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RECAPS - 10/26-30

ALL MY CHILDREN — David offered to share custody of Trevor with Amanda if she agreed to have another child with him. Jake was stunned at first, but accepted Amanda’s decision to go along with David. Ryan and Erica realized Emma was blackmailing Annie. Ryan, Erica and Zach re-created the night of Stuart’s death to force Adam to remember what happened. Annie and Scott were trapped in the elevator at Fusion and couldn’t protect Adam. Kendall communicated with Zach via a poetry web site. Aidan longed for Kendall, but she was fantasizing about returning to Zach. When she learned about his deal with Amanda, Marissa lashed out at David. Brot’s scars shocked Natalia.

THIS WEEK: Annie urges Adam to keep their secret.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Ralph showed up at Metro and took Teri hostage. Dusty realized something was off and wound up taking Teri’s place with Ralph. Katie told Brad about their baby son, but Brad died from the shooting. Jack was guilt-ridden because he fired the shot that killed Brad. Audrey tried to escape but Barbara fought with her and slipped a cell phone into her bag. Holden told Maeve they could only be friends, but she lied to Lily to make her think she was sleeping with Holden. Emily and Paul were sympathetic when Liberty told them she lost the baby. Katie forgave Jack for his part in Brad’s death, but was through with Henry.

THIS WEEK: Jack has a tough time on the job.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — When Stephanie backed out of a television interview, Pam took her place. Owen realized that his dreams of a family weren’t going to happen as long as he stayed married to Jackie. Ridge contemplated leaving Forrester Creations. As CEO, Katie had a tough time balancing her loyalty to Bill with her loyalty to the Forresters. Katie named a new president and vice president of Forrester Creations. Brooke had a tempting new offer for Bill. Bridget visited the doctor to determine if she can get pregnant. Owen and Jackie made amends with each other.

THIS WEEK: Jackie M. deals with the aftermath of Pam’s TV appearance.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Arianna and Brady made love and grew closer. Justin questioned whether or not Hope had second thoughts about leaving Bo. Bo was surprised to find Carly at his house. Bo agreed to help Carly, even though it meant keeping her return secret. Vivian received Lawrence’s ashes and vowed revenge on Carly. Stefano was on the verge of telling Sami that Sydney was her child. Stefano decided to let Nicole be Sydney’s mother and never tell EJ the truth. Chad got a court order for DNA testing, but Stefano assured Nicole that he would take care of the test. Rafe got off the ship and was determined to find Sami and tell her about Sydney.

THIS WEEK: Victor learns that Brady and Arianna are back together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Sam told Jason that Claudia deserved whatever happened to her. Jason gave Sonny the proof that Claudia was responsible for Michael’s shooting. Dominic rescued Lulu when she was drugged at a photo shoot, but worried that she overheard him talking with Ronnie about his undercover assignment. Joey Limbo caught Johnny and held him against his will. Luke was shocked to see Liz and Nikolas kissing. Jason resolved to kill Claudia whether Sonny gave him the order or not. Claudia made a desperate move knowing that Sonny could never forgive her. Michael felt he was responsible for the horrible turn of events. Mac stopped Jason in his tracks.

THIS WEEK: Michael proves that he’s truly Sonny’s son.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Brody’s sister Nadine was causing trouble. Schuyler filled in for Rex on Halloween night. Gigi and Schuyler kissed, but she told him her feelings for him were wrong. Dorian thought she had an advantage over Viki in the election when Viki had to drop out of the debate. Ross and Tea daughter, Danielle, was in the same London school as Matthew. When Layla told Cristian they had no future because of the memory of Evangeline, Cristian said he would move out. Bo and Nora were drawn back together romantically. David flew to London with Destiny to visit Matthew, but David’s mind was on Dorian. Jessica received another call from “Nash.”

THIS WEEK: Jessica comes face to face with Jared.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam told Sharon about his liaison with Rafe and was surprised by her reaction. J.T. made a decision about the job offer in New York. Abby learned that Ashley was divorcing Victor. When Victoria’s emotions got the best of her, Victor intervened at Newman Enterprises. Billy accepted Jack’s help with a story about Victor for Restless Style, but eventually Billy decided to write the story his own way. Jana found a torn photo of Ryder and asked Lauren to find out what Ryder has been hiding. After Halloween night, Sharon and Adam’s friendship was no longer a secret. Paul begged Emily to stay in Genoa City and continue treating Patty.

THIS WEEK: Lily and Cane make love.

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