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RECAPS – 8/27 – 8/31

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Sami and Lucas go to the gym in place of Kate to intercept the folio from Andre. They see a woman heading into the steam room carrying the folio. Lucas goes after her, only to discover “she” is actually Andre – with a gun! Stephanie and Max discuss the kiss they shared in Vegas and agree they shouldn’t have let themselves get carried away. EJ rushes to his father’s bedside, where he pleads with Stefano to drop the vendetta and tell Bo and Roman where to find Andre. Stefano admits Andre is at the health club.

THIS WEEK: Lexie and Kayla sit vigil at Benjy’s bedside. Kayla worries about what’s going on at home with Steve and Pocket.

PASSIONS – An enraged Alistair continues to strangle Theresa, but Whitney and Chad arrive just in time to save her. Gwen and Rebecca move in just then to see if Theresa is dead and are shocked to find Ethan unconscious on the floor. Gwen and Theresa lay into each other when Theresa learns Gwen knew about the poisoned strawberries, each blaming the other for Ethan’s condition. All in turn attempt to get to the phone to call for help but Alistair holds them off with his gun, threatening to kill! Sheridan protects Vincent from Spike, who threatens to shoot them both! When Sheridan tries to escape with Vincent, her car spins out of control and crashes on the side of the road!

THIS WEEK: Eve gets drunk at the Blue Note with Julian. Theresa and Pilar try to bring Ethan out of his coma by telling him he has a son!

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sonny squirms as Trevor talks up his relationship with his “girlfriend” Kate and downplays his ties with Zacchara. Sonny goes to Kate and demands to know how close she is to Trevor, but she’s her usual defiant self. Trevor calls Zacchara and says things look good, but Sonny will, without a doubt be trouble. Sonny tells Kate about his past with Trevor and informs her that Trevor works for Zacchara. Kate decides to sticks with Trevor for the timing being, considering he got the charges against her dropped. He tries to seduce her but she wants to wait, causing him to wonder if Sonny is the reason for her hesitance.

THIS WEEK: Lucky threatens to take his kids away from Liz. Lulu tells Spinelli she’ll never talk to him again if Jason hurts Logan.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Natalie learns from Miles that Spencer left details of the whereabouts of Todd’s son in a locker at the bus station. Miles gets to the station, opens the locker and reads the documents inside. Stunned by the news, Miles reports back to Natalie that the child is alive and is close by. Bo gets an inkling that Rex is hiding something about Spencer’s murder and a possible motive Lindsay might have for killing him. Cole learns that his mother was arrested and rushes to her side.

THIS WEEK: Nash pleads with Jared to give him his life back. Marcie offers her unwanted opinion.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Zach worries that Kendall is slowly losing her mind when he walks in on her holding a baby in a total stranger’s hospital room. Meanwhile, Ryan doesn’t understand why Annie is so against the notion of Spike staying with them while Ian recovers. When Zach and Kendall show up to take Spike home, Annie shocks them all by suggesting everyone move in together. While in Ryan’s company, Annie covers her fear by saying the watch was from her father, who wants to repair their splintered relationship. He presses to let him join her when she pays her father a visit, and she has no choice but to agree. She later freaks out when she has a flash of Ryan dying!

THIS WEEK: Ryan and Annie finally have some quiet time. Tad walks into his own surprise party.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Nikki surprises Victoria by inviting both J.T. and her to dinner, at which they announce they are having a baby boy. Before the sentencing hearing, Paul wishes Heather good luck. Maggie wonders if he has plans to ever tell Heather that he is her father, but Paul says not now. In court, Judge Chong sentences Phyllis to the maximum penalty: six years in jail and a $10,000 fine, and everyone is shocked. Once court has adjourned, Noah approaches Brad and says he knows that he and Sharon slept together because he read about it on the Internet. Sharon is stunned to hear what Noah knows. Noah tells them that they did something bad, but Phyllis is the only person paying for it.

THIS WEEK: Jana tells Kevin she remembers the operation and Kevin is overjoyed to that that her surgery was a success. Nikki asks for a copy of David’s room key.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Brooke is a mess as she recalls the attack, and Donna is concerned for her wellbeing. Eric tries to smooth things out between Thorne and Stephanie when Donna storms in and exposes Stephanie of convincing Ridge to petition for full custody. Rick tells Phoebe that he will support her music career and she insists that she can’t do it without him. Ridge comforts Brooke about her attack. Ridge tells Brooke that he will protect her and tries to convince her to press charges against Andy. Brooke doesn’t want to press charges she wants her children back. Ridge promises her that he will not let anyone take her children from her and leaves to locate Andy.

THIS WEEK: Taylor finds out that Nick and Jackie are suing the Forrester’s over their name. Brooke thanks Ridge for bringing her kids back to her.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Meg fills in Rosanna on her history with Paul, and Rosanna realizes that Meg and Paul would still be together had he not fallen over the cliff. Later, Meg finally makes love to Craig, as Rosanna remembers she was afraid of Craig the night of her accident. Rosanna goes to visit a stunned Carly who advises Rosanna to do what it takes to get the time Craig stole back. Craig thinks Meg made love to him to forget Paul. Later, Paul confronts Meg saying Rosanna’s starting to remember. Meg wants to know why Rosanna’s so rabid towards Craig, and he accuses her of not believing him. When Rosanna calls Craig saying she’s regaining her memories and reclaiming her businesses he covers to Meg that all is well.

THIS WEEK: Katie reluctantly agrees to move up the wedding. Katie says if Carly loves Jack, she’ll let him go.

GUIDING LIGHT – Dinah is about to leave when Matt says that he needs her as much as she needs him-and he pulls her into a kiss. Dinah pulls away from the kiss and Matt is instantly apologetic. Later, Cyrus presents Alex with a stolen bracelet. Alone, he comes across a list of confidential account numbers and copies them down. Cassie tells Reva she suspects Dylan put the sedative in Harley’s drink, but Reva defends him. Reva threatens Olivia to get Alan off her back. With Reva in the room, Olivia calls Alan and tells him to stay out of her life. Reva finds out she and Josh are technically married, and she’s eager to fix that.

THIS WEEK: Matt blows up at Vanessa for trying to keep him away from Dinah. Billy calls Lizzie, needing her help to accomplish something.

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