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RECAPS - 9/28-10/2

ALL MY CHILDREN — Liza caught Kendall outside the secret room, but instead of telling Willis, Liza advised Kendall’s double how to fake out the D.A. Marissa stayed with JR when he started chemotherapy. Brot and Natalia won the dance marathon. Annie was given a six-month sentence of out-patient treatment. Ryan and Erica had their first fight. Aidan snuck into the Chandler mansion, finding the surveillance tape of Annie kissing Scott and JR. Tad and Krystal urged Jake to fight for Amanda. Krystal was determined to save Amanda from David. Madison offered a trade to Angie; she’d give her Randi’s incriminating tape for enough pills to commit suicide. Adam believed JR was drinking again.

THIS WEEK: Aidan isn’t falling for Annie’s act.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Craig and Rosanna made love. Audrey discovered that Barbara hadn’t been with a man in a long time, so she convinced Henry to romance her so they could get their hands on James’ money. Liberty met with a couple that wanted to adopt her baby and was happy to find that Paul and Emily were the duo. Despite objections all around, Liberty decided to let them have her baby. Johnny had an accident on the playground and had to be rushed to the hospital. Noah rejected Mason when he made a pass at him. Maeve and Holden found the money Eb’s been searching for in Skagg’s root cellar. Eb showed up at Lily’s, threatening Faith when Damian approached.

THIS WEEK: Janet wants to raise Liberty’s baby.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Stephanie’s condition caused her to lash out at the staff at Jackie M. Marcus was shocked to learn that Justin was his biological father. Bill confided his plans for the future with Katie, and then issued her an ultimatum. Eric told the family about his adopting Marcus. Pam helped Stephanie hide her condition from their co-workers. Jackie was suspicious of Steffy’s friendship with Owen. Eric, Donna, Brooke and Ridge were furious with Bill for his attempt at a hostile takeover of Forrester Creations. Jackie confronted Steffy, warning her to keep her hands off of Owen. Justin decided to stay in Los Angeles so he could get to know Marcus better.

THIS WEEK: Steffy tells Taylor the truth about Stephanie’s condition.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole and Brady agreed on a cover story to tell EJ. Meredith decided to entomb Rafe behind a brick wall. Arianna invited herself to Meredith’s home, forcing Meredith to change her plans and dump Rafe’s unconscious body in the river. Sami tried to get a job. EJ learned that Nicole had had a miscarriage. Nicole turned to Stefano to continue deceiving EJ. While Daniel and Chloe planned a happy future, Victor plotted against them. EJ showed Nicole that he had found her pregnancy padding. Will was to brokenhearted to learn that Mia and Chad were back together. Phillip and Victor discussed the women in their lives and the expectations they face.

THIS WEEK: Stefano has a diabetic scare.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Kate recognized Dominic as Dante. Claudia overheard the truth about Dominic being Sonny’s son when Kate promised Olivia that she wouldn’t blow Dante’s cover. Kristina contemplated having sex with Kiefer. Helena was confined to bed and very ill, while Luke was being held in a cell. Lulu joined Ethan on the search for Luke. Sonny asked Dominic to find the leak in the organization. A mystery person freed Luke and Helena tried to warn him about a rogue Cassadine on the loose. Claudia put the screws to Olivia, telling her that she knew Dominic’s true identity. Sonny realized that his absence from Kristina’s life as a child has scarred her.

THIS WEEK: Olivia is forced to break up with Johnny.

GUIDING LIGHT — The Spaulding family gathered to scatter Alan’s ashes. Alex went off with Fletcher Reed, one of her old boyfriends. Remy and Christina were remarried again. Jeffrey continued chasing Edmund, unable to kill him when he had the chance. Daisy was given a scholarship to study writing at Berkeley. Doris arranged for Ashlee to go to school with Daisy. Josh confessed his love for Reva and told her he would wait for her. A year later, Philip and Beth celebrated Mindy and Rick’s engagement. Lizzie and Bill were excited about her being pregnant. Josh met Reva at the lighthouse and they agreed they were each other’s all-time loves.

THIS WEEK: Guiding Light has officially come to an end.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — When Schuyler learned that he cannot teach again, Gigi urged him to go for his other dream, becoming a doctor. Tea and Todd were married for the third time. Langston and Markko were embarrassed when Cole and Starr nearly caught them making love. Greg told Matthew that he wouldn’t do the operation he wanted. Cristian encouraged Fish to tell Kyle how he felt about him. John caught Jared in a lie when Jared didn’t admit20that he had served time with the stalker suspect. Blair was furious to learn that Ross and Dorian were conspiring to manipulate her. Natalie made a horrific discovery.

THIS WEEK: The gloves come off between Tea and Blair.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor was given two weeks to live unless he received a heart transplant. Michael suggested a designated donation to get a heart for Victor. Traci decided to allow Colleen’s organs to be donated for transplants. Family and friends said goodbye to Colleen. Nikki asked Traci to give Colleen’s heart to Victor. At the mental hospital, Dr. Taylor delivered Sharon’s baby. Adam forced Taylor to give Sharon’s baby to Ashley, letting her believe it was her own. Sharon was told her baby had been deformed and died. Traci prayed for guidance, and then told Jack to deliver her decision about Colleen’s heart to the Newmans.

THIS WEEK: Sharon tells Nick their baby died and she had the body cremated.

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