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RECAPS - 9/21-25

ALL MY CHILDREN — Kendall was so jealous of Liza and Zach that she left the secret room to go to ConFusion. Jesse demanded that Madison leave town, but she threatened to expose Randi incriminating herself for murder instead. Erica and Annie got into a catfight. Adam collapsed on the dance floor. Amanda tried to stop Jake from kidnapping Trevor. Ryan tried to convince Annie that he was on her side. Just as Annie was about to confess to Ryan, she shut down. Zach pulled away from Lisa’s kiss and she decided to sever all ties to him. Randi came face to face with Madison. Krystal wondered if Tad could ever forgive her.

THIS WEEK: Madison has a tempting offer for Angie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Jack learned that body in the car crash was not Holden’s. Holden convinced Eb to collect a ransom for him, but Damian took the call and kept the information from the Snyders. Jack and Luke went to search the crash site at the same time that Damian was in Kentucky to meet Eb. Eb held a gun on Luke, prompting Damian to push Eb. Damian was shot in the shoulder as Eb fell into a ravine. Henry agreed to give Paul half the inheritance to keep Barbara from contesting James’ will. Ralph advised Liberty to consider a private adoption instead of aborting the baby. Paul and Emily discussed adopting a baby. Craig kissed Rosanna.

THIS WEEK: Damian wants Lily to marry him again.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Ridge shared information about their families. Stephanie began to experience neurological problems, but denied that she wasn’t well. Steffy agreed to keep Stephanie’s confidence. Taylor was worried about Stephanie’s health. The staff at Jackie M. celebrated a new milestone. Bill renewed his strategy to acquire Forrester Creations. Marcus gave Eric a gift to signify their new relationship. Steffy confided in Owen her concerns about Stephanie. Pam confronted Stephanie about her recent actions and stumbled upon the devastating truth of her condition. Nick presented a musical tribute to Bridget in honor of her work at Jackie M. Justin was stunned to hear Donna’s confession about Marcus’s paternity.

THIS WEEK: Jackie suspects that Steffy’s after Owen.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ told Nicole that he believed their marriage was a success. Kate agreed to marry Stefano in exchange for his destroying the evidence that she tried to kill Chloe. Lucas started drinking again. Sami threatened to keep Allie from Lucas until he voluntarily went into rehab. Arianna was desperate to find Rafe, unaware that Meredith had locked him in a basement. Chloe offered to give up Daniel to make amends to God. Hope told Bo she was going out of town with Ciara for a while. Roman suspected Stefano when the evidence against Kate was too clean. Melanie was thrilled to have Nathan and Philip fighting over her. Daniel and Chloe were reunited.

THIS WEEK: Brady inadvertently tells EJ the secret is out.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spinelli found the perfect spot to marry Maxie. On the wedding day, Maxie was stunned when Spinelli recited his vows. Olivia told Elizabeth that she’d never regret marrying Lucky for the sake of her children. Sonny and Jason disagreed about Johnny. Lulu saw Dominic’s police badge, but he covered the real reason he had it. Dominic agreed to move in with Jax and Carly after being released from the hospital. Sam suspected that Kiefer was dangerous. Michael had a memory of Claudia saying the bullet was meant for Sonny. Claudia let Carly know that she and Sonny were trying to have a baby together. Sonny nearly saw Dominic’s police badge.

THIS WEEK: Ethan and Lulu decide to go find Luke.

GUIDING LIGHT — Philip was relieved that the bone marrow transplant worked. At Billy and Vanessa’s wedding, Buzz asked Lillian to marry him and they were married during the same ceremony. Jonathan announced that he was staying in Springfield and wanted Sarah to spend time with Lizzie. Philip proposed to Beth and she said yes. Alan was hailed as a hero for saving Philip’s life. James and Daisy made love. Josh decided to reopen Lewis Oil in Venezuela. Rafe said goodbye to friends and family before leaving for Army boot camp. After the wedding, Philip found Alan had died while sitting by the water. Rick confirmed Alan had had a heart attack.

THIS WEEK: Reva comes to terms with her future.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Greg was distraught about Shaun’s medical condition and blamed himself. The judge ruled in Matthew’s favor. Nora begged Matthew not to undergo surgery, but Matthew’s mind was made up. Fish came out to John, who totally accepted his sexuality. Ross had second thoughts about breaking up Todd and Tea’s wedding. John suspected Jared in the stalking case. Rex proposed to Gigi, but she suggested they wait until they’re ready to marry for the right reasons. Stacy feared that even if she had the baby, Rex would never love her like he loved Gigi. Viki advised Tea to be totally honest with Todd before the wedding. Fish’s father told him he loved him before leaving town.

THIS WEEK: Jared gets a call from the stalker.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Patty shot Victor three times in the chest and ran off. Paul tracked down Patty while Jack attended to critically ill Colleen and Victor. Colleen was declared brain dead and Traci was asked to remove her from life supports. Gloria learned about the Terroni in Tom’s safety deposit box. Victor needed open heart surgery. Adam admitted that he had tried to destroy Ashley to get back at Victor. Ashley went to Victor’s side but heard him call for Nikki. Amber, Jana, Daniel and Kevin went to Detroit to retrieve the Terroni. Paul found Nikki at a spa. Ashley checked herself into a mental institution after seeing Nikki and believing she was a ghost.

THIS WEEK: Victor needs a heart transplant.

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