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RECAPS - 10/12-16

ALL MY CHILDREN — Kendall’s look-alike was stabbed and taken to the hospital. Liza arranged for the imposter not to be discovered by David, but the imposter refused to go back to prison. Emma was rushed to the hospital after falling down the stairs. Zach decided to confess to save his family. Zach and Kendall said goodbye. Kendall conspired with Aidan, but they ended up in a standoff with the cop and Aidan was shot. When Annie was allowed to visit Emma, the child opened her eyes. Kendall went on the run. Jake gave Zach a letter for Kendall. Bailey broke down in tears when she held her baby again.

THIS WEEK: Annie fears Emma will reveal her secret.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Liberty missed taking the SATs because Emily didn’t wake her. Parker got access to his trust fund as part of a bargain with Craig to keep Carly from knowing about Craig and Rosanna’s affair. Parker rented an apartment for Liberty with no strings attached. Katie saved Vienna when Al’s Diner went up in flames. Jessica returned to town and was disappointed that Dusty and Bonnie were having a casual affair. Vienna learned about Henry and Barbara’s lovemaking. Damian told Lily that their marriage was legal. Lily saw Holden with Maeve when he took the blonde on a tour of Oakdale. Brad and Katie learned the sex of their unborn baby.

THIS WEEK: Janet continues pressing Liberty to let her raise the baby.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — After the boat incident, Steffy saw Owen in a new light. Jackie comforted Stephanie after she announced her intention to leave Jackie M. Taylor forced Stephanie to seek professional help for her condition. Bill countered Katie’s accusations about the DVD with a sparkly gift. Nick concocted a plan to get Stephanie back to work. Brooke and Donna continued to try and convince Katie that Bill was using her. Ridge and Bill had an argument about who was responsible for tearing up the Logan family as well as Forrester Creations. Thomas challenged Steffy about her feelings for Owen. Katie moved in with Bill.

THIS WEEK: Katie moves in to Eric’s office at Forrester.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Carly saved Rafe’s life Rafe when he was fished out of the water and brought onto the ship. Victor told Bo that Lawrence had been killed. Hope returned to Salem with Ciara, but Bo was crushed when they moved out of the house. Chloe and Daniel made love once she received her annulment papers. EJ told Nicole he wanted Sydney in his life, but not Nicole. Chad lashed out at Mia when he discovered that Sydney was their child and Mia had given her up for adoption. Will came to Mia’s defense. Nicole pleaded with an unconscious Stefano for a way to keep from losing Sydney. Rafe protected Carly from a traitorous crewman.

THIS WEEK: Brady offers to help Sami track down Rafe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Dominic realized the reason why Claudia wanted to have sex with him. Olivia was disappointed when Dominic was put back on the Corinthos case, then realized that Jax arranged it. Pushed to the limit by Claudia’s threats, Olivia went to Sonny’s to confess everything. Sam was hurt when Alexis suggested that she was a bad influence on Molly and Kristina. Kiefer pressed Kristina to have sex with him. Nikolas brought Helena to General Hospital for treatment. Anthony sent a lethal killer, Joey Limbo, to go after his enemies in Port Charles. Nikolas told Elizabeth he was going to reunite with Rebecca. Helena told Lucky that those he loved had betrayed him.

THIS WEEK: Michael remembers the truth about Claudia.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Blair was frustrated with her memory loss. Tea tried to make up with Todd, but he said she could never be a mother to his children. Ross attempted to swipe Tea’s briefcase where he hoped there was information about his child. Bo and Nora tricked Matthew into thinking they were flying him to Seattle for an operation. Natalie was shocked by Jared’s confession. Brody asked Jessica and Bree to move in with him for their safety. Dorian got engaged to Amelia to win the gay vote. Delphina determined that Nash was sending a message to Jessica about the killer. Ross was tasered by Oliver.

THIS WEEK: Marty’s forced to go along with Blair’s plan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria caught Adam conducting Newman Enterprise business. At a Newman board meeting, Victoria and Nick downplayed the seriousness of Victor’s condition. Adam called the SEC to report that the Newman family had lied to the stockholders. Victor accepted Ashley’s decision that they divorce. Ashley told Adam that she was keeping the ranch and he was welcome to live there. Jack offered Brad’s house to Sharon since Abby was too young to live on her own. It was revealed that Daniel and Victoria had been working with the authorities to return the Terroni, outwitting Deacon. Billy, Mac, Chloe and Chance all wound up at the Abbott cabin at the same time.

THIS WEEK: Lily contemplates telling her family she and Cane have reaffirmed their vows.

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