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RECAPS – 8/13 – 8/17

ALL MY CHILDREN – The news that Spike is permanently deaf rocks friends and family. Kendall has a hard time accepting the facts and fallaciously pushes to move him to another location where he can be treated. Although others insist his condition is certain, she refuses to give up on finding a cure for her son. After getting angry with Jack for not having his daughter arrested, Kendall falls asleep and dreams of stabbing Greenlee! Frustrated by the turn of events, Zach and Ryan blame each other for Spike’s condition. Meanwhile, Annie cryptically tells a concerned Di that she contacted “him” and then makes arrangements to leave Pine Valley.

THIS WEEK: Annie is freaked out when she gets a call and hears a nursery rhyme in the background. Di tells Aidan she’s moving to New York City.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Afraid he’ll lose Tommy, Michael hopes that Blair was right in thinking that Todd would put to rest his quest to prove his son was alive. A torn John goes to confession and shares his predicament with the priest, who “turns into” Thomas McBain. Clearly agonizing over his dilemma, John confesses that he doesn’t believe a child should be kept from his father. Dorian refuses to lose at poker and raises the pot to a shocking high. Talia points out Antonio’s bad behavior when he blasts Jessica and Nash. Having made it clear that her parents aren’t coming home, things get hot and heavy between Langston and Markko.

THIS WEEK: Nigel gives Max some shocking news. Viki makes a surprising move.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Carly and Jerry return to Port Charles and head for the trial, where they arrive just as their evidence that Lorenzo is alive is presented. Jason reacts when he realizes Carly joined forces with Jerry but admits she probably saved him from prison. Sam defends her and Lucky’s budding friendship after Nikolas tells her to stay away from his brother. Ric offers Sam an opportunity for pay back on Jason if she retakes that stand and says she overheard Jason plotting to kill someone. Sam gets back on the stand but doesn’t incriminate Jason, much to Ric’s frustration. Although Kate is nonchalant about the charges against her, she breaks down in Sonny’s arms when he warns her she could serve time in jail.

THIS WEEK: Carly finds Jerry’s hotel room and surprises him. Irina decides to kill Jax and leave him for Jerry to find.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Stephanie continues to insist that Donna is using Thorne to get back at her and Thorne fights back – kicking his mother out of his home. Stephanie later sneaks into the house and surprises Donna, who stands her ground and insists she will marry Thorne. Eric is surprised when Thorne tells him about the engagement, and Ally tells them that she likes having Donna around. Stephanie is still convinced that Donna is just using Thorne. Brooke questions Donna’s true feelings for Thorne and her motives. Jackie suggests Brooke design Donna’s wedding gown. After Donna leaves, Brooke and Jackie discuss Stephanie’s opposition to the engagement.

THIS WEEK: Felicia observes Constantine performing and she leaves him with something a little unexpected. Brooke deals with Andy’s abrasiveness.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Brad wonders if Jack wasn’t in her life if they’d have a shot, but Katie cuts him off and ends the discussion. Katie leaves a message on Jack’s phone saying she misses him. Katie gets Jack’s voicemail again, and decides to call Carly. Later, Katie freaks out when she knocks her engagement ring into the garage disposal. She gets it back, but it’s mangled. Dallas tells Brad and Katie that Jack’s been severely injured. They try calling hospitals to look for Jack. Finally, Brad says he’s found Jack. Silas sets the cabin on fire, as Jack frees him and Carly. When Jack collapses, Carly pulls him to safety just as the cabin blows up.

THIS WEEK: Cheri taunts Dusty and hints that she will go after Alison for revenge. Vienna tries to pull Henry from the game.

GUIDING LIGHT – All are surprised when Ashlee tells Doris to leave the Coopers alone. Later, Ashlee is shocked to see Doris crying. Genuine, Doris tells Ashlee that Coop will never love Ashlee the way she deserves to be loved. Coop admits that he has feelings for Ashlee to Marina. Doris learns that Buzz is running for mayor as well. Doris uses Ashlee to try to convince Buzz to drop out of the race. When Ashlee tries to talk Buzz out of the race, Coop accuses her of being manipulated by Doris. Doris makes a statement to the press about her new opponent and verbally attacks his family. Not wanting to put his family through the ringer, Buzz considers dropping out of the race. Ashlee kisses Stuart and asks him back to her place.

THIS WEEK: At Reva’s bedside, Josh and Cassie learn they’re not officially married, as we see Reva’s eyes flutter open. Lizzie apologizes for Alan’s behavior.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Bo and Hope arrive at the Irish church with the key. Disguised as a nun, Andre quietly spies on them. Hope convinces Bo to try opening the tabernacle, but before he can, a young boy comes in to report the priest is on his way. The boy leaves a backpack behind and inside, Bo finds a ticking toy truck! Bo is able to defuse the bomb outside the church. Meanwhile, Hope opens the tabernacle and finds a leather folio. Before she can open it, Andre grabs her. Bo rushes in, a struggle ensues. Andre stabs Bo and rushes out with the folio. At home, Steve warns Kayla against getting too attached to Pocket. Stephanie shows up and immediately feels replaced when she sees the baby.

THIS WEEK: In Vegas, Nick loses all his money. Jeremy demands Jett tell him if he’s a cop..

PASSIONS – Gwen tells Theresa that she will have no one to blame for hurting Ethan but herself when the truth about little Ethan’s paternity eventually comes out. Ethan overhears their conversation from the hallway! Sam arrests Jessica for the murder of her Johns! In an attempt to save her sister, Kay freezes everyone with magic and accidentally transports them to Tabitha’s house. Endora provides Edna and Norma a day at the beach in Tabby’s living room, much to the dismay of “lotionboy” Spike. Kay’s attempts at magic get in the way as she tries to clear Jessica of the murder accusations and ends up being arrested herself! Luis and Sheridan have discovered a body floating in the Crane Pool and Luis, fearing it’s his beloved Fancy, leaps in to rescue her!

THIS WEEK: Pilar tries to convince Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan’s paternity before they get married. Kay’s magic backfires.

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