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RECAPS - 11/16-20

ALL MY CHILDREN — Ryan, Erica and Zach led Adam to think that Scott might be the father of Annie’s baby. Scott fought his feelings for Annie Ryan read Greenlee’s medical file on David’s computer. Adam told Erica he was going to confess to killing Stuart so Kendall could stop running. Zach used a private detective to track down Kendall. Aidan drugged Kendall’s drink. Zach found Kendall but was shocked to see her with Aidan. Scott found Annie in a pool of blood and David determined she suffered a miscarriage. Ryan told Erica he couldn’t stop thinking about Greenlee. Jake suspected that David might have raped Amanda. Madison snuck a note to Jesse begging for his help.

THIS WEEK: Zach lets his anger get the better of him.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Noah had no medical insurance and couldn’t get the treatment he needed, so Damian and Lily thought to adopt Noah. When he woke and was unable to see, Noah freaked out. Dusty provided comfort to Janet and Liberty. In New York, Jack had an encounter with Molly Conlan. Carly showed up and together they helped Molly to entrap a crooked Congressman Whitman after he tampered with the brakes on Molly’s car. Jack went to an art gallery benefit, and while dancing with Carly, Simon cut in. After her initial skepticism, Barbara invested in Mick’s cell rejuvenation project. Ralph sent thugs to keep Henry from testifying against him. Katie began to soften to Henry.

THIS WEEK: Meg is determined to get Damian away from Lily.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Eric refused to take part in the Spencer wedding even though the reception was in his home. Ridge and Steffy were excited about the new Hollywood Glamour line, hoping it would bring Forrester Creations back to the family. Bill and Katie celebrated their marriage by making love on a private plane to their honeymoon locale. Nick was concerned by Sandy’s emotional reaction during the implantation procedure. Eric and Justin were at odds over Donna’s new career. Ann’s visit to Los Angeles led to fighting between Pam and Stephanie. Steffy resented Brooke’s attitude about the Forresters. An old friend of Whip’s pretended that she didn’t know him.

THIS WEEK: A new competition was sparked between Steffy and Whip.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Vivian was concerned when she learned that Carly has been making friends with Mia. Sami nearly killed Nicole over her lying about Sydney. Sami finally was reunited with her daughter. Someone else confessed to Carly’s crime. EJ rejected Nicole. Will blamed Chloe to pushing Lucas into rehab. The sniper changed his story and said that EJ gave him the orders, not Stefano. Carly and Vivian came face to face. Justin received divorce papers from Adrienne. Stephanie had a fantasy involving Nathan kissing her. Arianna and Rafe’s sister, Gabi, showed up on Arianna’s doorstep. Nicole kept the truth from Brady and he bailed her out of jail. EJ figured out that Stefano was working with Nicole and when his father returned, EJ tried to throttle him.

THIS WEEK: Brady and Arianna broke up.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Elizabeth got excited about Lucky’s plan to build a new home in the country. Dominic was assigned to finding out who was stalking Jason. Lulu nearly told the truth about Dominic in order to save Luke. Olivia suspected Johnny of taking the photo of Claudia’s dead body. Johnny overheard the truth about Dominic. Sonny and Jason went to a meeting with Johnny Limbo, unaware that it was a trap. Katie put in Maxie charge of an art gallery opening. Emily and Nikolas gave in to their passion again. Dominic was upset about asking Lulu to lie for him. Maxie met Franco at the gallery opening. Olivia’s blood ran cold when she confronted Johnny about Dominic.

THIS WEEK: Robin, Sam and Molly play matchmaker for Alexis and Mac.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Todd’s mind raced with thoughts when he learned that Danielle was Tea’s daughter. Dr. Nance’s surgery on Matthew wasn’t successful, but Greg stepped in and worked on Matthew. John could not bring Mitch back to Llanview because the Napa authorities decided to try him in California. Natalie blamed John for Jared’s death. Charlie nearly strangled Mitch. Stacy tried to blackmail Roxy about Mitch, but Roxy called her bluff. Markko learned that Dorian lost the election by a single vote. Schuyler caught Stacy and Kim adjusting the pregnancy padding to make Stacy look farther along. Natalie told Rex that John killed Jared. Roxy freaked out when she learned that Mitch was alive.

THIS WEEK: Matthew gets some feeling in his legs.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Amber and Daniel were married. Lauren received a strange gift and suspected that Ryder sent it to her. Paul confided in Heather that he was interested in Nina. Jill and Paul pretended to be dating in order to keep anyone from knowing about her investigation into Kay’s daughter. Jack brushed off Paul’s warning that Patty’s feelings for him were dangerous. Emily turned down a date with Jack because Patty’s her patient. Kevin chose Ryder over Lauren and Michael. Daniel feared he might be jailed for the murder in the alley. Phillip told Cane he had to go back to Australia immediately. Jack approached Nick about teaming up regarding the Chancellor IPO.

THIS WEEK: Daniel is served with a subpoena.

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