin confronts Donna about Marcus. Ridge surprised everyone with his reaction to Eric’s plan to adopt Marcus.

THIS WEEK: Bill renews his efforts to acquire Forrester Creations.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ and Nicole agreed to a honeymoon in Paris, but Nicole planned to stay in Europe permanently. Chloe came to after another dose of medicine. Roman insisted that Arianna remain on the case. Daniel got Kate’s confession on tape, but before he could get away, she knocked him out and tied him up. Kate turned to Stefano for help solving her problem with Chloe and Daniel. Rafe continued unraveling the truth about Sami, Nicole, Sydney and Grace, but when he encountered Emily’s sister, Meredith, she turned violent on him. Mia told Will that she had not been in rehab, but had had a baby. Lucas had Melanie and Nathan arrested for administering drugs to Chloe.

THIS WEEK: Sami is concerned when she cannot reach Rafe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Lucky proposed to Elizabeth. Sonny warned Anthony that if he made another move against his organization, Johnny would pay. Michael confronted Jax and accused him of being responsible for his getting shot. Sonny and Claudia agreed that Anthony had to be eliminated. Olivia was relieved when Dominic didn’t need transplant surgery. Patrick urged Olivia to tell Sonny and Dominic the truth about their being father and son. Elizabeth and Nikolas made love, but then she accepted Lucky’s marriage proposal. Molly asked Jason not to break Sam’s heart again. Maxie confessed to Robin that she loved Spinelli, but wasn’t ready for marriage. Carly considered having Dominic recuperate at her home.

THIS WEEK: Sam has fears about Kristina’s relationship with Kiefer.

GUIDING LIGHT — In anticipation of the final episodes of Guiding Light, the producers decided not to reveal any information prior to airing to the press and the public. Therefore, we can only tell you that in the last week on the air, the folks of Springfield will resolve many issues that they’ve been facing, including Phillip’s medical crisis, Olivia and Natalia’s complicated romantic relationship, Lizzie’s hunger to have Sarah back in her life, Shayne and Marina’s commitment to Henry, Josh’s yearning for Reva, and Reva’s heartbreak over Jeffrey. Next week, Speaking of Soaps will have a comprehensive recap of everything that happened.

THIS WEEK: The good times end on Guiding Light.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Rex told Stacy he wanted her to get a paternity test. Gigi and Schuyler suspected that Stacy might not be pregnant with Rex’s baby. Brody was seriously injured trying to save Hope and Starr. Shaun was shot and Greg had to perform emergency surgery to save his life, but Shaun fell into a coma and Greg feared he might never awaken. After Lowell dropped out of the race, Dorian decided to run against Viki for mayor. Jessica was relieved when Brody recovered. Todd and Tea announced their engagement. At Buchanan Enterprises, Jessica’s stalker attacked Jared. Cole and Markko became roommates. Fish’s father thought Cristian was gay. David’s TV show came to an abrupt end.

THIS WEEK: John investigates Jessica’s stalker.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Ashley began to unravel when she told Victor that she had hit Nikki with her car and he didn’t believe her. When a spider bit Patty, Colleen convinced her they had to get help. Colleen struggled with a boat, hit her head and fell into the water. Nick and Victoria confronted Victor and learned he was responsible for Patty coming to town. Ashley and Abby joined Traci, Steve and Billy as they waited for word about Colleen. Billy blew up and told Ashley that Victor was responsible for everything. Deacon gave Daniel 72 hours to produce the Terroni. Jack found Colleen, but Patty wouldn’t let him help her… then Victor appeared and a shot rang out.

THIS WEEK: Traci has to decide Colleen’s fate.

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