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RECAPS - 11/2-6

ALL MY CHILDREN — When Adam remembered what happened the night of Stuart’s murder, his first response was to do something drastic. Aidan intercepted a message from Zach to Kendall. Erica and Ryan realized what happened with Stuart and Erica tried to get Adam to tell her everything. At the chapel, Aidan pulled Kendall away from Zach when the authorities showed up. After having a cardiac incident and winding up in the hospital, Adam was determined to tell the truth. At Stuart’s graveside, Adam decided to keep quiet about what happened for the sake of the family. At Adam and Annie’s wedding, Ryan invoked Stuart’s memory when he stood up and spoke his mind.

THIS WEEK: Amanda’s fed up with David’s manipulations.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Katie continued to shun Henry. Brad haunted Henry, believing he had unfinished business to complete before moving on. There was a funeral for Brad. Katie named her son Jacob Bradley Snyder. Carly returned to Oakdale from rehab. When Craig refrained making love to Carly, she guessed that he and Rosanna were having an affair. Holden got his life back in court, but when Lily hesitated choosing him over Damian, Holden asked for an annulment. Luke was unconvinced that Mason was not trying to seduce Noah. Jack turned in his gun and badge, then left town to get his head together. Jack tried to talk a jumper off the roof then considered jumping with him.

THIS WEEK: Teri is intrigued by Dusty.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Justin continued to be infatuated with Donna and she found herself confiding in him. Bill made strides with Ridge by being nice to Steffy. Steffy pitched a new clothing line to Katie based on old Hollywood and the Logan sisters. Bridget and Nick considered their options for a family since she cannot have a child. Eric objected to Donna’s new job at Forrester. Bill and Steffy have a lot in common. Ridge offered Katie a special gift. Nick and Bridget met with a surrogacy candidate and were surprised how enthusiastic she was. Whip created a new campaign for Jackie M. to compete with Forrester Creations.

THIS WEEK: Pam becomes an overnight sensation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ told Stefano he would never take Nicole and Sydney back. Mia was forced to say that she had sex with multiple partners to deceive Chad about being Sydney’s father. Rafe told Arianna his theory that Sami was Sydney’s mother, but realized he had to get DNA to prove it. Victor realized Kate and Stefano had bonded. Arianna confessed her drug dealing to Brady. Hope was unnerved to find Carly was staying with Bo. The Fed arrested Carly for Lawrence’s murder. EJ and Sami ran into each other at Grace’s graveside. Melanie told Brady she was still in love with Phillip. Stephanie was proud of Nathan when he saved a woman at the Brady Pub.

THIS WEEK: Victor learns that Brady and Arianna are back together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Kristina saw Alexis in a new light after seeing Sonny’s dark side. Luke sensed a disaster coming because of Elizabeth and Nikolas’ actions. At an isolated shelter from the storm, Claudia helped Carly give birth to a baby girl. Dominic and Lulu bonded when she nearly drowned in the freezing water. Michael’s protective instincts kicked in when he found Carly and Claudia. Johnny rescued Lulu. Olivia offered Sonny a shoulder to cry on. Lulu remembered that Dominic was an undercover cop. Dominic was determined to bring Sonny to justice. Carly and Jax were thrilled with their daughter, but Carly couldn’t forgive Jax for protecting Jerry. Jason was unaware that someone was stalking him.

THIS WEEK: Jax wants to set up Sonny for a murder rap.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — John confronted Brody’s sister Nadine and Rex’s Aunt Corrine in Michigan and they admitted they had lured Brody and Rex there, but they didn’t know who had threatened them to do what they did. Todd told Blair he was hiring a detective to find out Tea’s secrets. In London, Danielle was not thrilled to see her mother. Danielle and Matthew plotted their escape from school. Destiny had a heart to heart talk with Matthew. Clint was on his way to surprise Nora in London, unaware that Bo and Nora had discovered they’re still in love. Jessica and Natalie were in Napa together waiting for someone to appear. The election was too close to call.

THIS WEEK: Rex is horrified to learn his father’s identity.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick was put in charge of Newman Enterprises. After Victor announced that Victoria was taking a leave of absence from the company, she went to New York with JT and Reed. Billy kissed Chloe. Nick was irked by Adam’s friendship with Sharon so he sent Adam on a business trip out of town. Kay told Neil and Jill that she wanted to take a portion of Chancellor Industries public. Jill hired Paul to find Katherine’s daughter. Lily and Cane made love. Chloe advised Chance how to get along with his father. Lauren offered Amber a job. Neil and Cane were very concerned when Lily became sick with a fever.

THIS WEEK: Lily wants to have a baby right away.

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