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RECAPS – 9/3 – 9/7

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Todd won’t accept Blair’s claim that Tommy McBain is actually his assumed-dead son, T.J. When he finally realizes it’s the truth, Todd is revved up and ready to race out the door to nab his son from Marcie and Michael. John and Blair try to stop him, explaining that it will be handled in a civil manner, but Todd insists he’s not going to wait to claim his son.

Once behind bars, Todd pleads with John to let him see his son, but John rejects that idea. Blair visit Todd, who refuses to forgive her or see that she did what she thought was best for everyone.

THIS WEEK: Cole asks Marty if she has a future with John. Blair fills in Starr about the recent turn of events.

ALL MY CHILDREN – While Ryan sleeps, Annie slips out to see her father, whom she tells she will no longer allow herself to be afraid of him. Tad and Krystal agree that their recent kiss didn’t mean anything and they don’t give a reconciliation a second thought. They, along with Colby and Sean, meet their neighbors Corrina, Dre and Ren, who have a garage band. Ryan goes on-line and finds out that Annie’s father became deaf after falling out a window. Greenlee is relieved to learn that Jack knows nothing about her quickie fling with Aidan.

THIS WEEK: Adam gets closer with Krystal. Annie admits she’s terrified that Ryan will no longer love her because he now knows the truth about her family history.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Kate tries to convince a jealous Sonny that Trevor is an old love but is currently just a friend and she plans on keeping it that way. Kate and Sonny decide to continue to build on their budding relationship despite the obstacle that might arise because of Trevor. She confesses that she trust and believes Sonny and asks him to share his true feelings for her. Jason learns that Zacchara eliminated an entire family of one of his adversaries. Ric gets a sinking feeling when he comes home to find Trevor bonding with Molly.

THIS WEEK: Kate asks Sonny if she should be jealous. Trevor turns on the charm with Alexis.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Carly finds the photos of Katie’s wedding dresses and breaks down in Brad’s arms. Carly blames Brad for Jack and Katie being together. When they see Jack and Katie at the Lakeview, Brad chases them off and Carly feels the loss of Jack. Lily has bailed Dusty out, and they agree to look for Cheri’s killer. When Dusty tries to get information from the girls who worked for Cheri, they refuse to talk to him. Later, Lily goes undercover and learns there was a dangerous man in Cheri’s life. When it seems like Jewel and Krista are on to Lily, she wins back their trust and leaves a number for them to call.

THIS WEEK: Aaron tries to comfort Alison. Gwen tells Will she wants Alison to be their surrogate.

GUIDING LIGHT – Alan gets a phone call telling him Jonathan is alive in Tourmaline, CA. Alan asks Reva if she’s ever heard of the town Tourmaline? When Alan tells Reva that he’s going to CA, Reva rushes to beat him there to warn Jon. Billy hides his flask as Vanessa approaches, and asks if he can make her day a little better. Vanessa warns Billy against using Marlin’s construction company. Later, Lizzie tells Billy she put Marlin’s company’s link on their website since they sub-contracted them. Lizzie tries to sober Billy up after he calls Josh about the opening.

THIS WEEK: Cyrus is uncomfortable as Alex tells him how much he’s done for her. Marina finds Cyrus in her bedroom and handcuffs him.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Amber runs into Carson and tells him that if she can prove Ji Min stole the money, she will be off the hook with the government and possibly even on Kay’s good side. Amber heads to Ji Min’s room, intent on searching for the money, but is thwarted when Cane arrives to see Jill about the press conference. David suggests to Nikki that she should make her separation from Victor legal because he is falling for her. Nikki agrees to think about it. Karen informs Neil and Victor that the government is pulling its multi-million dollar contract with Granville Global.

THIS WEEK: Colleen visits Jana in the psych ward. Jana gets upset, saying she is never going to leave the hospital because she is afraid her tumor may grow back.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Jackie is unsure of Donna’s plan of marrying Thorne just to make Stephanie’s life miserable. Thorne shows up to say that Aly is sick and cannot be in the wedding. Thorne wants to postpone the ceremony for a few days but Donna reassures Thorne to go through with the wedding. Ridge regains confidence in Brooke’s ability to be a good mother and agrees to take Brooke and the kids to Big Bear – like the old days. Stephanie tries to convince Katie that Donna only wants to marry Thorne to get revenge. Donna asks Katie to be her maid of honor. Katie is delighted and agrees to be a part of the ceremony.

THIS WEEK: Katie asks Donna if she really loves Thorne. Thorne realizes he has a decision to make.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Bo reveals to Tony his plan to lure Andre out of hiding by staging Stefano’s murder. Tony says he’s in, but advises Bo to choose Steve to serve as the faux assassin. Meanwhile, Tony works to convince Stefano of his loyalty. Stefano asks Tony to protect him in exchange for the family empire. In her hospital room, Sami is reluctant to read the latest translations of Colleen and Santo’s letters with EJ, but he insists. As they read, they begin to argue about Colleen and Santo, but it is clear that they are actually arguing about themselves. On the final flight to Vegas, Jett warns Max that the ISA is going to bust Jeremy and Rawlings as soon as they’re all together.

THIS WEEK: Rawlings reveals that Ilsa and the girls are not his victims. Jett weakly confesses to Chelsea that he loves her.

PASSIONS – At the hospital, Ethan is showing signs of waking up and that he realizes he has a son. Theresa is thrilled, all her dreams with Ethan are about to come true! A frustrated Rebecca observes from the hallway and continues trying to reach Gwen but to no avail. How can this new man in Gwen’s life be more important than Ethan? Pretty knocks Fancy out with laced lemonade so Alistair can take steps that will end her relationship with Luis and return her to being a true Crane. Pretty realizes too late that Alistair was only using her to get to Fancy and Alistair instructs one of his minions to take care of Pretty if she becomes a problem.

THIS WEEK: Sam and Ivy share a passionate kiss. Theresa is elated when Ethan awakes and joyfully remembers he has a son.

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