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RECAPS - 10/19-23

ALL MY CHILDREN — The Hubbards were stunned when Madison died. Madison’s father appeared in Pine Valley. Kendall cared for Aidan while they were on the run, but his condition deteriorated. Ryan was frustrated that Emma continued to keep Annie’s secret. Krystal and Tad were surprised by JR and Marissa’s haste to get married. To stop Annie from getting Emma to move in with her at the mansion, Ryan asked Emma and Annie to return to the loft. Annie took Ryan up on the offer. JR and Marissa were married. Natalia accepted desk duty after the shooting incident. Scott revealed he knew more than he was letting on.

THIS WEEK: Zach turns on the pressure on Scott.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Ralph’s goons kidnapped Katie when Henry failed to pay him. Lucinda got Lily and Holden to the cabin to talk things out. Damian wanted Maeve to help him keep Holden and Lily apart. Liberty had a run in with football player and then suffered a miscarriage. Craig and Rosanna told Jack about their romance. Craig stopped the release of Parker’s trust fund. Ralph delivered Katie’s baby. When Brad tried to rescue Katie, Ralph grabbed him and Brad was shot in the process. Audrey was arrested after attempting to poison Barbara.

THIS WEEK: Lily is forced to choose between Holden and Damian.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thorne learned about Stephanie’s condition but promised to keep silent. Stephanie returned to work at Jackie M. with a new plan to take advantage of the situation at Forrester. Brooke and Ridge decided to make the best of the deal with Bill. Katie’s first day as CEO was proof that she was caught between the Spencer and Forrester interests. Bill wined and dined Katie before asking her a question. Owen was thrilled about Jackie’s reaction to starting a family. Taylor was concerned about Steffy’s involvement in Jackie and Owen’s relationship.

THIS WEEK: Ridge thinks of leaving Forrester Creations.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ realized that he won’t be able to raise Sydney on his own. Nicole tried unsuccessfully to seduce Chad into giving her custody of Sydney. Sami agreed to help Nicole go on the run with Sydney. On a plane ready to take off for Rio, Nicole got a call from Stefano commanding her to come see him immediately with the baby. Victor caught Brady and Arianna rekindling their romance. Arianna was unable to resign from the undercover work. Carly got off the ship to steal drugs to keep Rafe from dying. Hope agreed to move into the Kiriaskis mansion with Ciara. Stefano had a serious cardiac episode.

THIS WEEK: EJ walks in on Nicole conspiring with Stefano.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Elizabeth was forced to go along with the celebration when Lucky threw a surprise engagement party. Kristina told Michael she had had sex with Kiefer. Dominic enlisted Spinelli’s help on a job. With Sam’s help, as well as Patrick and Robin’s at the hospital, Jason investigated Ian Devlin and found the evidence to nail Claudia. In Puerto Rico for business, Claudia proved to be a valuable partner for Sonny. Michael remembered Jerry visiting during the coma. Johnny forced Olivia to admit their feelings for each other. Luke questioned Elizabeth’s desire to remarry Lucky. Dominic realized Spinelli was the key to nailing Sonny.

THIS WEEK: Sonny rips Claudia apart.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Jared found Pamela’s body and John suspected him in her murder. Rex agreed to go to couples counseling with Gigi. In London, Kevin got Matthew into a new school. Nora and Bo worried that Matthew would never forgive them for misleading him. During a hypnosis session with Marty, Blair’s memory came back. Blair chose not to tell Todd about Tea having had Todd’s baby. Dorian arranged for a mass marriage ceremony for all the gay couples in Llanview. Layla stopped kissing Cristian because she doesn’t want to dishonor Evangaline’s memory by getting involved with him. Eli was revealed to be Ross’s brother.

THIS WEEK: Tea let Todd believe the worst about her.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor agreed to give Ashley the ranch as part of the divorce. With Adam’s help, Victor managed to make it to Faith’s christening. Billy borrowed money from Ashley to buy Restless Style from Nick and Phyllis. Chloe believed Billy bought the magazine to be close to her. Sharon advised Adam about how to get closer to Victor. Patty’s doctor met Jack and Victor. Kevin got Ryder out of jail. Deacon learned his next targets were Michael and Lauren. Jack fumed when Kay promoted Jill to co-chair of Jabot. J.T. and Victoria were at odds. Victor told Nikki he wanted a future with her. Billy decided to write an expose about Victor getting Colleen’s heart.

THIS WEEK: Adam is unsure about being friends with Sharon.

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