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RECAPS - 11/9-13

ALL MY CHILDREN — Adam has a visit to Purgatory where David was the devil. Marissa figured out that Annie’s been protecting Adam because he shot Stuart. Erica t ried to get Adam to confess. Jesse told Randi and Frankie that Madison had been kidnapped. Ryan suspected that Annie would fake a miscarriage, but Jake had surprising news for Ryan, Zach and Erica. David suggested to Amanda that they speed up the insemination process by doing things the old fashioned way. Kat and Aidan teamed up to send Kendall phony messages allegedly sent by Zach.

THIS WEEK: Annie realizes that Adam was testing her.

AS THE WORLD TURNS — Jack went to Greenville and learned that Mike Kasnoff was married and had a daughter. Jack knocked out Mike to take his place in a motor race. Carly, Mike and Anna watched Jack drive the car and win the race. Afterward, Jack sneaks off, leaving a message for Margo that he wanted to find Simon. Katie didn’t believe that Henry was speaking to Brad. Damian revealed Noah and Mason kiss to the dean. Noah blamed Luke and while working on his film, Noah was caught in a special effects explosion. Alison met Mick Dante. Meg was furious that Damian still wanted Lily. Maddie and Hunter discovered they both liked to play Pantheon.

THIS WEEK: Jack tracks down Simon.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Justin was recruited to be Bill’s best man. Katie reminisced with her sisters before her wedding. Pam’s appearance on “The Catwalk” became an internet sensation and she was offered a new job. Steffy was confused by the kiss she received from an unavailable man. Thorne, Eric and Steffy asked the object of her interest to meet her at the Big Bear cabin. Stephanie protested the wedding by refusing to attend. Bill was unable to suppress his feelings during the wedding ceremony. Eric revealed a secret. Bridget and Nick made a deal with their surrogate.

THIS WEEK: Whip runs into a woman from his past.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Stefano told Nicole that they had to have Rafe killed. Justin managed to get Carly out of jail and into Bo’s custody. Chloe learned that she there’s very little chance she can get pregnant. EJ stopped the sniper from killing Rafe. Stefano skipped town to avoid being implicated in the attempt on Rafe was unharmed and kept EJ from seeing the DNA file. Rafe told Sami the truth about Sydney being her child. When Sami finally saw the evidence, she wanted to rush over to Nicole and get her daughter. Nicole freaked out about losing Sydney. Sami found Nicole as she was preparing to run with Sydney. Carly sympathized with Mia.

THIS WEEK: Vivian returns to Salem looking for Carly.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason was concerned that Michael felt no remorse for killing Claudia. Luke confronted Nikolas about his affair with Elizabeth. Michael warned his parents that the day was coming when he would no longer take orders from them. Michael had Max and Milo rough up Kiefer. Kiefer retaliated by smacking Kristina. Kristina covered up the truth. Olivia asked Lulu to keep Dominic’s undercover work secret. Jax was anxious to frame Sonny for Claudia’s murder. Carly let Jax move home for the baby’s sake. Anthony ordered Johnny Limbo to kill Sonny. On the anniversary of Emily’s death, Elizabeth went to her crypt and admitted she loved both Lucky and Nikolas.

THIS WEEK: Jason’s searching for a mad man.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Rex learned the identity of his father. Jessica, Natalie and Jared came face to face with the devil at the vineyard. Jared confessed that Wayne Landers blackmailed him with the fact that Charlie had once killed a man. Danielle and Matthew flew to Seattle and Dr. Nance agreed to do the surgery on Matthew. Marcie gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Viki vowed to stay by Charlie’s side. Bo and Nora arrived at the Seattle hospital too late to stop the operation. Gigi decided not to tell Rex that she spent the night with Schuyler, even though nothing happened between them. Jared dropped a bombshell on Charlie.

THIS WEEK: Natalie takes her grief out on John.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick and Jack agreed to keep an eye on Adam. Ashley discovered the depth of Abby’s anger towards her. Michael was suspicious of Ryder, but learned that he could not have committed the murder. Daniel told Amber he might be jailed again. Cane asked Neil not to stand in the way of Lily’s dream to have a child. Ashley and Neil played a game of cat and mouse about the Chancellor IPO. Chloe told Chance she was ready to sign her divorce papers. Phyllis was upset to hear that Daniel and Amber had set a wedding date. Phyllis warned Emily to stay away from her family.

THIS WEEK: Paul admits to Heather that he’s interested in Nina.

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