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RECAPS 8/20 – 8/24

GUIDING LIGHT – Reva worries she’s lost her upper hand when Cassie tells her she went to the police station to turn Olivia in. Josh and Cassie hurry to the Clerk’s office to make their marriage official, as Reva calls the clerk’s office and says there may be a problem with a couple coming in. Cassie and Josh finally get the clerk to agree to sign the papers, and Josh sweeps Cassie into his arms and carries her off. Olivia is surprised when Jeffrey steps in as her lawyer, and learns that Cassie is to blame for the arrest, not Reva. Reva comes to square things away with Olivia, and Olivia is hurt and shaken as Jeffrey leaves with Reva.

THIS WEEK: Gus and Nat are trapped in the elevator. Gus is shocked to learn that Harley never slept with Dylan.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Jeremy tells Max that Ilsa has agreed to gather all the girls who were sold into prostitution and help them flee Las Vegas. Later, a blonde woman named Jenna hits on Max in the casino, and she convinces him to head up to her hotel room. When Stephanie sees Jeremy with Ilsa, she accuses him of cheating. When Chelsea finds out Nick has been saddled with China Lee’s two kids, she suggests he let the foster care system deal with them. She’s tired of him putting other people’s happiness ahead of their own. Chelsea heads off for a night out with Jett, leaving Nick with the kids.

THIS WEEK: Kate refuses to apologize to him for doing what she does best: survive. Benjy and Lexie refuse and Stefano realizes EJ is his only hope.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – While asking Hope for child-rearing advice, Nick learns Chelsea’s going to the beach with Jett. Conflict erupts when Chelsea makes clear she doesn’t approve of Nick taking care of China Lee’s children. Chelsea claims Nick is too easy and too needy – his love for her has caused him to betray everything he believes in, leading Chelsea to conclude that she’s just not good for him. Nick demands to know why won’t sleep with him again. Chelsea can’t bring herself to tell him the real reason and brings the discussion to an end by breaking up with Nick. She leaves him heartbroken and heads to the beach with Jett.

THIS WEEK: Adrian visits Jana again in the hospital and asks her questions about Brad’s past. Kay meets with Michael and asks him to amend her will.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – After being attacked by Andy Brooke tries to call for help but Andy threatens her reconciliation with her children. Dorothy comes over for a visit and sees Brooke very stressed out. Meanwhile, Andy is hiding upstairs, and once Dorothy leaves, he stops Brooke from escaping. However, Brooke finds a letter opener and uses it to defend herself. Donna informs both Jackie and Thorne that the hearing has been postponed. Thorne wonders if it has anything to do with Stephanie. Stephanie introduces Ridge to the custody lawyer and makes it clear he doesn’t want full custody. Dorothy calls Stephanie to let her know that the hearing has been postponed.

THIS WEEK: Ridge hopes that Phoebe won’t have to sing with Rick. Brooke and Stephanie argue about Andy and Brooke insists that Stephanie doesn’t understand what she is talking about.

PASSIONS – After eight years of close calls, we play the romance as Ethan and Theresa finally begin their wedding ceremony. Pilar wills her daughter to finally come clean and tell Ethan the truth, get their marriage off to a good and honest start. Vincent has a knife to Sheridan’s throat, ready to end her life. Suddenly, Luis bursts into the room and Vincent warns him if he takes one more step, Sheridan is a goner! Sheridan begs for her life as Luis calmly tries to talk Vincent down, but Vincent tells Luis he’s doing her ex-lover a favor… Sheridan has done numerous terrible things to tear Luis and Fancy apart.

THIS WEEK: Gwen is about to barge in on the newlyweds but is stopped by a furious Alistair. Kay continues to try out her magic – with the usual disastrous results.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Rosanna learns she’s been in a coma for two years. Paul agrees to take her back to Oakdale and admits Craig wasn’t the only one who hurt Jennifer. Before Paul tells Rosanna about Meg, the plane hits turbulence. Meanwhile, Meg tells Craig she doesn’t want to wear her wedding ring because of Paul’s “vision.” Craig buys her a new ring and while she has it resized Craig gets a call from Dr. Cutler. He discovers someone has taken Rosanna from the hospital, but covers his panic with Meg and convinces her to go away with him. Craig’s still trying to get in touch with Dr. Cutler when Paul wheels Rosanna into the room.

THIS WEEK: Vienna reduces Alison to tears. Alison explains about her porn past.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Kendall sneaks out of the hospital with Spike and heads off to meet with Dr. Hilliard, who gives her hope that Spike’s hearing will return. Back at the hospital, Zach is overwhelmed with fear as Ian is prepped for emergency brain surgery and Kendall is nowhere in sight. Tad realizes she is meeting with Dr. Hilliard and passes the info to Ryan, who bursts in on her appointment. Ryan panics when he tries to check in with Annie but finds both her cell phone and the house phone have been disconnected. Meanwhile, JR is impressed by Babe’s gumption when she kicks Ava’s creepy manager to the curb.

THIS WEEK: Amanda keeps a watchful and curious eye on Ava. Ryan pops a gasket when he finds Greenlee at the penthouse.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Liz and the boys are rescued by Sam, who fights the goons off then calls the cops. Jason is stunned and hurt when Liz explains about the goons jumping her to get leverage on him, then emotionally asks Jason to leave her and Jake alone. Later, Lucky sees Sam with the two goons Sam paid off to threaten Liz. Diane works her magic and gets Kate a plea deal with a minimal community service sentence. Ric, however, visits Sonny and Kate and makes it clear he’s thrown that out and will prosecute Kate to hurt Sonny.

THIS WEEK: Lucky returns to Sam and pulls her into a kiss.Noah pulls off the lip-synching as Eli sings from backstage.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Much to Nora’s protest, the judge drops the attempted murder charge against Miles. Miles, however, stands up in court and makes a shocking statement. As the jury selection in Marty’s trial begins, John encourages her to stay strong because he thinks he’s getting closer to uncovering Spencer’s real killer. Miles stuns everyone in the courtroom when he pleads guilty to theft and wants to be adequately punished. Michael and John erupt into a heated argument when Michael accuses his brother of thinking Marcie killed Spencer.

THIS WEEK: Cole later is thrilled when he gets a phone call from his mom. Nash’s luck hits a major bump, prompting Jared to show an unusual interest in his financial woes.

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