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RECAPS – 1/25-29

Greenlee was peeved to learn that Erica was in running Fusion. Jesse suspected Damon in a string of robberies. The stipulations in Adam’s new will made Annie and Scott uncomfortable. Brot charmed Natalia. Damon told Colby that someone was framing him for the crimes. Greenlee was anxious to get back to Pine Valley and reunite with Ryan. Erica was flustered when the tabloid press questioned her about Ryan. Jesse and Angie agreed that their marriage had hit a rough patch. Greenlee went looking for Ryan when he wasn’t at the penthouse. Liza was frustrated by Tad’s closeness with Krystal. Annie wanted Adam to take her to Erica’s big Miranda cosmetics bash.

Jake and Tad wonder what David’s up to.

Jack and Carly longed to be together. Janet resented Carly off ering Liberty a job. Molly and Holden discovered the truth about Damian. Meg tried to attack Damian with a syringe. Damian strangled Meg. Holden and Lily found Meg’s body in the cedar trunk. Meg was nearly dead. Damian escaped in the melee. Holden stopped Damian from boarding a ship for Malta. Henry was ticked to discover that Dr. Oliver has moved into Katie’s house. Paul found pictures of James in Mick’s room. Tom told Margo that Casey wouldn’t be able to become a lawyer because of his felony record. Emily expressed complete faith in Mick’s treatments. Bob put Reid to work at the hospital.

Lily realizes all of Damian’s lies.

Steff y pulled a prank on Hope. After being named the model for the new campaign, Hope went to a photo shoot at Graham’s. Nick decided to approach the man he thought was Sandy’s attacker. Stephanie urged Taylor to take Ridge away from Brooke. Whip had a special gift for Taylor and a declaration of his feelings. Taylor confronted Katie about her grudge against Steff y. Hope was horrified to hear a frank conversation between Ridge and Brooke. Unable to stand it, Hope confronted Ridge and Brooke. Hope’s evening takes a bad turn after the photo shoot. Oliver told Sandy the real reason he came to L.A.

THIS WEEK: Hope is rescued from Graham’s party.

Days of Our Lives — Vivian learned that Melanie was Carly’s daughter. Roman told Arianna that she was going back to prison. Anna called EJ when Sydney’s fever required medication. Stefano was desperate to get back into EJ’s life. Brady was upset that he couldn’t help Arianna. Carly told Justin she wasn’t giving up on Bo. Going through Mickey’s last effects, Maggie was tempted to take a drink. Stephanie told Nathan they should keep their romance a secret until Melanie and Philip were married. Carly took care of Melanie’s injury. Arianna stumbled upon a connection between Anna and EJ. Rafe moved out of Sami’s place. Carly nearly told Melanie that she was her mother.

Hope questions Vivian’s interest in Melanie

Michael told Sonny that Dominic was an undercover cop. Lucky blasted Nikolas and Elizabeth for betraying him. Sonny ordered Jason to arrange for Dominic’s demise. In the wake of Elizabeth’s indiscretion, Carly urged Jason to seek custody of Jake. Luke confided to Tracy his fears about Lucky. Ronnie told Dominic that an arrest warrant had been issued for Sonny for Claudia’s murder. Dominic pushed Lulu away from him for her own good. Lisa performed surgery on Mike. Johnny was furious at Olivia for using her influence to get Dominic taken off Sonny’s case. At Josslyn’s christening, Dominic made a bold move to avoid being rubbed out. The situation at the christening took a tragic turn. Robin advised Nikolas to stay away from Elizabeth.

Dante takes his anger out on Olivia.

Tea agreed to let Danielle stay with Starr. Brody and Vicki feared that Mitch’s minions had kidnapped Jessica. Stacy was desperate for Schuyler to get her the drug to induce labor. Everyone was alarmed to learn of Jessica’s kidnapping. Jessica was horrified as Mitch outlined his plans for Stacy’s baby. Dorian had an idea of how to flush out Mitch. Dorian told Charlie that they should use Stacy to get to Mitch. Danielle continued to refuse to have anything to do with Todd. Mitch had no reservations about resorting to heinous measures to get what he wanted from Jessica. Brody embarked on a plan to get John out of jail, but the situation didn’t go as expected.

Charlie and Dorian’s plan goes awry.

Victor off ered Billy the chance to publish the story of his career. Phyllis decided to quit working for Newman. Brock brought Kay and Tucker together. Tucker announced his plans to sell Jabot. Lauren found receipts in Eden’s room that made it look as though she bought the rat. Eden contacted Noah with news that her aunt had not invited her to Paris. After Victor warned Adam he would never trust him, Adam quit Newman Enterprises. Ashley wondered if she could really trust Adam. Jana discovered the homeless man at the coffeehouse was Ryder. Adam asked Tucker for a job. Kay accused Jill of working with Tucker. Adam asked Sharon to leave the ranch, but she was determined to remain.

Phyllis and Neil decided to investigate Adam together.

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