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RECAPS – 2/15-2/19

ALL MY CHILDREN — Ryan begged Greenlee to return to him. She refused to forgive him for Kendall and Erica, even though his romances with those women happened while he believed Greenlee was dead. Ryan whisked Greenlee to the turret where they were married to convince her to give their love another chance. JR learned that he needed a bone marrow transplant to combat his cancer. David’s plan to get Angie fired was foiled by Tad and Jake. Angie and Jesse were unable to bridge the gap between them. Annie was chilled by the appearance of Dr. Burke. Greenlee admitted she loved Ryan, but she wasn’t willing to reunite with him.

THIS WEEK: Adam reveals a long-kept secret.

AS THE WORLD TURNS  Carly discovered that Janet and Dusty had an affair. Craig convinced Carly to pretend they were dating to coerce an investor to back Monte Carlo. For Janet, Dusty asked her parents to be tested as possible donors for Liberty. Janet told Jack they needed to have a baby to create a bone marrow donor for her daughter. Mick held Ali, Casey, Paul, Emily, Barbara and Henry hostage. James’ influence overpowered Mick and he shot Paul in the leg. Casey was hurt to learn of Ali’s affair with Mick. Mick was hit by a van and hospitalized near death. Paul was tempted to kill Mick. Molly used her access to Lily’s stuff to make her believe that Damian left town. Molly convinced Holden not to turn himself in to the cops.

THIS WEEK: Casey struggles to accept Ali’s rejection.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Bridget set the terms for how Agnes must behave during the pregnancy. Ridge learned that Taylor was thrilled with her relationship with Whip. Katie nearly caught Steff y’s encounter with Bill. Steffy kept a souvenir of the tryst to blackmail Bill. Katie’s new idea for Forrester was the Goddess campaign, with the Logan sisters as models. Ridge was blindsided by the new campaign because there were no designs for the concept. Stephanie and Taylor crashed the photo session to blast the Logan women. Bill was shocked when Steff y tried to blackmail him with a list of demands. Katie questioned Bill when he announced new plans for Forrester.

THIS WEEK: Bill learns that Steff y outsmarted him.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Carly saved Melanie from being pushed off the roof by Vivian. In the ensuing scuffle, Melanie was shot and Philip learned that Carly was Melanie’s mother. Daniel learned that Chloe was suffering from a hysterical pregnancy. EJ arranged for Sydney’s clothes to be found in the river, making Sami believe their child had drowned. At the hospital, Hope woke to find Bo at her side. Justin realized that Hope was still in love with Bo. Sami blamed Rafe for Sydney’s death. Melanie needed surgery to survive the incident on the roof. Melanie thanked Daniel for saving her life, but then fell back into unconsciousness. Nathan and Stephanie continued their getaway, unaware of what was happening in Salem.

THIS WEEK: Rafe believes that Sydney is still alive.

GENERAL HOSPITAL  Lucky found Elizabeth freezing to death and rushed her to the hospital. Nikolas, Lucky and Elizabeth learned that Liz was pregnant. Jax told Carly he’d reached his limit with their marriage. Elizabeth agreed to go to Shadybrook for treatment. Helena menaced Elizabeth, adding to her unstable condition. Nikolas planned to propose to Elizabeth. Rayner warned Dante and Olivia that he would force them to testify against Sonny. On the highway, Maxie and Lucky were unknowingly on a collision course. Johnny made a move against Sonny’s operation. Dante wondered if Jason had been ordered to kill him. Kristina and Molly found Mac and Alexis kissing.

THIS WEEK: Ethan gets a job off er from Johnny.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE Charlie confessed to Viki that he was the one who shot Jessica. Viki confronted Dorian about her part in the incident and she claimed that she had protected her girls. In Paris, Adriana disappeared with a strange man named Emile. Kelly enlisted David’s help to find Adriana. Gigi managed to keep the baby out of the freezing waters. Schuyler and Gigi whisked the baby to the hospital while Fish and Rex valiantly tried to save Stacy. Marty blasted John for kissing Natalie. The baby has a heart condition and must have surgery. Rex told Kim that Stacy drowned in the frozen waters. Jessica remembered Viki and Clint, but still couldn’t identify Brody. Kyle wondered if Fish wanted to know if Sierra Rose was his child.

THIS WEEK: Mitch gets an unexpected visitor.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Victor crashed Jack’s wedding to Emily with a gift. Traci shamed Victor for tarnishing the gift she gave him of Colleen’s heart. Malcolm enlisted Lily to be the subject of his first photo essay for Restless Style. Phyllis told Sharon what she’d learned about Adam at Harvard. Just as Lauren and Michael were getting Daisy out of their home, she arranged a fall and they were forced to let her remain. Tucker asked Cane and Jill if they knew who was snooping into Mc- Call’s past. Ashley accused Adam of being the one who was driving her mad last summer. Nick told Phyllis about the Newman plan he cooked up for Adam to spy on Tucker.

THIS WEEK: Jana learns the truth about Ryder’s mother.

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