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RECAPS - 10/5-9

ALL MY CHILDREN — Frankie realized that Madison was psychologically damaged, but was grateful that she offered to give him the key to a safe deposit box holding the evidence against Randi. Jake apologized to Amanda and asked for them to start over. Ryan was annoyed when a freed Annie went to see Emma. Liza revealed to Colby that she told Bailey the truth about the baby. Amanda arranged for Trevor’s christening and insisted on Jake being named godfather. Adam has a vision of Stuart. Emma said she would tell Ryan a secret, but only after seeing Annie. On the way to Oak Haven, Frankie and Madison were in a car accident.

THIS WEEK: Annie confides in Scott.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Maeve and Holden managed to escape from the cellar, but Holden was hurt when the ceiling caved in. Maeve got him to the hospital and left him with her friend. Damian asked Lily to marry him and when her children told her to do what she wanted, Lily said yes. Lily arranged for a quickie wedding. Holden rushed out of the hospital to reach Lily, arriving just as the wedding was ending. Holden was horrified by Lily’s actions and moved out. Liberty wasn’t sure she could let Jack and Janet raise her baby. Rosanna had second thoughts about her relationship with Craig after visiting Carly in rehab. Luke was disappointed when Noah doesn’t tell him the truth about being with Mason. Henry was desperate for the inheritance, so he slept with Barbara.

THIS WEEK: Lily tries to win Holden back.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie broke the news to her sisters about her deal with Bill. Donna and Brooke were disappointed in Katie. Stephanie downplayed her medical troubles and tried to keep working. Katie stumbled upon something that made her doubt Bill. Whip realized that Jackie was insecure was Owen’s friendship with Steffy. Steffy told Owen about how Jackie warned her to stay away. Eric was ready to sacrifice for the family to keep Bill from taking over Forrester. Steffy took Owen on an impromptu ride on the Shady Marlin. To save Forrester Creations, Brooke took matters into her own hands. Steffy and Owen ran into trouble out on the ocean.

THIS WEEK: Bill has a special gift for Katie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole told EJ the truth about Sydney, insisting that they were still a family. Kate tried to spice up Stefano’s food with a special sauce, but he wound up sick again. Lawrence threatened to keep Carly from reaching out to Bo and Justin. Philip confessed to Stephanie they were never right for each other. EJ was overcome with despair and felt that all he had left was Johnny. Sami overheard EJ with his son and sympathized with him. Nicole blamed Brady for ruining her marriage. Nicole vowed to never give Sydney back to Sami. Mia told Will that she wished things were different between them.

THIS WEEK: Carly crosses paths with Rafe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Dominic was ordered to kill the spy in the Corinthos organization, but instead of shooting Tommy, Dominic arrested him and forced him to work with the cops. Claudia was desperate to get pregnant again and tried to put the moves on Dominic. Claudia forced Olivia to drop Johnny or else she would tell Sonny the truth about Dominic. Nikolas rescued Luke, Lulu and Ethan in Greece. Helena warned Nikolas to watch out for Vlad Cassadine. Sam and Jason learn about a tape recorder in Ian Devlin’s pocket the night of the shooting. Kristina wanted to get birth control pills. Dom quit the police department when Ronnie took him off Sonny’s case.

THIS WEEK: Luke questions Alexis about Vlad.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Todd was furious when he learned about Tea and Ross. Tea continued to keep a big secret from Todd. Blair and Tea got into a physical battle and Blair figured out Tea’s secret. Before she could tell what she knew, Blair tumbled out the window and was rushed to the hospital. Matthew told Bo and Nora he found another doctor to do the surgery in Greg’s place. Jared was arrested when the evidence made it look like he killed the stalker. Dorian figured another way to get the gay vote and she fired David as her campaign manager. Markko’s student film project got mixed up with the tape he accidentally shot of Langston and Markko making love.

THIS WEEK: Blair loses her memory.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam was guilt-ridden when he realized how devastated Sharon was by the loss of the baby. Billy was upset about Victor getting Colleen’s heart and resigned from Jabot. Ashley brought baby Faith to see Victor. Nick held the baby, not knowing he was really her father. Phyllis learned about Sharon’s sacrifice and thanked her. Sharon told Noah she would not lean on him or Nick ever again. Friends and family said goodbye to Colleen at her funeral. Chance and Chloe got closer at the Halloween festival. Gloria followed Kevin to get the real Terroni. Daniel was disappointed by Amber’s ambivalence. Victor had a seizure. Adam arranged for Sharon to receive ashes, letting her believe they were from her dead baby.

THIS WEEK: Nick tries to make it work with Phyllis.

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